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  1. yep same... instantly thought scam
  2. yeah spend 3k to win 5k odd.... I had my "chick" I think she might scare a few of you "blokes"
  3. I’ve never seen it done before, and I doubt we would have seen them do it if it was still the 1:32 gap We really tapped out with tyres on day 4, but everyone else was in the same boat, you can see how the race changed day 1 2 3 to then we all got smoked on day 4 I never really thought two sets was a thing! It is a huge advantage, but MA have now made it a tyre arms race, and we will have to join next year They had a support crew with 3 sets of fresh rubber on the roof of the 4WD 🤷🏾 $5000 to them 🙏
  4. We got stitched up a little on the final day…. Day 2 the car we were match racing the win for got 2 penalties for speed zone infringements and going into day 3 we had 1 min 32 sec lead so we looked after the car and we were in that manage the gap don’t go to hard mode…. So all of day 3 we took it safe and easy. Day 4 just before we took the start at 11am of the first stage we found out they had appealed the penalties and got the time back…. We had 28 sec lead…. However they took green tyres, on day 4! As MA changed the rules in September after the targa inquest “ you can have 12 tyres but we suggest 4 are wets “ this was a change from 6 tyres total allowed, which we were driving to…. We tried so bloody hard! We led day 1 2 3 and 4 till the second to last stage but we ran out of rubber and I was tapped out. Lucy was so good for the whole week! Just so calm it was incredible…. We gave it everything Learned a lot, with hindsight, we should have had tyres but nobody has ever done that before and it just changed the game sadly with the 130 limit we were still 5th fastest outright - not bad for a little NA RWD Mezger
  5. G'day all its a very large long shot! However I am looking for a 2nd set of 18 inch wheels? anyone? second hand is fine! just need another set similar spec!! can be OZ BBS etc etc just need to fit the car 18 x 9 ET 48 18 x 12 ET 61
  6. 400k for a .1 RS in green or orange would be a bargain still
  7. understood its a 964 3.6 turbo I'm worried its based on what they are worth here in Australia!!!
  8. LCT based on what you paid for it? or what the GOV thinks it is worth at the time of import? LCT based on what you paid for it? or what the GOV thinks it is worth at the time of import?
  9. quick question that I thought I knew the answer to..... if you lived overseas ( spain ) and owned a car ( 964 ) and wanted to bring it back with you to australia having owned it for 3 years would you only be paying GST or some amount of LCT ? I thought after 2 years it was only G but I am now getting mixed messages!!! opinions? facts?
  10. oh this is good! when will we all see it I thought you were talking about yourself again!!
  11. will be interesting to back to back them..... We got smashed by cars on A052 in some wet stages in the Adelaide Rally! Once dry we were winning again. I'll run the A052 and then go again on the A050 and make a call, just worried if its wet again
  12. I've run Trofeo R before, and while they are excellent, they exhibit thermal deg problems after only a couple of heat cycles they are done..... and expensive!!!! the AR1 while a low treadwear number is pretty good for what it is. Im keen to see how this supposedly slower 200 treadwear tyre goes!
  13. yeah I'm coming from 19" AR-01 which are excellent in the dry, but shocking in the wet!!! I'd thought about going straight to A050 but seeing all the Lotus boys froth at the A052 and that they can go wider in the A052 maybe thats the go.... Ive spent many an hour going over the rolling circumference data trying to make sure I won't upset the ABS!

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