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  1. One of my bikes, this is one Titanium
  2. https://blog.amsoil.com/amsoil-vs-mobil-1-how-we-perform/ Have a look at the link above and a Google search for AMSOIL. Some time ago a good mate put me onto it who has Ferraris and gets his oils analised after every change. The main difference is the quality as all other oils were/are made to a budget, be it $5.00/Litre or whatever. Amsoil set out to make the best oil and set the budget accordingly or that is what I have found out after researching oils for 6 month. It is very expensive but I have noticed a quieter motor in my 987, my Golf and my V6 Amarok, they warm up quicker and hopefully protect all moving parts. There is lots of very informative engine oil info on the web, much of it totally independant and AMSOIl seems to have the goods.
  3. Although Porsche recommends Mobil 1 5/40, the best oil on the market is AMSOIL. Been shown and proven by every independant testing so if you want the best, get Amsoil. Regards
  4. Any luck with finding the manufacture date? No good if they are too old, that's all. F
  5. Hey mate I double check what I am running but pretty sure they fit the bill. You take $350? F
  6. I thought that was the case, I went past there for a quote on some work and brakes and they were a bit ruffled. who knows, it might work even better. what is the Porsche and european place like on Magill road?
  7. Frank

    987.1 brakes

    Thanks mate Yes, I have their quote already. all discs, pads and sensors just over $1K. Cheers
  8. Frank

    987.1 brakes

    Hey guys/girls I am looking at changing out my original discs and thinking about DBA slotted as I tried them on other cars with great success. what have others done and where have you sourced them? Not looking for Track days set up but good stopping power nonetheless.
  9. I bought a Blue Brockie from Peter perfect and came with a 5 day driver training at Mallala race track in 86. it was very eventful and showed how piss weak those commondoors are but what was really weird was his new found christian out-look as he told me off for using the Lord's name in vain on several occasions. Lost respect for him right there and with his new believes he practised the opposite of what he preached all of teh sudden.
  10. Thanks mate I keep it in mind, not sure what I am doing yet but like a few others have said. listen to the exhaust and might just do that and see how I go.
  11. Thanks mate. I do have the little amp in the frunk but no Bose stickers or sub in rear parcel shelf just the storage boxes. i check out some more stereos and those kits. cheers mate They actually sound ok, car been pretty much pussied all it’s life and indoors.
  12. Another newbie question I am looking at perhaps upgrading the standard Boxster stereo, not the Bose and like to know how I can tell if it’s the optical or standard model. a part of me says keep it all original and the other part says get new stereo and listen to Spotify. cheers
  13. Hi guys i have taken delivery of my new to me 987 from Autohaus, great to deal with btw. Now, both original key fobs work but keep splitting open and at times remote locking does not work. Where do I source new fobs and transfer the inner workings as I understand new complete keys are worth more than kidneys. is there a place I send them or do I eBay a couple and transfer the internal parts my self thank you

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