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  1. No problems, if the tyre sale falls through I'd be happy to grab them.
  2. Ah yes, the wonders of the movie business, all smoke screens and make up. Shannons even provided food for the day hence why they were not looking overly malnourished.
  3. hugh

    Custom 914 Project

    That sounds kind of like a dare, or a bet. Either way I'm in.
  4. Yeh, that's the problem right there - 1 just isn't enough! Safe to say my children won't be attending any private schools and their diet consists of toasted cheese sandwiches, hopefully they agree its worth it.
  5. Are they not fast enough? Your just such a boost junky!
  6. hugh

    Custom 914 Project

    ^^^^ I need more likes!!!!
  7. Damn. “Klassy Outlaw” has a nice ring to it. But seriously Tom, understandably your interested in the outcome but I wouldn’t be too stressed about the numbers. GT3’s have a lot more to offer than HP just like old 911’s have never really been “fast” in in terms of straight line speed. It’s a cool project, so long as it feels “light” it will feel fast and I’d say that will be more than enough.
  8. Yeh but, it’s no Klassy. Will only ever be one of those unicorns unfortunately.
  9. hugh

    Custom 914 Project

    I’ve always liked them, was very keen on a rep 914/6 (silver) one that was for sale some years ago..........Hanging out with Luke and watching this progress definitely isn’t helping!
  10. hugh

    Custom 914 Project

    Keep em coming!
  11. hugh

    2019 GT4

    Totally agree, plenty to choose from. I still think I'd take a current GT4 at sub 200k prices if I was in the market for a "newish" GT Porsche.
  12. Well seeing as they were needing a new home I thought it wouldn't hurt.