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  1. I have purchased the Recaro Pole Position (Classic Pepita) for my 964 build (see elsewhere in PFA) + a set of genuine RUF 18" wheels (8.5" & 10.0"). Quality doesnt come cheap, someone famous once said. I am aiming for something like the attached photo with my build.
  2. I have a 1991 964 front suspension for sale Removed from a 1991 Japan sourced C2 (Tiptronic) Front + Rear Struts, Springs, Front Hubs, Tie Rod Ends, Sway Bars etc. Front + Rear Brake Calipers also available Reasonable offers considered
  3. I have a complete 964 (1991 late - plastic intake) for sale. Removed from a 1991 Japan import with 103k km. Complete intake from air cleaner to intake ports + ecu Reasonable offers considered.
  4. I have a 1991 Tpiptronic Gearbox freshly removed from a 103k km Japan import car for sale. Complete gearbox, flywheel, ecu, drive shafts + all associated pieces. (Note: I am doing a manual conversion - so everything is included). Reasonable offers considered.
  5. Well Done Frank, Nice car for sure. Just being a bit nosey, what did you pay ? Cheers, Mark
  6. I have a 997.2 C4S Cab PDK - 1 owner (me). 58,000km, full dealer service, fully garaged. Perfect Car. Let me know if you are interrested
  7. Hi Guys, Searching for a set of 993C2 Rear Calipers for my project. Please PM me if you have a set or know of a set.
  8. Well finally got some colour on (just before Christmas). Amazon Green is a beguiling colour ... in the flesh it really is as per the Front Bumper ! Final paint and panel work this week ... then back to Corse Motorsport for some building !
  9. Time to post a few more pics that have accumulated over the last few months of the build. Body stripped to bare metal and epoxy primer applied. Should get colour early next week, with a goal to finish the body prior to Christmas.
  10. Just another brief comment on this subject. I researched (in detail) this topic and quote directly from RUF as follows: The roof of your Porsche is made up of three metal sheets. One over the roof, one over the rear fenders (the C-Pillar), and one along the side, which goes inside the car. These three plates were originally hammered together at the Porsche factory to form the rain gutters. They are not bound together in any other way. Through our gutter conversion, the area where the three pieces fold together is cut off, and then all three are welded together. Welding of the plates greatly increases their strength, and definitely makes the body much more stiff all around and along the roof line. Cutting, welding, and repainting are the only processes undergone in this conversion. No other parts or procedures need to be assembled or carried out. Close up of the cut section is: Now these 3 pieces are fully seam welded (base of A pillar to base of C pillar). I am sure that I will not have a problem. BTW - thanks for your interest and comments ! Keep them flowing !
  11. The drip rails were in place because that was the easiest way for Porsche to assemble the panels (side + roof + rear quarter) and not have to "finish" the external appearance prior to paint. The cross section of a 964 roof rail section is as per the attached photo. The internal diagonal member is fully seam welded (providing a triangular support) to the roof edge/side panel. There are plenty of reference cases (including RUF's own assessment) that document that the car is now more stiff with a full welded structure (rather than spot welded). Additionally a 964 is a LOT more stiff than G Body (sorry to call this out) due to the dramatically larger sill structure + central transmission tunnel (for AWD) + much better front and rear subframes. I am not at all concerned about torsional stiffness with this modification.
  12. Yep - Aaron did the rain gutter delete. Unbelievable metal skills he has !!!

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