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  1. Yeatesy

    WTB Cayman S

    Yeah good, I bought a 2008 Cayman S manual with 37,000km
  2. Yeatesy

    WTB Cayman S

    The owner of the car (it is being sold on consignment) isn't prepared to fix the items, some of which are roadworthy items and some of which are expensive mechanical repairs so the sale is cancelled 😞
  3. Yeatesy

    WTB Cayman S

    Yes true, most cars will have things that require attention but it should be reflected in the price it's sold for.
  4. Yeatesy

    WTB Cayman S

    Cheers Marty, that's the one I'd placed a deposit on :-(
  5. Yeatesy

    WTB Cayman S

    Does anyone have a 987 Cayman S manual they are considering selling? It's been years since I sold my last Porsche and after heaps of research I decided to pull the trigger on a Cayman S and purchased a very clean example that was advertised on Carsales. Thankfully this was subject to a PPI at a Porsche dealership which unfortunately and unexpectedly came back with a list of items requiring rectification which totalled over $10,000! So I'm keen to buy one, just need some help finding one.

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