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  1. From what I've read, yes you can by putting the old shift boot over it, but the lever looks very non stock.
  2. Thanks, @P-Kay. Will be an interesting experiment to see where most of the slop is!
  3. thanks for the sage advice, @Zelrik911! I also bought the coupler from Numeric, which is far more solid that the OEM version - despite some concerns about this putting extra pressure on the transmission by reducing the play. I was planning to install the shifter first then the coupler - just to see the difference. Maybe I should do it the other way around?
  4. That Hargett shifter was very cool IMHO. When I saw it, I tried to see if it was possible to buy now but they're NLA. I'm going to leave the shifter uncovered because I like the look of it. Hopefully not too much dirt, noise etc come through!
  5. Hi all Just an FYI - I recently ordered a Numeric Racing shifter, knob and shift coupler as an alternative short shifter to Rennshift, Wevo, etc. It has a very industrial look that appeals to me but won't to others and that's fine. Pics below and eventually I'll get time to install it (once I've finished the current job installing fresh shocks, turbo tie rods, ball joints, camber plates, discs, master cylinder...) and if anyone's interested, I'll let you know what I think about it! Happy to take more pics if people want to see different angles or details. https://store.numericracing.com/collections/g-body-transmission
  6. In the old days, it was called laybuy (god, I'm showing my age...). Now, maybe you can get it sold to that 18yo with Afterpay?
  7. That looks fantastic! Must go really nicely with the SS kit. If I didn't already have my own bastard child wide-body (and Betty has a lot of stuff I plan to do to mine), I'd be on to this! Those seats look pretty good too - what are they? GLWS!
  8. I've not followed the GT2 market but would this sort of car become very desirable/collectible in a few years? I'd love to have this car.
  9. That'd be awesome! I'd even disinfect it before sending back 😁. Depending on work, I'd like to get to it late next week but will wait to hear from @OZ930
  10. Hi all I need to replace the ball joints at the bottom of the front struts of my 1979 911SC and wondering/hoping someone has the special socket needed to unscrew the joint? Happy to buy or borrow (replace if damaged of course). I'm in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs (currently COVID Central 😁). Appreciate any assistance you can provide.
  11. Below is a chart from Car & Driver so it’s USD and US market but says similar things to @wangan was saying re prices. 993s have been left in the shade!
  12. I think that was someóne's car from the Gold Coast. I had a look at it and it certainly needed some cleaning up! Impressed he got 100k for it - I was thinking 70k at the time but was scared about the rust I could see. George was going to sort that out so presume it was done pre-auction. Lovely car you had there @Mike D'Silva. Keep going with the engines! I'm starting to get tempted by going EFI then bigger P&Cs on my 3.0
  13. It says located in Cammeray but I've seen it driving around Bondi a bit. @symsy - why's it "speccy"?
  14. ah, @symsy I'd be all over this 3.8 other than: (i) it'll cost more than I can afford particularly with your legendary haggling skills; and perhaps more importantly, (ii) I'm keen to do as much as possible of the building of such an engine myself.

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