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  1. Hello. I’m after a set of 3.2 air cooled headers
  2. Hello. I’m after a pair of recaro pole position seats. Any conditions. They will be redone.
  3. Hello, I have a pair of GTS classics brand new. Genuine leather and genuine leather basket weave.
  4. It’s an amazing job. It wasn’t done by Micra as such we just hired their booth and facilities to put the color on at the end. The facility they have is second to none.
  5. Compression ratio should be just over 10-1, billet crank and 50mm PMO's
  6. Hello, Its a 3.2 twin spark out to a 3.4 with some Nikkis cylinders and Jp racing items. Doherty cams etc.
  7. It’s been a while between updates. Engine coming along. Car would be back from painters in a couple of days.
  8. To be honest I don’t think I will bring it out in public until spring. Winter is getting close and rather than rush I will take the winter to finish it properly. I don’t generally drive any of my cars in winter at the best of times.
  9. It is Guards Red Lizzie. It hasn’t been buffed yet.
  10. Hello Luzzo, Ok, so this will create some controversy I am sure. It is guards red, or Indischrot or India red. Whatever you would like to call it. But the original mix code for my car is 027. I have used the Indischrot mix code of 84A. Its the current day Indischrot/Guards red.

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