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  1. Did some googling and the Pelican Parts forum advises against it as the 964 windscreen is slightly bigger and use of earlier glass doesn't seal so well. Poop.
  2. Hi Dave Do you know how interchangeable are the window and door seals with the g-body cars (1978 is mine)?
  3. Makes this one look like great value...... been up on CS for years, this one. 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster Manual (carsales.com.au)
  4. @jtufts356 - if you know the weight and dimension of package, I can ask Interparcel. Thanks @Jaffar for the suggestion.
  5. For reference, I had a 911sc transported from Perth to Sydney door to door on Aug 2020 and it cost $1,246 with CEVA Logistics. No complaints about the delivery other than it took 3 weeks, which was a long time to wait for me! I ended up going to the depot in western Sydney to get it a few days earlier. A rainy day and the wipers weren't working and the handbrake had stuck on. Driving fast on the M4 fixed both problems 😊
  6. @jtufts356 - excellent - will be interesting to see what they quote. Did you contact just the AIR guys or the rest as well?
  7. Hi @jtufts356 I'm looking at the same for my WB 1978 - seen it at a couple of places. If you decide to get one, let me know and maybe there’s a freight saving we can share. Can also be found here https://www.gt-racing.com/911-turbo-splitter-front-valance-9-part-48b/ https://msroadrace.com/Porsche 930 Turbo Front Valance https://betterbodiesmotorsport.com/product/46/spoilers-935-t-fs-935-n-fs
  8. Ok. I've done the ball joints on both sides (plus a whole lot of other stuff while in there). Couldn't tighten it with the socket and a torque wrench even with the help of a car jack underneath so used the impact wrench on a low setting. Will be checking it regularly to make sure it doesn't loosen... Thanks heaps for the lend! Shall I send back to @OZ930 or to you as its owner, @Fishcop?
  9. I stand (belatedly) corrected. It's definitely not a crow, but it's not a piping shrike either according to the font of all knowledge, the ABC... https://www.abc.net.au/radio/adelaide/programs/afternoons/the-piping-shrike-doesnt-exist/8946800
  10. Wow - I remember the dragster as the coolest thing, but no lightweight - plus I couldn't afford one. I'm a bit concerned about the spelling of "Porshe" and the crow could only mean one origin. While @3legs is vouching for the slightly tenuous link, I may still need a certificate of authenticity? 😁
  11. Would have taken those tail lights if i'd woken up earlier than @hugh! Early bird...😴
  12. FWIW - I have scanned copies of two 911 workshop manuals 72-80s, one USA/CAN another appears worldwide. And a tech specs booklet for 84-87 Carrera and Turbo. PM if interested.

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