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  1. As part of our ongoing clearance sale we have heavily reduced the Genuine Original Porsche Design 90 Alloy Wheels. These do not come with centre caps and are only available in 6x16" but if you need a set of runners or your front 964 wheels need a refurbish these would be ideal. They would also work if you run a VW and want a square set-up (we also sell the adaptors for the VW kits). LIMITED stocks - Check them out here Porsche Design 90 Alloys
  2. We are having a huge clearance sale at the moment, including some Genuine Porsche stock that we have in stock. Have a look here for some genuine savings Heritage parts - Clearance and maybe find something you didn't know you needed...
  3. From time to time things just need a refresh, in this instance we've picked an engine compartment seal. But we stock a full range of seals from German OEM suppliers. Here are the details for the engine compartment seal: Link Here
  4. Apologies, We can certainly help with that. If there is anything in particular you need send us a message and i'll look into it for you.
  5. Whilst it is AC parts you are after, we currently don't have condensers in stock as supplier stocks are low on Hella products there may be something else that we can help with, feel free to have a look at the website or drop us an email if it's something specific you are looking for? https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/au/
  6. We have a good selection of rubber, and where marked with the German flag in the corner they are an OEM supplier as well. As we all know, rubber perishes over time and can cause other issues as well as not looking as nice as it can be. But, rubber seals can also be quite simple to replace as well making a dramatic improvement to the overall look of the car, and stopping water ingress etc. Here is a link to the 1969-1973 Rear bumper insert (each car requires 2 of these). Rear Bumper Rubber Insert
  7. But where would the fun and learning be in that? Good to see it moving though.
  8. Absolutely loved this episode, but I have to admit I did feel sorry for you having to take the engine back out again!
  9. Sadly not, we cannot reproduce anything with the Porsche logo on it.
  10. Made from genuine mahogany wood and finished with a high-quality clear coating, the build quality and finish of this steering wheel would not look out of place on a concours vehicle; it is as close as you will get to an original without the expense. These are unique to us here at Heritage Parts Centre. Available in both 39mm and 41mm sizes and is available in leather as well. This steering wheel also has free delivery to Australia. Steering Wheel Link
  11. We certainly do, in fact our CEO owns one himself (The black one in our website Banner). Is there anything in particular you were looking for?
  12. Hi all, We've seen a large spike in Australian sales on our eBay account of late, I just wanted to take this chance to say that if you ordered via our website on most items there is free shipping on orders over the value of $250 (Not large orders - but the website will let you know the shipping if you select calculate shipping) whereas eBay we have to charge for all shipping. So if you find what you are looking for on there you can put the part number in the search field on our site and buy direct in most cases saving the cost of shipping. Any questions ask away. Link to our site: Heritage Parts Centre
  13. This Thursday Steph is interviewing Barney Dines, CEO of Heritage Parts Centre on IG Live Link Here To Our Instagram (6pm BST) 🤙 They'll be discussing Barney's history with Volkswagen's and the addition of Porsche Parts to the companies product range, his previous business ventures and what the future looks like for Heritage! 🙌If you’ve got a question you’d like us to ask Barney, then drop it below… See you on Thursday!
  14. I'm sure you won't be short of opportunity and backdrops to recreate the picture. Do let us know when you have (or tag us on Instagram/Facebook #DriveHeritage)
  15. Aah, well yes. Could you recreate it with your own car and have it printed yourself?

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