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  1. Question, can I ask any Nations Cup car owners what their car is classified in for the log book? (in terms of class classification) Thanks in advance!
  2. I had a very similar experience weekend before last. Driving home from a hill climb in my red car I went through a massive "long weekend" road block they had set up. They made me do 2 RBT's, blew 0.00 twice, then they made me pull over for drug testing. Whilst I was being drug tested (20mins!) I had 3 x officers go over my car, log book, drivers licence - everything. Drug test was negative so they then turned to my car...................Fortunately I was able to engage in conversation with one of them and despite them questioning several items on my car they finally let me leave without a fine. I respect that they are just doing their job but its their impolite and interrogating manner of how they treated me that left me quite upset from the whole situation. The fact that I was the only car pulled over for a drug test out of the 50 or so cars that went past in the 20 or so mins didn't help. Profiling at its finest.
  3. The amount of conflicting information being released is worrying.
  4. Unless they move the Adelaide CBD out to the Bend it’s not going to cut it.
  5. Singer build Singers. Don’t fall into the trap of building another wannabe Singer, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Just build an original, cool 911 (aka not a Singer!)
  6. You would be better off coming out on a weekend run and grabbing some seat time in these cars, this will also allow you to get owners feedback/ownership experience first hand. Hard to get a valuable experience in these cars on a drive around the block, you really need to get to know them as they are all quite different cars.
  7. Reborn addition to the @Skidmarks collection.........................behold;
  8. Always makes me wonder how much quicker Sean could go if he got in a GT3..........................

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