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  1. You might need to step it up a bit... 24K apparently. Noice! (from Pelican.)
  2. Hi John, When I was looking at refinishing my cookies I was lucky enough to have a few different cans of black, silver and other tones leftover so I tried mixing a few shades before settling on a colour. I really liked the idea of a gloss gunmetal look to make my black 72 look a bit more "outlaw". I thought that the Wheels looked sensational off the car but the dark tone just looked wrong when fitted. Supercheap have vinyl wrap paint on sale this weekend so you could "try before you buy".
  3. Mike, Your black vinyl looks very similar to the vinyl on my mate's oz delivered 75. He calls his "elephant hide" but I'm not sure if it really is. Are you in Melbourne? Classic and European in Carrum Downs are the local agent for Venteran Company and will have hundreds of samples to look at. http://www.veteranco.com/swatch/card04.html Sorry that this is not clearer. 2 types of "pigskin".

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