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  1. hugh

    [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber

    Yes, some have a single and some have 2? Was that AC dependent?
  2. Yep, so not all CS survived.
  3. Keeping in mind that included in the MK1 CS count are the Nations Cup GT3s.
  4. hugh

    [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber

    Cheers mate. I'm actually after a fibreglass one, not that keen on the all rubber ones.
  5. hugh

    [WANTED] fuch 15 x 7's & 15 x 8's

    Thanks for the heads up!
  6. hugh

    [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber

    Nope, he sold it. I know where it went though, trying to remember if it was a C3 tail?
  7. hugh

    [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber

    Yo @Rory do you still have the lid? Cheers for the heads up @Peter M
  8. Hi, I'm chasing a pair of genuine 15 x 7's and 15 x 8's fuch wheels to suit Carrera body 911. Not fussed on the cosmetic condition or on dates etc. Preferably straight, not bent though. If in Melbourne that would be a bonus - thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm chasing a 76-77 Carrera 3.0 tail ideally with rubber lip attached. Any leads would be appreciated. Cheers, Hugh.
  10. I’d say it’s priced well. Plenty of value there for a buyer. Damn cool car. GLWTS
  11. The link is up on Fuel Tanks online store; http://fueltank.cc/shop/hb2-tee?fbclid=IwAR3-YFxF5IzXH5hmonQHj9nDrnwFTtCmGQw2quzkgvcDT-hmw4sZtc3FxJ8 Will keep them up for another week unless sold out prior.
  12. For those who didn't pick one up at the Hangar Banger event (or for those just wanting to get down with some fresh tees!) there are still some tees left and available. The stock is limited though as some of the sizes have sold out (no mediums or XXL's are left in either design) but we do still have a few of Small, Large and XL's left. $39.99 + postage or if you are local I'm happy to bring it along to the next occasion. Let me know, Cheers, Hugh.
  13. You have my full support mate.

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