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  1. cool, ive signed up to get it judged, so im assuming i cant park with the pfa crew.
  2. Hey Sven, do you know if any other 928 s are registered to go?
  3. Not in real terms they not, 200k in 1990 bought a house near the city
  4. This is an excellent first world problem thread. For me its almost an enjoyable part time job keeping my 3 alive, I keep a couple at home and the other 35km away, so they are all rotated with one way runs all cars used at least once a fortnight, with the occasional bigger run on a Sunday. A few years of doing this now and no problems with all cars staying nice and reliable thanks to mr ctek. George
  5. Yep I pass this info on mate thanks so much , 120ish is about right for this assuming it’s Mickey Mouse
  6. I know, a mate might be interested, what should he pay for it do u think mate?
  7. Anyone here know this car ? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-carrera-4s-997-manual-awd-my08/SSE-AD-6875404
  8. I giggled at your foot tap. I usually do that too and now don't feel weird about it.
  9. Im definitely interested in this topic, my S4 is due for tires too!
  10. Never thought ide like 17inch rims on an 80s car, but this looks nice, anyone know who sells sells replica Fuchs?
  11. Is accommodation through you guys possible or I need to find that?

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