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  1. Some small issues but cant wait to get into it. thank you everyone for your support and I look forward to picking your minds more as I learn more about this beautiful model. I am a member of Vintage Sports car Club and usually try and go to St ives for Coffee and cars but I live south so looking to run through national park in the next couple of weeks to put in a decent drive. Also looking at the machines and macciatos at harbord diggers. What is the AH Newsletter ?
  2. Ahh, so it is definitely not a G50 box. Reverse is right and down so I assume the 915 box is the original box for this car? Noticed also that car grinds if coming to a stop engaging neutral and straight to reverse. Similar to another car I have which need to select neutral, clutch out then in and engage reverse. I have always assumed synchros is why. Will get some pics up from the website and when the car arrives early next week. I am really looking forward to getting into this car and the brand. I have always loved the early Porsche's. Thanks for your help.
  3. Sorry all just another note am looking for a service manual and/or owners book for this model. Does anyone on the forum have soft copies available at all.? Appreciate any tips at all. I am in Sydney's south and will look to join a Porsche group here as well. Cant wait to get this car into the national park for a spirited cornering drive. Thanks
  4. Well just an update. Flew to Qld inspected and driven and bought. Car does have the 3ltr and box felt nice and tight. Went over all researched areas with magnet and paid particular attention to floor pans, sills, front guards, door pillar bases targa roof seal area etc. It is not a show car by any means. Paint is cracked in places, chips, etc but it looks to be an honest car. Drove very nicely and after some negotiation we settled on what I think was a fair price. Just a question for someone new to Porsche, I read someone commented to tell if the box is a G50 to look at the car in reverse? What does this mean? Is there a certain way to check the box is a G50? Looking forward to getting it down here to Sydney and getting started on the small things. One thing of note was that the car was advertised as a 76 however body numbers indicate a November 75. Looking forward to learning more about Porsche as I get into it. Thanks
  5. Hi all reading all the comments on this 76 as I am flying up to test drive and look at it. Any tips on body issues with targa's? and known rust spots? Thanks Steve

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