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  1. Winter on the Goldie, low twenties and Sun blazing perfect day for a drive.
  2. I was concerned at what I paid for mine, but it was below ball park of what was being asked on Carsales for older cars with higher kms. Then getting insurance I went to their max agreed value. I could not see mySelf finding a better 987 for much less and it had a factory hardtop which for me was a huge bonus. Chances are a month after buying yours you will see a better deal, but thats life. I think insurance quotes I got would only cover up to $22000. And at the time I never saw a 987 as low as that. Not a low Km, tidy one anyway. Post Covid there may be some desperate souls out there in need of cash. But a dealers going to cost a few thousand more most likely.
  3. I have a 987.1 2.7ltr, on occasion when accelerating I can hear what sounds like pre ignition. I only use 98 Ron fuel. Last service was about 6000kms. Does anyone else experience this or should I be concerned. That IMS fear creeping in LOL. My work Hiluxs did it all the time and at service time I was met with blank expressions when I mentioned it. So is it just modern fuel. The Hilux was better with E10 fuel to. Not that that’s an option with the Boxster.
  4. I’ve put about 3000 on it since since December. And expect to put on 4 to 6000 before the years out. Obviously would have been a lot more without covid.
  5. Thanks again for your input. If I did less than 5000kms a year I would Probably sell it anyway. So 10 to 15000kms and annual oil changes, like my other cars is no issue.
  6. Thanks, Dont get me wrong I do my other cars every 10,000. Its just odd to see a manufacturers own schedule so optimistic.
  7. Ready to duck and run here. But here goes. Just seen the service interval guide. Boxster 987 listed-oil and filter 30,000kms where I can see this as stretching things I also don't see the point in doing it every 5000kms if Porsche don't deem it necessary. What do those here with experience think. And here's the blue touch paper. What oil do we recommend. ie Personal preferences. Living in Oz I would think 20w 40 or 10W 40 sounds about right. I have also put a lot of faith in Nulon fully synthetic for my other cars but respect the fact a well wrapped flat six may require something special. My Subaru has been fine on it these past 5 years.
  8. As I said I need to wait and see if I get to use it. Then if tempted find a market value(ie price on rocking horse shit,virtually). Its dark metallic green and lives near Brisbane. As was also mentioned I think it would make it stand out come resale time, which may be sooner rather than later. The car was mainly for my wife to drive as an upgrade from a TT Quattro. She does not like it as much, I think its a little bit intimidating for her and in her words She does not want to ruin it. So I may look at another TT for her or R3, A5. And get a later 987 or even Cayman for myself now that I have been bitten.
  9. I bought my first Porsche(987) last December and it happened to come with a hardtop. Id hoped it added value and it would look like it does. The previous owner said as a factory option they added nearly $10,000. I thought I would leave it on after getting the car home, as I also think it gives the car a different look. But of course you have to try it without. And so there it sits in my garage in its Porsche dust cover on the homemade and well thought out wheeled stand for it. I was also trying to put a price on it and will look around to see what the going rate is. If I dont use it for the next year or two I may let it go. The main reason I like the idea of having it was security if it was going to be parked overnight outside away from home. It is very easy to put on and get off but is a two person job.

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