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  1. Told a freind about this car. He flew over and has put some kms/days behind him now heading back west.
  2. Moved some stuff around at work to get these in the ute and home. Step closer to installing rebuilt hi comp 2.7 in #93 and shelving the original running gear.
  3. Yes,I liked the look of these (think it was more than likely del with cookies).
  4. I had them (7/9's) on my 78 sc for a while. No problem.
  5. She's a beauty mate! Getting rarer too,apparently... "and with gen 2 996 GT3's becoming one of the rarest Porsches from Stuttgart you can see globally the demand and desire for GT3's has been huge and with the future models potentially being electrified/hybridized , these models will only keep demand and values high."
  6. I remember when this car was up for sale on the 901 forum back in 2017. https://www.typ901.org/forum/forum/classified-ads/typ-901-porsche-cars-and-parts/155521-for-sale-any-one-interested-in-71t-at-cost
  7. Did you have a good look at the 3.o ltr one? If your a buyer wonder no more, ask your college and buy it or if not start a fs thread yourself Merv for your colleague.
  8. https://www.stuttcars.com/ernst-fuhrmann-the-inspiration-behind-the-911-turbo/?utm_source=StuttCars+Newsletter&utm_campaign=bb271c23eb-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2022_03_11_08_11_COPY_03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_df92330fc3-bb271c23eb-366525729&mc_cid=bb271c23eb&mc_eid=c114498968
  9. In first line of comment; "This 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa. VIN:9119310351 ENGINE:6390921"
  10. Love these shots of the I.R.O,C. cars , 70's cool. my lime green carrera was built in between the orange and sahara cars.
  11. The hard line with flexible oil line from thermostat housing to rear of engine on the 3lt 930 had been removed and replaced/crimped at some time in its 45 yrs. Finally decided to rectify leaking crimp,in a budget fix. Had a crack at removing hard line from thermostat housing but thought better of that as didn't want to turn into a bigger, cost blow-out,time delayed job by destroying the ali thermostat housing threads trying to undo the metal hardlines. Some new oil etc... Happy with the fix, job done.👌

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