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  1. I just jumped on Carsales and there are currently 8 997 GT3's for sale. This is in comparison to 33 991 GT3's for sale. Sure some of the 997's have been sitting for a while but overall 997 market is far from flooded. I can't say the same for the 991 market, definitely seems to be an over supply there. The sky hasn't fallen......yet, but when it does the 991 market will be the biggest casualty.
  2. hugh

    Tyre fitment issue '72 911

    Regular road driving/commute or more energetic weekend use? Budget? Standard narrow body or does it have carrera rear flares?
  3. Wo wo wo, rewind............... @JB you are looking to get a GT3? Yeh boya!
  4. Hey, "forum fudge factoring" can work both ways.
  5. +1. The stupidity of modern marketing and consumerism at its best.
  6. Old mate Johnny's car................
  7. ^^^ Linking that. Here's mine;
  8. My recommendation for the east side; https://autocoupe.com.au/
  9. The perfect crime, only tell tale sign maybe some squeaky brakes..........................
  10. That's the first time I've ever seen an SUV driven energetically on a Hill Climb track - great value. I'm sure wifey was glad to see the car arrive home in tact!
  11. It would be a tough but I'm happy to take up the challenge. I can't provide any assurance re: non-excessive tyre wear and/or fuel consumption though.