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  1. Im definitely interested in this topic, my S4 is due for tires too!
  2. Never thought ide like 17inch rims on an 80s car, but this looks nice, anyone know who sells sells replica Fuchs?
  3. Is accommodation through you guys possible or I need to find that?
  4. Guys Oh just saw this, suppose it’s too late for me to come up? I don’t have to use the track just a cruise up sat and drive back Sunday? Might a good cruise for my s4 to get finally. George
  5. I’ll get my mechanic to take a pick when he pulls it out for me. Cheers
  6. Because the support bracket is broken and risks my belts coming off mate, there’s a guy in Sydney that can supply a new denso for about $1100, saves shipping from us for not much less. Cheers guys
  7. Hi folks, I need to replace my aircond compressor on my 944S, seems the denso brand is available in us and uk, for similar pricing, just seems so many different companies sell them, does anyone recommend who is most reputable before I send a slab of $ os? cheers George
  8. That car looks like Jewelry Justin. Good luck mate George Used to be 911b

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