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  1. Hi All, About the engine, well I will let a few details out: 964 Case Heads sent to Brian Pauter (USA) for large inlet valves, CNC ported (inlet only, leave exhaust side) Pauter Billet Rocker Arms + Elephant Foot Adjusters (see: https://pauter.com/parts/rockers/porsche/) Pauter Conrods - Length is secret. 48mm ITB - new product modelled on RSR items (brand about to be launched, so I will not reveal here) - photo attached 997 GT-3 Crank LN Engineering ("nickies") barrels Cases machined to 109mm to accept larger barrels Motec M150 engine management Drive-By-Wire throttles (twin motors, 1 per side) That oughta do for now, I will post a few other photos over the next week or so as the engine is being built now. Targetting over 360Hp
  2. Went and visited today, car is on wheels while we set ride height + geometry. OMG - I just want to go for a drive.
  3. I have a set of genuine Cup I wheels (17") from a 964 that I do not require. I can get specs + photos if you want. Will be chasing $3,500 to $4,000 for the set though. Cheers
  4. Probably an annoying response from me ... however I have a V Good set of genuine Cup I (off a Japan imported 964) that I do not require. If interrested, let me know. I will be chasing $3,500 to $4,000 for them as they are in V Good shape + genuine. Cheers Mark B
  5. Given that the wife would go balistic if I actually purchased a RUF ... I thought I would make a half way decent interpretation.
  6. Well folks, my 1st update in 6 months. In the Hot Rod build game 6 months is akin to shopping at Colesworth for the rump steak ... there is still the cooking, seasoning and saucing still to go. Suspension, Brakes, Instruments, Shifter, Wiring harnes mods (no photos), Headlights, Rear Spoiler + associated plumbing, wiring etc are now in. So rather than me blab on, I will let the photos do some talking.
  7. I will get it dug up and tak a couple of photos for you - may take a few days.
  8. Yes - somewhere in the removed parts boxes. The interior was "Cashmere Beige".
  9. mark2559

    Wanted 964 airbox

    Hi Ando - I have one. Also entire intake, throttle body etc. PM me and we can discuss. Mark
  10. mark2559

    993 seats

    Buy new ones - they are available in Aus. Full date certification + nice selection of colours / trims in the Pole Position Classic range.
  11. Well next week the body returns to my mechanic (Corse Automotive, Sydney) for the assembly process. Visited Berlina Body Works today and thought I would post some before and after images. The car had recieved some very bodgy respray (at some time during the last 30 years) - including that they didn't even match the colour correctly (not even close). In the windscreen and rear screen surrounds we found the correct colour. Then mixed that colour & and an original formulation prior to settling on exactly what was Amazon Green. Here is the correct Amazon Green.
  12. I have purchased the Recaro Pole Position (Classic Pepita) for my 964 build (see elsewhere in PFA) + a set of genuine RUF 18" wheels (8.5" & 10.0"). Quality doesnt come cheap, someone famous once said. I am aiming for something like the attached photo with my build.
  13. I have a 1991 964 front suspension for sale Removed from a 1991 Japan sourced C2 (Tiptronic) Front + Rear Struts, Springs, Front Hubs, Tie Rod Ends, Sway Bars etc. Front + Rear Brake Calipers also available Reasonable offers considered
  14. I have a complete 964 (1991 late - plastic intake) for sale. Removed from a 1991 Japan import with 103k km. Complete intake from air cleaner to intake ports + ecu Reasonable offers considered.

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