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  1. These have found a new home now. 👍
  2. PMB sent me the wrong rear wheel bearings when they did my calipers. They refunded me immediately but it's not worth the postage to send them back to the US so I'm donating them to the community. Manufacturer is FAG, part# 545495AD - they tell me they'll fit a pre-74 911 or 914. Pelican Parts also indicates "some Boxter models" DYOR. Free if you cover postage. JC
  3. Perfect Eastern Suburbs ride, congrats ! I just got my first ever Porsche too, a '77 Targa, it's going full outlaw/backdate/restomod/you name it so it won't be on the road for a bit but there will be parts available over the course of bringing it back to life. I'm in Dover Heights so not far away from you. There was a classics meetup up at the lighthouse at Vaucluse early on Sunday 27th Sept that I went and checked out (on foot, boo) - there were some great P cars there as well as a host of other beauties. You should get along to that, I believe it's monthly but don't have the details and can't find them online, sorry. Current state of mine in the pics !
  4. Hey @daretobedifferent how did you go with this? I'm in a similar position myself, looking for a good option. Thanks. JC
  5. Hi everyone, What a wealth of information. Just joined a month or so ago and thought it was about time I introduced myself. First time Porsche owner - 1977 911S Targa in Peru Red. Purchased in Oz, freshly landed from the US (Spokane, WA - clear title). Was considering converting to RHD but decided I'll leave it as it is. It's in pretty good shape, a few bit of minor surface rust (around battery, roll bar pitting but that's about it - the full galvanisation has worked for the most part) but the Targa top itself needs to be rebuilt (I'm off to see Prostitch and Michael at East Coast Trim thanks to recommendations from this forum). I'm currently stripping it back to clean up and fix parts, a full respray and refresh of the interior trim (original tan was sprayed black with some bits recovered in black vinyl) I'd be very grateful of suggestions (Sydney) for paint&panel, suspension/brakes, auto electrician. I'm trying to do as much of the work myself as possible to keep the budget down (I've never watched so much youtube!) but have no experience with these need professionals in such critical areas. Oh, and one big one please - does anyone know of a shop that has done a Targa rear glass installation? It is famously difficult and according to James at Autohaus Hamilton parts, they're no longer available if it gets broken ! Thanks for having me JC

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