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  1. Hi All, I finally pulled the trigger on a ‘06 Cayman S, and the car is due for its annual service: looking for recommendations for a Gold Coast based workshop that I can use for servicing and the light modifications that I have planned... any info/advice is appreciated, as always! cheers, Mickey.
  2. Uk Import I believe (happy to be corrected if I’m wrong): so far the imported vehicles I’ve had inspected have had significant corrosion underneath for the obvious reasons, and it’s too much work/money to get them tidy again. an Aussie delivered car is preferable, but I’m happy to consider any available examples: must be prepared for a PPI to be performed- so far I have had a couple of cars rejected due to the PPI results...
  3. Any leads are appreciated! I’ve spoken with a few Current owners who are looking to move their car on, but am yet to find a suitable vehicle: surely there’s some Cayman S Manual owners out there who are considering selling...? happy to discuss potential sales with owners of any suitable cars; 0413003013- I’m struggling to navigate these forums effectively from my phone...
  4. Any idea on the asking price of the black one? just trying to investigate my (limited) options...
  5. Definitely interested: they seem to be a hard car to find when you’re actually ready to commit...! probably easier if you PM me on the FB platform if you’re willing, as it’s easier to check for responses that way... appreciate the lead; hopefully hear from you soon...
  6. Hi All, I know forums aren’t almost a dead end these days, but I thought I’d give it a crack anyway... I’m on the hunt for my first Porsche: having grown up with various examples in the family stable (‘85 911, 944 Turbo, manual 928S, etc), I’ve recently been heavily involved in the JDM vehicle scene, focusing on the C34 Nissan Stagea; my own example which recently sold being one of the most fully developed cars that I know of... the only reason I let my 15-year “unlimited budget money pit” go was for the purpose of getting my hands on a Porsche (my major reason for selling)... Ive done the research, and test driven the contenders, and have come to the conclusion that a 987.1 Cayman S in manual is the car for me. With that in mind, I’m on the hunt; I have sold my collection of project/weekend cars, and my daily driver is going to sell imminently. Covid has thrown a spanner in the works regarding the location of potential vehicles, but anyone has/knows of a 987.1 S in manual that they are considering parting ways with, I’m interested... I am located on the Gold Coast for reference, and am ready to commit Immediately if the right car is available. sorry to submit a “wanted” thread as my introduction, but the forums won’t let me post in the correct section at this point... hoping to join the “owners’ club” as soon as I can facilitate purchasing a vehicle. cheers, Mickey.

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