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  1. I'm pretty sure that is due to its turning circle!
  2. You did the right thing hanging onto it.
  3. hugh

    Tyre Blackener

    You guys must be loaded. Autobarn 3 x $10 can jobbies for me................between a few cars (including the daily's) I'd be going through a bottle a week!
  4. hugh

    Tyre Blackener

    I dry then spray my tyres before I dry the bodywork. Any over spray on panels gets wiped off as a result.
  5. I'm now getting why tarmac rally's are so addictive, its a massive hit - track days etc. just cant compare. I'm forever ruined.
  6. The thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion..............It's actually all I'm thinking about at the moment!
  7. Good man, GT3 is the answer you are looking for.
  8. Why did I watch this.................gawd that looks like fun!
  9. It is a relevant and interesting discussion.................... Each platform has there own pros & cons and as a user of instaglam, FB & forums I tend to break it down into the following (over simplification); Instaglam - Window shopping. Purely visual stimulation, no chit chat, shortest attention span required. Facebook - Very noisy and typically over crowded bar/nightclub. Visual & marketing driven. Not an ideal platform for deep discussion as it's too loud, too many people trying to talk over one another so the point it typically gets lost in the vast (and fast moving) social media cycle. Forums - Bit old fashioned. Conversation driven. Platform for more robust discussion due to users larger attention span (time spent on a page) and space for allowable text etc. Depending on your mood and requirements each have their place but I don't see one as being a substitute or being equivalent to another. Some people like to stop and chat, others prefer swiping - each to their own but I see the ultimate benefit is understanding the key differences and being able to use them to cater for your own needs. At my last count I'm on (and involved with) 12 separate Porsche FB pages alone. As the platform allows anyone to create their own page etc. Creating a forum or space like this though is different and does come at a cost as the platform, hosting, storage etc. is all something that has to be purchased (unfortunately nothing is for free!) I've been on here for almost 10 years and the friendships I've made and the people I have met is something I'm very grateful for. To me, the forum has been a key part of my Porsche ownership and being able to share it with like minded people. I'd struggle to imagine managing and making the valuable connections I've made (and continue to make) without it. Maybe I'm just being old fashioned but I still see forums as being as relevant as ever - like anything, its about the people using it and I'm very glad to be a part of this particular forums community. I don't anticipate living without a Porsche or PFA anytime soon thankfully!
  10. Welcome to the fold mate! @JimC "NERVES OF STEEL" yeh, nar, yeh yeh nar nar nar..................... Much more fun in an old 911 though!
  11. Over the 32 stages we ended up winning 15 in total. I haven't added up the second & third placed stages but between 4-5 cars in our class were were within a second or so on a lot of stages. I seemed to get a good run on everyone at the Bend though, not sure how that happened! I thought I would have more time but it was a very busy couple of days. I walked past your car on a few occasions but didn't see you (or anyone) near the car - sorry to have missed you. I will be back in a few weeks for Christmas so I'll be sure to get in touch to try and organise a catch up. Dan (who came third in our class) has a bakery "Becks" and my thoughts are to maybe organise a breakfast or something there for a catch up. I said he needs to bake me a pie!
  12. From the AMF press; The tight competition in Challenge Classic was a feature throughout the rally, Von Sanden and Visintin starting the day with a 22-second lead that gradually got whittled down across early stages through Mount Lofty, Iron Bank and Stirling. By the time they got to Basket Range it was less than 10 seconds and the margin never got to double figures for the remainder of the day. Von Sanden led Feggans by five seconds heading into the final sprint at Victoria Park and lost a further 3 seconds on the stage – winning the rally by just 1.9 seconds. Daniel Beck and Benjamin Gillespie finished third aboard their Mazda RX2.
  13. Cheers @LeeM it’s been one hell of a week. We had no expectation of even being able to challenge for a top spot, I am however still coming to terms with the reality that we would have won it if I wasn’t so hot headed going into the last stage on track. That spin cost us quite a lot of time and then find out we lost the rally by 1.9 secs is somewhat bitter sweet! Either way, regardless of final standings we have had an amazing week. Thanks again for having us SA, no doubt we will be back!
  14. Don't have to be track focused to enjoy a GT3. 991 GT3's are a very usable car, much more exciting (and interesting) car for that level of coin. Back seats are useless unless you are carrying small children. If you want a great (+fast) road car save yourself some mega coin and get a carrera S. I cant see the value equation or appeal of the GTS, GT3 is a whole different level again for similar money.