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  1. Any workshop recommendations in Sydney for wheel alignment/ride height adjustment/corner weighting?
  2. Thanks @edgy, sounds good let me know. I saw your previous 997 at the Machines & Macchiato's Cars & Coffee event at St. Ives Showground yesterday....wow it's absolutely beautiful! If you don't mind me asking who did you use to paint the car and the wheels?, really amazing finishes. Who did the PPF full wrap?, it's one of the best I have seen. I have used Ozicosi in the past but interested if there are other good installers out there.
  3. All good Edgy....I'll take you up on that beer offer someday!
  4. Edgy, sorry I thought the purpose of the forum was like minded enthusiasts coming together to share their passions and learn from one and another......I didn't realise it was a competition of winners and losers adjudicated by self appointed experts ....anyhow let's move on now I am sick of talking about trains
  5. Hi Edgy, you need to re-read my email, I was never asserting that Porsche marketed a GT3 Touring to the buying public as a distinct model.....as I said in my original post it seems that at least for Australia that is how they were referred to internally by Porsche Cars Australia and the dealer network. I would guess that was done to distinguish them from those ordered with the Club Sport M003 package. Please see below the used vehicle sales invoice for my car back in 2008, from Porsche Centre Melbourne (which is owned by Porsche Cars Australia) which clearly shows the model as GT3 Touring.
  6. It looks tough though....so you gotta get one @reedminor
  7. Edgy, I am not sure that's correct, when the previous owner purchased my car used from PCM back in 2008 on the invoice the model description was GT3 Touring and if you look at the production data for Australia above that I shared yesterday (which I assume was from PCA records) it also mentions GT3 Touring. So whilst the cars were never marketed to the public that way (as a Touring) it seems at least for Australia is that is how they were referred to internally by Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) and the dealer network.
  8. Yes, It has the leather Recaro buckets. I had my heart set on a 996 MK1/MK2 Clubsport but after 4 years of looking and being unable to find a good one, when I decided to buy a Touring it had to have the buckets! My car seems to have most of the options that Tourings seemed to have been ordered with......just wish it had cruise control. Options are::- C23 Australia XSX Red Seat Belts 288 Headlight Washers 424 CD Shelf Center Console 441 Radio Preparation 567 Green Tinted Windscreen W. Green Top-Tint 571 Active Carbon Filter (Cabin) 573 Automatic Air Conditioning 581 Front Centre Console 601 Litronic Headlights 697 Porsche CDR 23 CD Radio WW 09991 Manufacture from the exclusive-programme
  9. Should have posted ages ago, but here is the Artic Silver 2004 996.2 GT3 Touring that I purchased back in late November 2020 once the Victorian lock down ended. Now back in Sydney, was originally delivered by SVM and has only done a light 30,500 kms. It is in such nice condition that I have to get over my anxiety to use it! Installing the PR Technology nose lift kit so I can get it easily up and down my driveway...no small investment put should improve the useability of the car!
  10. Here is what else I found on the internet:- 996.1 GT3 - 1868 total, of which 106 UK C16 (only 28 of which were specced as Clubsports) out of a global total of 308 RHD and of course 0 US C02.996.2 GT3 - 2313 total with 239 UK C16 and 1017 US C02996.2 GT3 RS - 682 total, 140 RHD (of which 113 were UK, 17 Aus, 4 NZ and the rest presumably HK, Sng, Jpn) and 0 for the Americans
  11. This is the car that was for sale at Porsche Centre Willoughby back in June.
  12. These things aren't getting any cheaper in Europe (where they are way more plentiful) either.......... https://www.elferspot.com/en/car/porsche-996-gt3-2003-452632/?utm_source=Elferspot&utm_campaign=472b60c4cc-GT-Special&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ea5304cb68-472b60c4cc-174428225 That's AUD 177K!
  13. I am ok.....I still have my 987 Cayman S in the garage. 😁. I got a quote for door to door delivery in an enclosed trailer it was just under $2K. I am not sure the owner could drop the car at a nearby CEVA depot now anyhow, not with the 5km from hone rule in metro Melbourne? I am glass half full..... COVID lockdowns will have to end before we have a vaccine....if we want to have an economy left! Anyhow I am kinda looking forward to the road trip.....and the current owner is in no rush at the moment.
  14. @Rick V not yet sadly..... the current owner is happy to hold the car for me until I can travel from Sydney to Melbourne to collect it. I am learning a new level of patience whilst I wait for the current COVID situation to pass 😅......it has improve at some point!

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