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  1. Do you also stock “Hockey puck” hub/horn buttons to suit?
  2. It all just makes zero sense to me. Only thing for sure is that you'll drop a shit ton of money, ruin 2 perfectly good cars and end up with a product that's no where near as good as a 991 and no where near as cool as a 964. There is a really good reason why more people aren't doing stuff like this. Whilst it may come as a surprise, Porsche make and engineer great cars, typically better than any independent custom fabricator regardless of how much they charge. Keep it simple.
  3. Maybe start a Lloyd’s opinion thread? You can then populate it with many pie charts and individual testimonials. Give us some Porsche’s to critique........... NEXT!
  4. Honest question; what’s with blurring the number plates? Excusing that you can pretty much make the plates out anyway, I mean it’s not like your anonymous, your details are on the ad? I’m obviously missing something. I do appreciate the pic of the mirror and light in the sun visors though, something the whole family can enjoy. Yes, please explain!
  5. Michelin’s PS2’s seem pretty hard to come by at the moment.
  6. UK cars are at least 20% slower, or so I’ve been told.

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