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  1. G'day, Anyone got any recommendations for a detail spray for Ceramic coaling? I currently use Bowdens Boss Gloss but would like to try a ceramic specific spray. The cars i use it on are black and dark blue. Cheers H
  2. Cheers mate Thats me bidding now......:)
  3. Hi there. I'm trying to get hold of a genuine sales brochure for the 997. Not sure what to look for so any help will be appreciated.
  4. Well, I finally fitted the unit to my 2006 Cs2 M(RHD). Main box was quite easy but the Accelerometer was a little bit difficult. The original loom was a bit tight to splice and solder but we managed. So, what's it like you ask? An easy analogy is the original PASM system of Active Suspension was the nest thing since sliced bread. But the Control Box was akin to an iPhone 3, where the DSC unit is simply and iPhone 11MAX! Immediate response is fantastic. And it got better from there. As we all know the PASM system is a pearler in the first place. Changes the concept of a 911 being a 'widow maker' for the uninitiated to WOW!!, how easy is this? The road manners were the first thing I noticed. Slow speeds over average roads prior to DSC was ok, a bit annoying sometimes but it is a world beating sportscar so stop whining! Then, push the Sport button and bang bang bang! Boy this is a stiff car. Ok for the track but hardly necessary around town. Now with DSC fitted, the ride is amazing at slow speeds on averages roads. So compliant. No longer teeth jarring ride over cats eyes etc. So, I couldn't be happier. But wait! Time to get into it a bit! Don't get me wrong here. My original PASM box was a good thing too. I've done a bit of club racing over the years so I've got a rough idea of what's good and what's not so. The 997 is a great car. I found it a bit twitchy in places and never felt I could give it 7/10ths let alone10/10ths. I put it down to me only owning the car for a few months and doing under 1000ks in it due to lockdown here in Melbourne. So the performance DSC unit was eagerly awaited. I have a 'road' near me that's got a 160k fast bit and several fast 2nd and 3rd gear corners. Yesterday I lucked in the heaving the road for myself. Rare. The second thing I noticed the DSC is the virtual elimination of the porpoise effect with the nose of the car raising up under hard acceleration and diving under heavy braking. Well the next thing I noticed was that it was all of a sudden easy to drive. At speed! Under pressure! I found where previous corners were 2nd gear, now they were 3rd gear. So much faster and with so much more confidence. An absolute delight to drive. (the high speed run was in Sport mode) When I got back home my wife asked what was wrong, of course I told her, and then she couldn't shut me up! (after all, she did buy it for me for Fathers Day...) Obviously many thanks to the guys at DSC for their excellent work. But I must go back to the author of the Definitive Buyers Guide on the Rennlist Forum. For it is the most comprehensive guide I've seen. What a weapon!! https://rennlist.com/forums/997-forum/1147600-997-1-definitive-buyers-guide.html
  5. I've just installed this one in my 997.1 and Its a treat. Phone is a bit cumbersome but the music from my iphone is exceptional. Keeps all the original looks. i love it
  6. Well, as long as we stick together, thats what matters.....
  7. Thanks Ferry. Not sure the link gave me the answers but i'll keep mucking around with it. Cheers. Haydn
  8. Hi Guys. Haven't had my 997.1 CS M long. (cant believe it really. What a weapon) Anyway, I've got a MF steering wheel and for the life of me i cant work out what the knurled wheel or buttons are for on the right side of the wheel. I've fitted a Mr 12 Volt P600 kit for Bluetooth, which works OK for my iPhone playlist and phone. The knurled wheel on the left side controls volume and i change tracks on the head unit itself. A compromise i know, but at $195 its value for what i need anyway and it keeps everything looking original. But i digress... What I'd really want help with is what to do with the right side of the wheel. Thanks in advance Haydn
  9. Cheers Matt. I appreciate your comments. H
  10. G'day there. Looking for some feedback from anyone that's installed KW Coil Overs on their 997. I haven't had mine long, and although i absolutely love it, I'd like to know if the ride quality improved with the KWs. I've fitted them to another car of mine, not a Porsche, and its lower with a smoother ride, yet didn't loose any cornering performance at all. Interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers. Haydn
  11. G'day there. I'm chasing up a mesh grill insert for my 997.1 ZunSport do them in the UK but i was hoping for Aus connection somewhere. Or a similar product/quality that can be purchased in Australia. Landed from the UK will set me back over $500 so looking for a little bit of economy Thanks for you help in advance Haydn
  12. Cheers Porka. Just ordered one for the same guy i think. My son in-law is a tech head so should have no problems fitting it. Hey by the way, a bloke mentioned to me yesterday you can buy very stylish mesh that fits in the air cavities in the front bar for radiators. He says they look good and protect the radiators well. Wouldn't know where i can get them, by any chance?
  13. Thanks Mate. Thinking the same as you re keeping the unit looking original. Just one question. Do you have a multi function steering wheel? Well 2 questions.... where did you purchase the kit?😎 Cheers. Haydn
  14. Cheers Mate, just gave them a call. Quote etc coming. Appreciate your time Haydn many thanks. Will do. Haydn
  15. I've got a 06 997 Carrera S with a multi function steering wheel. From what i can gather the phone connectivity relys on a sim card being fitted. Old tech of course. Does anyone know of good after market kit that can be fitted, ustilising MP3 and phone connection, but using the existing buttons etc and main screen? I know of the La Power unit available via Amazon but not sure if the steering wheel controls come into play. Can anyone help? Cheers. Haydn

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