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  1. This looks like a nice car; https://www.facebook.com/groups/213705582741068/ Scroll down, Ron's white 993, man coupe, 155k.
  2. Sorry mate, yes. They have both gone. Nar, that’s one on one time specific. 😉
  3. Its a very liberating feeling. Make the most of them and enjoy them as intended. AMEN.
  4. No idea. Only thing I know for sure is that the 996 GT3 is awesome. Hopefully this remains as the Porsche worlds best kept secret so prices remain low(ish) allowing me to drive mine "guilt free" and not having to worry about the kms raking up! Or maybe by the time these are truly appreciated kms wont be an issue. I don't see people being concerned about kms on 73, 964 or 993 RS's!
  5. Just get 2x singles. Don’t have to move both cars out either.
  6. Looks very similar to a car that went up in flames at last years Classic Adelaide,
  7. Typically, if you have a 2.7 ceiling to your ground floor + a 150mm stepdown to your garage =2850mm. This is pretty standard and totally adequate for a parking hoist. If you can get it higher that’s great but you can get them into standard height garages pending your planning on parking sports cars (low overall heights). If you want to fit the Range Rover under them you’ll need some extra height!
  8. I believe it’s part of the Bowden collection.
  9. If you are after a great "all rounder" 911 then the 964 is right up there.
  10. What are you wanting to use the car for? Daily duties or weekender? Transmission is a major consideration, 997 turbo in man are pretty thin on the ground. If PDK then you’ll be limited to a 997.2. 991 GTS are an amazing car but a 997 turbo is a little more special, hence why they are more scarce on the market.
  11. The car looks familiar but I don't have any knowledge of it's history. Appears to be a touring and whilst it shows a cage (including a Porsche sticker) it doesn't look to be a standard delivered CS cage but rather of the factory aftermarket options. They are one hell of a car for that level of coin. I'd buy it if I didn't already have one.
  12. Can you blur the image to make it look like I was going faster?

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