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  1. If the pandemic has taught me anything, its that Americans love posting their own youtube "opinion" infomercials as if they are a credible and reliable source of information. PFA has been the one place I've been able to escape from the SM BS that seems to have taken over everywhere else. 98.5k + buyers premium.
  2. Apologies, slight amendment to the garage allocations. @luzzo I've squeezed you and Joe into # 20 - I hope that's ok!
  3. As per @Skidmarks comment above, please refer to below pit garage allocations. Please also note the colours indicate the run groups - I've attempted to group everyone together based on their cars/mates/approximated track speed etc. but we can adjust this on the day if there are any issues. PIT GARAGE 03 PCB PIT GARAGE 12 Peter Haworth PCB Chris Miller PIT GARAGE 04 Stephen Sluga PIT GARAGE 13 Rich Greenman James Papas LOUI PIT GARAGE 05 Andrew Hall PIT GARAGE 14 Belucci Murelli Richard Green Mahen PIT GARAGE 06 Robert Gattereder (Porsche Centre Brighton) PIT GARAGE 15 Brendon Holmes Phil Ross (Sven's guest) Roger Dench PIT GARAGE 07 Peter Bick PIT GARAGE 16 James Bowden Matt Reed Daniel Gardner PIT GARAGE 08 Allan Hines PIT GARAGE 17 Ross Read Kerry Hines John Calvert PIT GARAGE 09 Sven PIT GARAGE 18 Christopher Lee Rohan Simon Kovac PIT GARAGE 10 Dick Niggens PIT GARAGE 19 Arne Krix Tim Plenderleith Rupert + Matt Courtnay PIT GARAGE 11 Ross Higgins (9r) PIT GARAGE 20 Raffaele Crea Andrew Jed mccormack Joe Vodopic
  4. 2 identical cars, I'd say discount is in the order of 20% as a guide.
  5. Absolute carnage. Very surprised nobody was more seriously hurt. The good news is that Mr Orange & Mr Purple IROC will be back at Winton this weekend to show everyone how its done properly! Friday afternoon can not come soon enough.
  6. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh!
  7. hugh

    WTB - 996/997

    @wilburforce has one that I believe he is getting ready for market, 997.1 Carrera S, black, Man & has the right options.

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