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  1. porka987s

    White Smoke

    Around 120,000kms for me. It didn't completely fail, but it was showing signs of white smoke.
  2. porka987s

    White Smoke

    Definitely looks like the AOS, I had the same thing, and had this replaced. Luckily it wasn't too expensive.
  3. I use the cigarette lighter in my 987 Cayman S, closed door and immobilised. No issues. Makes it really quick to remove and reattach.
  4. Hopefully soon, as spring hits!
  5. Nice looking Cayman https://www.drive.com.au/news/mclaren-passed-off-as-porsche-seized-in-filipino-tax-sting-124039.html?trackLink=SMH1
  6. Pretty sure it's a 987.1 just going by the external appearance. But the limited edition has the updated engine with more power. I'm not sure if that means DFI though. Pics of actual car. I just got some details from his wife. 68,000km's. Registered on VIC plates, but sitting in the garage.
  7. Hi Mickey, welcome to the forum. Saw your post on the FB forum. I know of a British chap in Melbourne who imported his Black 987 Cayman S Limited Edition (1 of only 700) from the UK a few years ago. He doesn't get to drive it given he has two young kids, and hasn't gotten around to posting it up online. Get a reputable shop to do a PPI for you (including underbody). If you're genuinely interested, I can put you in touch. Cheers.
  8. Nice Cayman S here, loaded with good options. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-cayman-s-987-manual-my07/SSE-AD-6702292/?Cr=10
  9. porka987s


    I'm really excited for you mate, I still remember the first drive after installing it Preview of what it should sound like Arne
  10. porka987s


    +1 on Carnewal GT, it's nucking futs (and also not obnoxious). You can try Mako Tune in Sydney, as suggested. Probably not the same as Gert's but more like the PSE.

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