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  1. wow that is horrific. I wonder what the outcome was in the end? Maybe its still going through the legal system... I think it was partly due to differences in expectations. It seems that over here it is expected that cars will rust. the dealership I went to yesterday only deal in high end cars. Bentley, Ferrari, Mclarens... Dealer (I think he was one of the partners) seemed to be saying that all of the cars in the showroom would be looking similar to the 997 I was looking at in terms of rust. Certainly just looking in through the wheels of some of the cars they all had varying degrees of rust
  2. yeah once I got past the 'I just want this car!' feeling, I could see that what he was saying was ridiculous. I think he just wanted a quick sale and knew he had someone else that was likely to buy it, so if he couldnt get a quick/easy sale from me he just wanted me to piss off Had my first test drive of a 911 yesterday (MY11 GTS PDK) and came away with a few thoughts... the back seats are truly tiny.... I dont understand how people are saying that they are fitting normal sized adults back there? I'm not big, but I couldnt sit upright and wouldnt last more than 5 minutes in the back seat. I'm starting to think twice about it now, as I need to be able to fit two kids back there occasionally (1y and 3y). I also think I need to get a manual. Its such a strong part of what I enjoy about driving a fun car. The PDK I just felt like I was missing something... Rust is a problem. I think if I bought something that old over here I'd need to figure out whether all the rust could be removed and coated to prevent any further rusting. Even our 11 month old BMW has rusting on the edges of the brake discs. Dealer thought I could buy it, use it for a year, sell it through a dealer and lose approx £4000 in the process (perhaps a bit optimistic? Maybe £6000 would be more realistic). Which is tempting, given it would cost us a minimum of £2000 to lease a car for a year
  3. wow ok, going to have another look at the manual GTS's for sale... reassuring to know that I wouldnt have any problems re servicing/parts the dealer trying to sell this car wants me to (1) buy it without test driving, as due to covid they arent doing test drives, (2) is discouraging me from doing a prepurchase inspection with a p specialist because of the recent OPC 111-point check (but I want to be 100% sure, and these checks seem to be highly dependent on the technician doing it) and (3) has told me I wont be able to talk to the OPC about the prepurchase inspection that was done due to data protection laws. Not happening Probably going to get sold to someone else today as they are viewing it, and according to this dealer they are happy to buy considering all of the above. Yeah I've seen that; suprised by the rust present on some of these cars. Thats what I'm going to ask them to mostly focus on (apart from the usual mechanical and electrical soundness) in my pre purchase inspection. I figure if I buy a minimally rusted car, in a relatively rare variant, maintain it 100% (incl oil change and inspection for rust yearly, early treatment of any rusting), then I'll at least not lose huge amounts. I've had one dealer in oz tell me that he would be interested in buying the car off me for himself so he could use it on the track as a relatively 'cheap' p car. yes including a nice looking gts manual! will be taking a closer look
  4. confirms my estimate (80% of 150k) Thanks for sharing your knowledge all
  5. yes was referring to the value of the car in Aus (it will be UK delivered, but I was just going to take 20% off Aus value for an approximate import value). Its a coupe and PDK. I dont know why but cabs put me off; just not my thing. Yes I think the fact there have been so few sold in Aus makes it hard for me to get a solid valuation. Plus the CTS one threw me a bit as it was much higher than what I was thinking... I agree with you re: centre locking. More practical BUT some (most?) buyers arent looking for practical, they want bragging rights. Thank you; that around about what I was thinking (150-160). I'm thinking that its probably going to be the case that I need to just buy it if I want to drive the car. Its looking around about a break even proposition at this point, with the potential for an upside. I wonder if 997 GTS values will bottom out in the next few years? Do you think buying a manual GTS 997 is risky? Given there are none (maybe 1 imported already) in Australia, so the parts for servicing might not be common? Or are all the parts shared with other models available in Aus?
  6. Found another couple historical values: MY2011 997 Series II GTS MY11 $179,000 odo-23,000 kms Coupe listed 10 /2014 MY2011 Carrera GTS 997 Series II Manual $157,500 odo-51,569 km Coupe listed 2 /2016
  7. Hi all Need some help urgently to determine a value before I buy a car: MY2011, reg 2011 3.8 997 Carrera GTS odo 40k Full service history from OPC Been on P warranty until early this year. white paint, minimal wear and tear, no aftermarket changes. Has had an OPC 111 check. Amber findings: coolant level low below min, both cat heat shields excessively corroded and insecure, rear wheels (bridgestone potenza n1 305/30/19) bald on inner edges, spare tyre sealant expired. (Doesnt have centre lock wheels; just standard). Need to decide quick as there are several people interested... Redbook is saying *Private Price Guide $110,800 - $122,200. Which seems too low to me? The only other figure I can find is https://classicthrottleshop.com/2011-porsche-911-997-carrera-gts/ listed for $199,995 in june 20. 32k km, white. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Jo
  8. thanks all for the comments. Sorry for dissapearing for a while; been spending all of my spare time looking at listings
  9. Another approach I could take is enjoy the clubsport for a year as a second car, import then sell. I’m guessing I could break even on it and get to experience it for a year had one a few years ago so want something different Thanks will do
  10. Or maybe I should be asking it this way; what, if anything, should I buy in the uk to import in 12 months with a budget of £20-50k, as a daily drive, preferably with 4-5 seats?
  11. Thanks for the responses yeah that’s what I was thinking as well; that the 5 seater would retain value better in Aus. But worried that the valuation will be high upon import and I’ll be up for a huge amount of duty and taxes. Struggling to get a good idea of what the valuation would come back as; some are saying it will be significantly less (~50%) than an equivalent aust delivered registered car, but not everyone seems to have that experience when importing... making me feel nervous they’ll send me a bill for $100k+ for duty and taxes. I haven’t driven a club sport. What would make it unsuitable as a daily drive? Is it difficult to drive? I’ve owned a WRX with a heavy clutch, which I’m ok with. Don’t need much boot space on my commute. Assuming petrol consumption is roughly similar to panamera. I’d be tempted to tone down the flashiness somehow (different wheels?). Seats uncomfortable? I’d consider using it with different seats if that were the case. I don’t mind a bit of extra weight (not a purist). Would obviously hold onto the originals for resale later on That’s good to hear that it’s been done before. Was this recent? Hopefully they haven’t changed their policy on this. Yeah I think I’ve probably been asking the wrong people ie Australian dealers... is there a contact for Porsche australia I could ask without going through the dealers? yeah true. It would slowly come down with me, particularly over the next 12 months as I’d probably do less than 6k miles, and not much more post lockdown. the panamera I’d be importing with the view of keeping it longer term. But I don’t want to do that if financially I’d break even buying it in aus. It’s a car we would all enjoy though... Any thoughts on how difficult/expensive the club sport would be to maintain in Aus? Technician experience, access to parts, my lack of tech knowledge etc. Should I open up my options to a hybrid panamera 5 seater to see if I can get one a bit cheaper? Just feel like electric technology is advancing so quickly I’d want to get rid of it after a few years before the tech became too old/devalued. But would give me a bit more comfort that the tax bill isn’t going to be as crazy if I bring one in that is a year or two older.
  12. Hi all, been lurking a long time trying to educate myself, as I've been bitten by the Porsche bug Considering these cars and would appreciate opinions: 1) Looking at Panameras as I wanted a 5 seater (for flexibility as we have kids) but not an SUV. Found the steering a bit too heavy though (not as much feedback as I'd like); Ive gotten used to BMWs... This is getting to be upper limit of my budget, but is the cheapest petrol panamera ST I could find - https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10351332?utm_expid=.tpJdMtjvQA-ox8DOzal2LQ.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pistonheads.com%2Fclassifieds%3FCategory%3Dused-cars%26FuelType%3DPTL%26M%3D1204%26SortOptions%3DPriceLowToHigh%26YearFrom%3D2016 2) This is only 4 seats, but then maybe the 5th seat is not very useful anyway? Found the seat way too hard/high, plus the shaft running through your legs... https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10562184?utm_expid=.tpJdMtjvQA-ox8DOzal2LQ.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pistonheads.com%2Fclassifieds%3FCategory%3Dused-cars%26FuelType%3DPTL%26M%3D1204%26SortOptions%3DPriceLowToHigh%26YearFrom%3D2016. Keyless entry potentially a problem, plus no rear side airbags (for the kiddos). 3) Or for something completely not what I was looking for, but would enjoy a lot (and perhaps a better buy financially?) - https://philipraby.co.uk/product/1995-porsche-968-club-sport Bit flashy for my taste, but I could accept that if I enjoyed the drive enough. Generally: - I dont know anything about mechanics etc, so would like something that wont need too much attention beyond what I can get done at OPC service centre/specialist - would mostly be used as a daily drive for commuting etc. Definitely no track use. - want to avoid hybrids/diesel, as I feel like petrol will have slower depreciation (could be completely wrong there) - will be using it for 12 months, then potentially bringing to Aus as a personal import. Otherwise will be selling it in the UK (but dont want a huge hassle at this point, so need something that will be relatively easy to offload, without losing too much money). - most likely will be a long-term keeper, but would be nice to have the option to sell it off in Aus without losing too much money Thanks in advance on a related note, anyone know if you can get aus porsche extended warranty on a UK import? The UK OPC dealer is struggling to give me an answer...

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