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  1. We have had two DSG experiences. First my brothers Passat. a 2009, terrible gearbox. Surgy dodgy and impossible to drive smoothly at low speed. We then heard that they had solved the issues with the 7 speeds so we bought a new 132 Kilowatt Tiguan in 2014. That has been the wifes commuter car and has racked up 195,000 kms in 6 years. Absolutely faultless. Great car great transmission. Probably 160,000 easy ks with her driving and at least 30,000 extremely hard ks when i got in it. Especially in the first 3 years I absolutely wrung its bloody neck. I did its servicing at the scheduled times, nothing extra. Now it is being passed to her parents as a hand me down. The rings or turbo are a bit tired which is normal at such high ks. It consumes about 1 litre of oil per 1500ks. Good enough for a retirement car. Unfortunately when something does finally go pop it will still be my problem.
  2. Paid on 11/7/20 message sent on 11/7. I see you just read my heads up message.
  3. Yep, already done. I wisely installed a hoist in my new shed prior to somewhat luckily becoming the owner of this old girl. Pelican parts website is getting a workout. I'm not intending to flip the car but what do you guys consider a fair value for a properly converted US delivered1973.5 CIS Targa? It was imported from Arizona, stripped and restored in the 90's and has not been in the rain since and has had little use. Engine and Trans are pretty good from what i can tell so far. Assume they were rebuilt at the time.
  4. G'day I'm Brendan, just picked up a 1973 911T CIS car. Imported to Vic many years ago and converted. Kept registered but only driven about 5000ks in the last 17 years. With what i think is a 964 body kit. Wide body all metal and well done. Body in perfect nic. Underneath is still all 1973 rubbers etc so i'm working through that methodically. My first Porsche and i'm looking forward to getting it out there when the mechanicals/suspension are all sorted. The Engine feels and sounds good. Also methodically correcting all the oil leaks, no surprise, no different than any other 47 year old car in that respect.
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