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  1. Naldz88

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    XRC - Turbo techno wheels option on C4S $5290 My car however has the twists on it atm! Wonder if I can see if PCP can sus out the previous owner and see if they are still tucked away in a garage 🤔
  2. That’s very well priced! I could be dreaming but are those dash lights a concern 🤔 colour seems a bit red. I am also coloured blind 😂
  3. Sadly some one backed into the Rok last week and took off without saying Hi. And the C4S is on vacation while the house gets a reno. Looking forward to having it home. Old pic from a trip to Bright
  4. I am up for renewal very shortly, currently with Shannon’s at agreed value of 90k for a 996.2 C4S 55,000kms on the clock. With the movement in the market over the past year what agreed value do you think it would be worth? 115k? I unfortunately had to wear a prang with one of my work cars which pushed my policy to $1700..
  5. My mistake, what a colour! You’ll miss that daily drive. Although the replacement is very very nice.
  6. For all round value of performance, P factor and driving experience you can’t go past a 996. Anyone spotted a white one in the wild? Break down on C4S colours roughly 50% Silver, 20% black, 20% Blue, 5% White with a limited numbers of Red.
  7. Must have done well out of Afterpay or Z1P with those plates.
  8. Any chance you have the thread handy from rennlist, that is far more practical and looks way better! I plan on having the PCCM installed at my next service.
  9. I am looking at a Kline exhaust. TGE tv (YouTube channel) has one on his C4S, his channel is worth a look. Sounds OEM plus but similar price point to a PSE. Shame PSE are so bloody expensive to retrofit, they sound great! If anyone has one laying around let me know 🤞😂
  10. Naldz88

    WTB 996 C4S

    Here I was thinking mine had to be one of the lowest mileage! I’ve got a friend very keen on a C4S but can’t have 2 silvers in the same small town 😂
  11. Anyone know the make of this shifter kit? Little surprise when we pulled up the boot cover. I’ve checked through all the papers etc and no invoice of work done 🤷‍♂️
  12. Who’s having a punt on the GT3 club sport at Grays auction. 7hrs to go and currently at 75k 26 bids
  13. Thanks mate, will do 👍
  14. I’ll have a read up on Dansck, what’s the rough cost in the muffler? Did you install it yourself, looks fairly simple process. I sent Kline an email to get a rough cost on their system. TGE TV on YouTube has been spending decent coin on his 4S and put a Kline on his, worth a listen. He is probably driving some of the market hype on the 4S at the minute.
  15. Looking for advice on an exhaust system as the stock system doesn’t have any character at all. I am a big fan of the note the PSE makes and have called PCM for a price and it’s fairly healthy as you would expect. From what I have read about and heard the Cargraphic or Kline tick a lot of boxes. Open to suggestions and if anyone has a PSE laying around I’ll happily take it off your hands.

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