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  1. I'm an Ohlin's customer, wasn't aware of this though - who should I contact?
  2. I suspect plenty who haven’t entered will just turn up too, will be busy with plenty of tasteful traffic!
  3. The burnout and wet t-shirt comp looks to be pretty impressive. I've got my best flame shirt and servo sunnies ready, cans are in the esky getting chilled brah. This is Easter Nats yeh?
  4. hugh

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    Such a gorgeous car.
  5. Really looking forward to getting back and having another go at this event. Most likely would be in the 3.0L but could be very tempted to run the GT3 with you in Challenge.
  6. The series manages to actually make F1 seem interesting!
  7. The Fitzy car was previously running a sequential box, I believe Nick Cascone did the swap so he maybe able to answer the question.
  8. Some people also think it’s ok to put Chevy badges on Holden’s. Criminal.

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