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  1. So $145K for a Silver manual is a good buy?
  2. The Lapis Blue one is an import, the speedo is in MPH. I like the exterior colour just not a fan of the beige interior.
  3. Yes!! https://tradinggarage.com/product/2007-porsche-911-997-gt3-clubsport/
  4. Interesting to see this discussion as I’m considering purchasing a 996 Turbo and was planning on calling Shannon’s in the morning for a quote. I’ve found their premiums to be reasonably priced previously even though I’ve had a few 🤥 speeding fines over the last 29 years.
  5. Yeatesy

    PS4 shortage

    Frank my brother works in the tyre industry so I asked him for you, he said Michelin have the PS4 on backorder in that size and are struggling for stock. He is in Dandenong and has the PS2 N4 in stock at that size.
  6. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2003-porsche-911-gt3-996-manual-my04/SSE-AD-4923670 Sold within the hour, anyone on here?
  7. I was curious about that too, when I saw it having the PPI I expected it would soon be removed from Carsales so something has obviously put the buyer off it.
  8. That car was at Weltmeister for a PPI this week, the buyer must not have gone ahead.
  9. I used to work at Repco in the 90’s and XD to XF door handles were fast moving parts that we kept next to the till
  10. Yeap not a fan of the seats at all and 100% GT4 for me too but with the 6 speed ☺️
  11. Not a mates car, or a mate of a mates car, or even a mate of a mate of a mates car, it’s just a nice 911 that I thought I’d share https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1969-porsche-911-e-manual/OAG-AD-19913830
  12. I can’t see an issue with it, there’s nothing in it for me and someone on here may be looking for one.
  13. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2011-porsche-cayman-s-987-auto-my11/SSE-AD-7438164 This is a friends 987.2 Cayman S, it’s a perfect example if anyone is looking for one.

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