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  1. Hi Symsy, We don't offer a fitting service. As much as I would love a trip to Australia though. But, they are not too difficult to do yourself.
  2. Along with the gear stick and steering wheel the climate control switches are one of those 'touch every time you drive' parts. Because of this they tend to age faster than the rest of the buttons on your fascia and the black rubberized coating has a habit of peeling off. This can let down even the tidiest interior with their worn out finish. Help is at hand from the good folks here at Heritage though. These direct-fit replacement switch covers for the temperature and fan speed will tidy up the Climate Control panel for another decade or two. Manufactured using a high quality UV resistant material they do require a little bit of time to fit them, but this job is well within the realms of the DIY enthusiast. In return for a few hours and $136.35 for the kit, your efforts will be instantly rewarded on your next drive out. To treat your Porsche 987 or 997 to new climate control switches and a fresher looking dashboard head to Heritage Parts Centre or search for part number 997-653-101-99.
  3. Have a read about our visit and look at their amazing work here: Workshop Seventy7 Visit
  4. Hi st3ve, We have this one coming soon if it helps? https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/au/99611691102-clutch-kit.html
  5. You probably recognise the logo, but how did Heritage Parts Centre get started. This video explains it all, it's a couple of years old now and the Porsche inventory has increased significantly since but it's an interesting insight into how we came to be:
  6. Hi All, We have been working with a lot of Australian companies recently with the supply of Porsche parts. But, if you are a workshop/paint shop and someone with a large project currently on the go then do get in touch with us and we can open you a Trade Account to give you further discount. Also, VERY soon we will have the ability to buy at a trade price and checkout via the website via your login. Any questions feel free to email us directly Help@HeritagePartsCentre.com or via PM here.
  7. Due to high demand we have started to produce Sunroof Delete Panels for Aircooled 911 up to 993 model. More details can be found here, we are currently out of stock but if you are looking for one you can still contact us and register your interest for the next delivery to us. Here is a link to the panel: Sunroof Delete We also do the replacement headliner should you need one as well.
  8. Very welcome, we do have some similar ones on there for other makes as well.
  9. We have put together a 996 buyers guide, if you are looking at one or considering one it's worth a read. If your not, there is some great pictures of a 996 in there as well. 996 Buyers Guide
  10. Our magazine article on the event is now live here: https://magazine.heritagepartscentre.com/en/blog/2020/08/28/oilcooled-20-photo-gallery/
  11. There are a number of car anniversary's happening in 2020 and to coincide with that we have created some show posters/downloads for the shows we were sponsoring and attending. Sadly most of these have been postponed or cancelled due to Covid so we have created a download section on the website for you to download them yourselves. Here is a link to the page: Poster Downloads
  12. Hi All, Yesterday we attended the annual Oilcooled show at Boxengasse organised by Frank Cassidy of Black Betty & Co in the UK as the official Parts Sponsor and thought you might like to see some of the pictures from the event. We were told that the event (limited to 800 tickets) housed around 420 Porsche's during the day with almost every model catered for inc a 917, a Carrera GT and a good selection of RUF cars as well. Sadly I didn't have much time to wander round with the camera and missed a few of the cars as I was chatting Porsche most of the day with customers but the weather behaved itself and a great day was had by all. There are plenty more pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #Oilcooled.
  13. As part of our ongoing clearance sale we have heavily reduced the Genuine Original Porsche Design 90 Alloy Wheels. These do not come with centre caps and are only available in 6x16" but if you need a set of runners or your front 964 wheels need a refurbish these would be ideal. They would also work if you run a VW and want a square set-up (we also sell the adaptors for the VW kits). LIMITED stocks - Check them out here Porsche Design 90 Alloys
  14. We are having a huge clearance sale at the moment, including some Genuine Porsche stock that we have in stock. Have a look here for some genuine savings Heritage parts - Clearance and maybe find something you didn't know you needed...
  15. From time to time things just need a refresh, in this instance we've picked an engine compartment seal. But we stock a full range of seals from German OEM suppliers. Here are the details for the engine compartment seal: Link Here

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