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  1. Ah this was the car I saw in St Kilda the other weekend! Recognise the plates - what a head turner!
  2. Some lovely cars! Hi everyone, Moved back to Melbourne from the UK last month, and patiently waiting for my 2006 Cayman S to arrive in two weeks, which I will be bringing in as a personal import. After having spent most of my time getting preventative maintenance done, the car is now schmick and now keen to enjoy it on some Victorian roads. Manual (yay), and it has Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers, Carnewal GT Exhaust, GT3 Cup Lip, and Spacers. Hope it passes RWC (yikes) - a bit worried about the height, it is set up on Cayman R specs, but it's a tad low on the front with the lip.

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