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  1. As the others have suggested. Work has been done recently, likely that something has come loose. I recently did everything under my 1973 F. After i thought all was good i had a clunk appear at low speed like you describe. Mine was one of the front shocker insert caps had worked loose. Moving away from stop and on slow speed bumps it was allowing the shock cartridge to move a little inside the strut. It was only audible at low speed and sounded like a steering problem.
  2. Found some more of the favourites. I did change cars quite a lot back in the good old days. My mates had the Lancias and Fiats 124 and 125 and 128 so I had to try the Italian for a while. The Sud was great but a rust bucket. The Fairlane was like driving a land yacht and i could never keep enough fuel in it. The Sillycar was the 72 flatlight, should have kept that one too. The Mustang was Dads. The Muddy Alfa was thanks to a mate with his Escort spinning wheels in a puddle. The lovely lass got covered too. She was a little bit cranky. He actually filled the whole back of the car with mud, we had to hose it out. Time period is late 80's to early 90's. Locations Bayswater, Arthurs Seat, Torquay and Narooma for the muddy one.
  3. Found the only pic i have left of the actual car.
  4. Mine had been a 186. Not sure if it was an S. The apprentice mechanic who owned it before me did a good job of lowering it and fitting a well built 253 which was a beautiful motor. Not powerful but sounded great. The cops didn't think so.
  5. Only a sample pic but very similar to mine. Mine was lowered with cool centreline mags. Bought and sold in the mid 90's for $3500. DOH! Wasn't a GTS but was the coolest petrol guzzler i ever owned until very recently of course.
  6. Yeah i was trolling through you tube and happened to come across your build vids. The answer is there recorded for posterity. Years before i owned it, it was an import with a burnt piston. Info i have is it was rebuilt as a 2.7 from 2.4 and they must have recalibrated the CIS system as it certainly wants to rev and is not short of fuel. I like your vid of Mrs Jeffs first Drive. My wife is still getting her head around it but is happy with me spending some money on it. (for now)
  7. Did it have the steel intake tubes or alloy with the injectors mounted into the tubes?
  8. Yes, i have a friend here in Bris that has a 73 MFI but he also said there were some delivered here with CIS. Just not mentioned anywhere on the internet. Only that the USA got them initially.
  9. Just curious if there are many/any other first generation CIS cars in Australia. Does anyone here own one or know of one? Steel intake pipes and injectors mounted directly into the ports.
  10. Hard day of commuting. All the wobbles fixed. She's now driving as tight as a drum. Picking up the kids, school bags and instruments, it's a squeeze, they're casually unimpressed. I want to play that game on your phone dad. It's just a car dad! Can you buy me this game dad? Lucky we love them just that little bit more than the metal.
  11. Yep, I did a lot of tinkering as a young bloke so the skills are there just very rusty. I wouldn't have been able to do this without my hoist. Too old for crawling around on the bloody ground now.
  12. Hey Samp. The car was imported from Arizona around 1990. Converted, wide bodied, painted and the engine rebuilt. Nothing else was done so all the components underneath were 1973 vintage and it was diabolical. I've done almost everything. Rebuilt the brakes, new brake lines, front wheel bearings, A arm bushes,ball joints, steering link inner joints, steering column bearings, droplink bushes, front and rear anti roll bushes, rear torsion bar bushes, front koni and rear bilstein shocks, engine and trans mounts, fuel filter, fuel accumulator, fuel lines, plugs leads cap rotor points etc. Throttle link bushes, gear shifter bushes and links. Front trunk carpet and fan cover, new rubber weather seals in few places, new tail lights, The Speedo and clock were just rebuilt and the wonky wheels are still in progress. Cost is up around $7K now but money well spent. When i get the time to pull out the engine i'll also do the rear wheel bearings and the front trailing arm bushes as they wont come out on a 73 without dropping the trans or cutting the bolts. Valve adjustment and rocker arm resealing with the little o-rings. The lay shaft bearing bolt for the sump pump is stripped inside the case (tricky fix) but the only other leaks seem to be the rocker shafts. It only leaks a couple (or maybe a few) drops a day so not critical. When the wheels are finished i'll probably put some quality Michelin rubber on them and keep the old Simmons for a while. Still a long list of things to restore but that's one of the reasons i bought it. First priority was to make it enjoyable and safer to punt around. i haven't had time to repaint everything as i go. I'll go back and spruce it all later. The 915 gearbox could benefit from some attention but it's still quite manageable.
  13. Speedo/Odo/Trip and Clock back from Ottos. Everything works again. Now they make the other three look sad. They're next. Found some alternate old Simmons rims while the custom wheels are still with the Doctor. I take it to work as often as i can.
  14. I watched it twice but as the saying goes...... Also, this is amusing. Text from the Lloyds blurb after the car description. Hmmmm? "As with all vehicles sold in the Classic Car Division, they have been well looked after by their previous owners."
  15. Otto's workshop. Kindly posted here with permission from the business. Looking for a safe place to send a precious instrument for rebuilding? You couldn't go past these guys. We are extremely lucky to have this business in Brisbane. Old skills and dedication. I have no connection with the business i'm just really happy that they still exist.

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