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  1. Cheers. It's the Speed Yellow. I've tried to get a pot of touch up and it seems there are a dozen versions of Speed Yellow. This one is the slightly darker/ dirtier yellow. it does look good for a 20 plus year old job.
  2. RC 1/18 i think made by Nikko in Singapore. Needs some TLC.
  3. Sal in Sunnybank 0412462149. Ask him for the address. I think it's Aldyn St Just advise him not to sandblast around the fitted housing too much. Mine's fine but it's probably possible to make them too sloppy with too much blasting.
  4. Yes mate, got it back from the guy yesterday. Have not installed yet. Will do today. He was very very reasonably priced even though i told him it was from a Porsche! Hopefully it is all good to go. looks like he's done a thorough job from first inspection.
  5. The doors should also have the opening vent windows for 1973 or am i wrong? I really know diddly squat about model year specs but i'm gettin better.
  6. Yep, just been there.
  7. It's OK, I've found the man for the job. After some ringing around. Sal in Sunnybank seems to know what he's talking about.
  8. Had the Inlaws here for the weekend so took the FIL to Cars and Coffee, bright and early. Only to breakdown outside Villanova College barely 100 metres from Turbo Drive. Alternator crapped itself. We got there eventually after getting a new battery which got us home. Alternator is out of the car. Any recommendations for Auto elecs that will know how to rebuild a Marchal with external reg?
  9. Mine had a cool 260 V8 badge from an old Ford on the boot. Made it feel faster. I still have the badge on my tool rack.
  10. Nobody? Maybe they are unobtainium, or i'm looking in the wrong year.
  11. Yes that one was pretty grotty. Especially the gauges. Hopefully the buyer knows about Ottos. Well done on the sale. If i didn't have the original donk in mine i'd be after your 3.2 I might give you a bell before I pull out the leaky unit. I'm in Greenbank.
  12. I cannot find anyone online that carries these underdash vents. The outlets above your feet on a '73 911. Assume they are probably the same through to the SC's at least. Anybody have (two) available that are still in one piece?
  13. No doubt. Viable for someone with panel skills to return to original, provided the engine is not a drama. Not for me though. I can barely paint a fence.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3571413009629604/ it seems 996 and 997 are the flavour here but what about this sad little guy. Close to my work so i dropped in today. Unfortunately it was at the mechanic getting an alternator done or something. I got his PPSR search.. It's a 74 Targa S. Chopped into a cab. The engine number listed has one digit too many but looks like a 73 USA or Canada engine. maybe a Sporto 911.96. So that doesn't match with being a 74 but it is serial number 911-4-3-1-0159 so a very early 74 maybe had a 73 engine??? He says it has a turbo engine. I'll drop back in to eyeball the engine number when he gets it back. Has a bit of history with it being repossessed then auctioned. Comes with a former owner who wants it back. I did get out of him that he paid $60K and would let it go for $70K or $61K maybe... Could be a project to tidy up and flog back to the yanks as it's still a lefty.

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