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  1. I was going to suggest Porsche Townsville but that’s still a long way from Yeppoon. I’d ask for photos of the entire service history and speak to the place that’s serviced it, also you’d want someone to inspect it even if it’s not a Porsche dealer.
  2. Yeatesy

    Cayman GT4 RS

    I don’t understand the mentality of someone buying a GT4 RS to flip it straight away. I just priced one without a single option and it’s $350,000 in round figures so let’s say someone spent that with the intention of making $20,000 (probably the minimum you’d want to make). The buyer who was obviously desperate to have one then has to pay an additional $33,400 in Government charges to register it here in Victoria. You’d have to be very keen to pay $403,300 or an extra $83,400 for a used GT4 RS with no options.
  3. I've previously bought a 930 from Perth & a 987 Cayman from Townsville, I didn't go and see either car myself but bought them from the private owners who were genuine sellers after confirming the cars condition and service history with the local Porsche dealership. I arranged the freight back to Victoria and the cars were immaculate when they arrived.
  4. I'll be on the Gold Coast next week if you want me to check it out for you
  5. I’ve always been prepared to travel or buy interstate to get the right car, it’s actually not that expensive to fly across the country to see a car or to freight it back but it would have to have a full service history for me to consider it in the first place.
  6. I was drooling over that yesterday, awesome spec and a beautiful car.
  7. You aren’t missing anything, actually that’s a 4hp gain as ROW cars had 231bhp whilst US cars had 207bhp from 84 - 86 and 217bhp from 87 - 89.
  8. @hugh @Orlando are you able to help please?
  9. Can anyone assist with fixing my membership?, I’m all paid up but I’ve recently gone from showing as a financial member to just a member.
  10. Ok so I deleted a heap of photos today and still can’t upload photos and I’m still not showing as a financial member, is anyone able to assist?
  11. Thank you, I will have a look at that.

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