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  1. They really are, and i'm sure he will go into more detail. Having been there myself it's a simply stunning site.
  2. This Thursday evening Andy will be joined Live on Instagram by friend and world renowned Porsche collector Frank Cassidy. They’ll chat Oval Beetles, his preference for buying beaten up, high mileage Porsche projects and how his Stuttgart flavoured business park ‘Boxengasse’ came to be a reality. Tune in at 6pm BST on @driveheritage Instagram Live. We will also be posting the video on our Facebook page if you can't make the live chat. In the meantime you can have a look at our interview with him here: Making The Perfect Pitstop Also, check out the event that Frank organises, Oilcooled 2019 here.
  3. Sadly currently just only LHD on this one. We are currently looking at suppliers for these due to the numerous variations in factory colours available and the requirement for exact (or as close too) matches it's a bit more difficult to source. But this is something we hope to stock in the future.
  4. What model and year do you need it for? This is for LHD 1976 - 1985 with brake servo and washer tank (Boot carpet, not the interior). https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/au/91155104503-boot-carpet-set-black-left-hand-drive.html
  5. Although not strictly solely Porsche we have done some great articles and interviewed some brilliant people that work with Porsche and the industry along with Classic VW content as well as well as delving into the origins of the Fuchs wheel and chatting to Porsche collectors. Heritage Parts - Online Magazine
  6. I would just like to add our name to the collection here as well. https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/au/
  7. Hi all at PFA, I have put a post in the trade section, but why not here as well? We are a UK based Porsche Classic Parts distributor and have been shipping Classic VW parts to Australia for some time now. 3 years ago we made the decision to stock Classic Porsche parts as well. That has been very well received in the UK and with our European partners and now we have taken the decision to get more involved with the Australian Porsche culture. I have been on the forum, in the background for a little while now and now i'm pleased to say we are a Trade partner of PFA. Shipping is fast, outside of the current situation items take 3-5 working days and even now we are seeing items delivered in under 7 days in most instances. But, please expect a little longer so as not to disappoint (but we do aim to please). Here is a link to our website, Heritage Parts it is in AUS$ and it is a fixed conversion rate as well. We are also stockists of Vintage Speed items, STP Sound Deadening, Dansk, and OEM Suppliers (This is designated by a German flag in the top corner of the picture), and this will be expanded over the coming months even more. There is a quality rating on the lower right of the website page so you can see the product quality before you buy as well. But, importantly we are Porsche and VW enthusiasts, and most of us have our own projects as well and we hold regular meets in the summer months (may be a bit far for some of you to go) on the first Thursday of every month (when we are able to, these will start again) here is a link to our YouTube Chanel and one of the meets, it's a similar vibe to Hanger Banger. Anyway, i'll (we) will be on here to try and help with builds, so if you have any questions about parts and availability feel free to send us a message (Trade or Retail, we cover both).
  8. Hi Doish13, it's a late reply and you may well be sorted but we can supply floor mats if you still need some: https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/au/porsche/911/interior/carpets-floor-mats.html
  9. Hi all at PFA, Established in 1986, we have a team of over 80, many who have worked with us for more than ten years and live and breathe the car enthusiast lifestyle, building an unrivalled knowledge of air cooled and water-cooled VW and Porsche along the way. When it comes to selling and producing our parts the benchmark is very clear: Would we be happy using and fitting these parts ourselves, to our cars? Spending our spare time maintaining, modifying and restoring VW and Porsche vehicles we understand what is required of a part with regards to quality and aesthetics, and we use this knowledge to ensure we provide our customers with the very best parts available to help with their projects. Located on the South Coast of England, we are perfectly placed to offer parts for VW and Porsche vehicles from manufacturers in the UK, Europe and Asia as well as supplying components from select sources in USA and South American too. We are a one stop shop for your specialist parts requirements. We have a network of trusted shipping partners that help us deliver our services to enthusiasts all around the world. We send our products fast and fully insured to our customers, with them often arriving quicker than ‘coast to coast’ internal shipments. Here is a link to our website Heritage Parts Centre We aim to keep you up to date with our products, magazine articles and anything else of interest on the forum, and hopefully when we can come and visit the Australian Porsche scene first hand. Hanger Banger looked amazing, great selection of cars. Why not have a look at our social media as well if you haven't already. Facebook: Heritage Parts Centre Instagram: #DriveHeritage

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