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  1. Frank

    PS4 shortage

    I found the same, even with traction OFF, it has phenominal grip. The ride has improved out of sight too, just goes to show that the same tyre with date stamp 2614 has deteriorated so slowly that only once new shoes are fitted, does it highlight what they are capable of. Long live the PS4s
  2. Nice car mate and be keen if a 997. looks like its well onto its way to reach your reserve, GLWS.
  3. I actually used toothpaste and a lambswool polisher on a set of Mercedes headlights. worked a treat but took a while. My neighbour used a head light restore kit and hand polished the dullness out for his wifes mazda 6, also looks great.
  4. Frank

    PS4 shortage

    Thanks mate I have a order placed and secured 2 PS4S in my exact size which were a return item. Giddy up
  5. Frank

    PS4 shortage

    Thanks mate, I can get the older PS2 but not the matching for the front PS4. there are 2 PS4 S in australia as well but that is more track orientated. I just got an email from Michelin Australia who send me this: Hi Frank, Thanks for your enquiry. I have checked stock in our national warehouses, and locally we don't have any but I see that QLD has 2 units available. If you are keen to get those, you can place an order through a Michelin authorised dealer. Please visit our website to see which dealer you wish to visit. They are talking about the S version though.
  6. Frank

    PS4 shortage

    I have emailed them twice and not heard, was thinking someone here might work in the industry and have some insider knowledge.
  7. Frank

    PS4 shortage

    Hey guys Does anyone here have any clue as to when the PS4 265/18/40 be back in stock if ever or if the PS2 is better choice. I just need rear tyres as the fronts are new. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey mate I do not have any experience with the above but have been speaking to some very knowledgeable friends with exotic cars. Their opinion is that AMSOIL is the go to oil, I have looked into this via lots of reading and many Youtube videos done by independants and seem to agree. I use Mobil 1 5/40 as recommened and just done my Oil analysis with the oil just 2k kms oil in the car and it came up awesome but the viscosity has dropped to 5/30 which is not good. Happy to post oil analysis up if interested. F
  9. Frank

    Strange post

    There is something not right, wrong, engine, V6, 3.2, manual and seems auto. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/belfield/cars-vans-utes/2002-porsche-boxster-v6/1264404566?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=com.apple.uikit.activity.copytopasteboard
  10. I kind of think this one is good value at the moment. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2005-porsche-boxster-s-987-auto-my05/SSE-AD-6959950/?Cr=6
  11. Frank

    Brake Pad Upgrade

    Try Brakes Direct, I used Remsa and feel bloody awesome. 0653.00 | Remsa HPT Brake Pads (ID: 124425, 0653.00, ) 1 $65.97 $59.97 $65.97 0654.00 | Remsa HPT Brake Pads (ID: 124426, 0654.00, ) 1 $65.97 $59.97 $65.97
  12. One of my bikes, this is one Titanium
  13. https://blog.amsoil.com/amsoil-vs-mobil-1-how-we-perform/ Have a look at the link above and a Google search for AMSOIL. Some time ago a good mate put me onto it who has Ferraris and gets his oils analised after every change. The main difference is the quality as all other oils were/are made to a budget, be it $5.00/Litre or whatever. Amsoil set out to make the best oil and set the budget accordingly or that is what I have found out after researching oils for 6 month. It is very expensive but I have noticed a quieter motor in my 987, my Golf and my V6 Amarok, they warm up quicker and hopefully protect all moving parts. There is lots of very informative engine oil info on the web, much of it totally independant and AMSOIl seems to have the goods.
  14. Although Porsche recommends Mobil 1 5/40, the best oil on the market is AMSOIL. Been shown and proven by every independant testing so if you want the best, get Amsoil. Regards

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