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  1. It says located in Cammeray but I've seen it driving around Bondi a bit. @symsy - why's it "speccy"?
  2. ah, @symsy I'd be all over this 3.8 other than: (i) it'll cost more than I can afford particularly with your legendary haggling skills; and perhaps more importantly, (ii) I'm keen to do as much as possible of the building of such an engine myself.
  3. @GDC010 Have you tried to contact Porsche Centre Melbourne? They should have a record of the work done if they're the ones stamping the book. If they don't want to talk with you for privacy reasons, then the owner should be able to authorise it.
  4. PM'd you @LeeM @OBRUT - you and that weird love you have for slantnoses...😋 But I really like the 934, but I would have been better off starting with a narrow body. RUF BTR - that floats my boat at the moment. But anyway, this is supposed to be about "what's for sale" not "what's my dream"... Back to the program!
  5. @3legswhat seats? Am I missing out on something (always had FOMO)? @LeeM that front bumper might be lighter? I do like the RUF look with front bumper with the oil cooler and speedline wheels! Got any in the shed?
  6. +1 (no offence @LeeM, as yours is a great looking car (and you drove the Richmonds cut and shut beast for me! which got sold BTW)) Still thinking about what to do with my 78 wide body SC but backdate is not something I want to do. Happy to take suggestions!
  7. Now you're testing me. Hope this works @Turra - I wish! Saw that one about a week or so after buying this and was sorry to have bought mine. Has anyone here admitted to buying it - if it was in ok condition, a steal at that price. Mine was from Perth. Like that other turbo with the very tasty engine mods that sold a month or two ago.
  8. A turbo bodied RHD 1978 import with a fully rebuilt engine (opened case) and gearbox at a price that fitted into my budget (Nick's asking price at the time ($90k) was a bit above what I was comfortable with). To top it off, it is a glorious gooooollllllddddd colour... and some even think that colour rocks.
  9. This is Nick's car (Mr NB). He had more info on it in a post on the For Sale part of PFA. I really like the look of it and was quite tempted at the time.
  10. Hi @reedminor - what car did it come off and what style rear bumper? I've a 78 SC wide-body with original impact bumpers but thinking about going the (non-backdated) hotrod route.
  11. Maybe @HAL, as an administrator, might be able to shed some light on why the thread has disappeared? I'd certainly like to use the resource in the future!
  12. Damn - that's a shame. I was looking forward to hearing your impressions of the drive! ☹️
  13. I’ll admit that I thought someone had Photoshopped the 370z front and rear lights onto the car for a joke. But I think it’s real. 😩😩😩

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