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  1. I just discovered your thread, read the whole timeline and thoroughly enjoyed it. Credit to you sir.
  2. ok i understand. interesting stuff though.
  3. Fantastic info mate, can I ask where I could find similar stats for 928 cars? This my 88 s4.
  4. Look forward to this. Glider city is a nice place stayed there before.
  5. Here’s my ol MV Augusta 910R Brutale After a decade it still makes me turn my head. Shame it doesn’t get enough use these days.
  6. Au del Guards red 88 944S, 105k original km, all books recently colour corrected and ceramic coated. Beautiful car. As I said I’m 50/50 on selling it as I change my mind every time I drive it.
  7. Hi there, I think, like me there’s others that want to sell their 944s can’t be assed dealing with CS or keep changing their minds after each drive.
  8. Beautiful car, makes me want to retrim the seats on the sc.
  9. 911B

    Stolen 944 Turbo

    Good idea mate, vin and numbers can be found by its reg plate, Matt is a good guy, I feel for him, he put a lot into this car.
  10. You know your getting bored when your shoe colour becomes something to consider when driving to the shops.
  11. Transaxles are as bored as I. Vacuumed inside, and took out the floor mats on the floor mats.
  12. Didn’t know manual was an option with those perhaps a red manual 944s could sway you
  13. I’m selling one of these as well, except mine is for no spoiler. Just posted it.

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