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  1. Who’s having a punt on the GT3 club sport at Grays auction. 7hrs to go and currently at 75k 26 bids
  2. Thanks mate, will do 👍
  3. I’ll have a read up on Dansck, what’s the rough cost in the muffler? Did you install it yourself, looks fairly simple process. I sent Kline an email to get a rough cost on their system. TGE TV on YouTube has been spending decent coin on his 4S and put a Kline on his, worth a listen. He is probably driving some of the market hype on the 4S at the minute.
  4. Looking for advice on an exhaust system as the stock system doesn’t have any character at all. I am a big fan of the note the PSE makes and have called PCM for a price and it’s fairly healthy as you would expect. From what I have read about and heard the Cargraphic or Kline tick a lot of boxes. Open to suggestions and if anyone has a PSE laying around I’ll happily take it off your hands.
  5. Looks like I’m lining up a few ducks for my next trip to Melbourne. Paint/service/PCCM+, going to be an expensive trip 😂 Any idea on rotors and pads cost? Who do I see for paint work and do they do ceramic coat?
  6. Yeah I am happy to pay for quality, I think I’ll go with the 35% all over. He did say I could go darker on the back windows but I would rather an even look. I will likely tick the box for Ceramic coating while it’s in for tint. Doing both came to $1800. Need to get a few stone chips sorted before then but will likely head to Melb for that. I think @KGB know the guy to see.
  7. They use Johnson’s Window film InsulatIR (ceramic film) not sure if that’s the reason for price premium.
  8. Any suggestions on tint and what % to go with. Just had a quote done ($500) for 35% tint which translates to 24% when tested. It’s to bloody hot driving around without it. I know the purists will spit the dummy but before I go ahead with it does anyone have it on their car and recall the % they went with. Any other advice I’m all ears.
  9. I can’t find anything about it or ZORD. I sent it through to a friend that lives in Berlin, interesting to see if he can ask a local 🤷‍♂️
  10. Not sure what they had in way of stamp duty and LCT back in 03 What’s Zantrag option?
  11. I have the original invoice for mine, I’ll have a look when I get home to see what drive away was but for memory the guy at PCP said around 280k
  12. Very happy with my C4S purchase (the mob behind it don’t own it thankfully 😂) Only managed 2k km on it last year. Planning on getting the PCCM+ done in Melb around the F1s if they have them in and the boarders open! Then onwards to Omeo Hwy
  13. Don’t disagree however an Aus delivered 996 turbo is another 60-70k! May as well step into a 997.1 for a smidge more.
  14. Car looks great mate, this finer weather will bring out the buyers for sure! Keen to hear about the interest level on it. PCP flashed me the long list of callers when I picked mine up so plenty of interest out there. good luck with the sale 👍
  15. Change of pace in topic, could start a new thread but everyone is flapping away here. I had a strange rattle in the exhaust I have been trying to find for weeks. It was evident when I took my foot off the throttle at town speeds, didn’t matter what the gear. I finally found it from many hours on rennlist and crawling around under the car. Has anyone had trouble or experience with the bracket that hangs from a clamp on the exhaust and is welded to just behind the exhaust tip? Apparently the weld cracks fairly often. Some people have it fixed, others have removed the bracket all together. Any ideas or thoughts? I have removed the bracket for now which has sorted the issue. The photo with the cracked weld is from my car. The photo with the red circle is from a 997 I think off rennlist but give you an idea of the bracket. Cheers

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