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  1. Hi Martin, Wouldn't you just add the 944 with the club you already have your 911 with?
  2. 996 GT3's have been reasonably 'cheap' up until recently. Given the premiums for vanilla AC 911's, it shouldn't really come at a surprise - it's about time they were valued somewhat relatively. They are a great car, be interesting to come back to this thread in 1-2 years and see what transpires for future values. If there is a 'trend' its that people who own these cars are hanging onto them, they have become keepers, special, rare. I believe that is being reflected in the asking prices, making it a worthwhile exercise as I'm guessing most owners won't be able to find another. Again, same goes if you are selling a clean, straight & honest AC car - good cars are only becoming harder to find and commanding a significant premium as a result.
  3. Tuthill name accounts for a lot of the $$$$ Would be worth every penny.
  4. That’s right. Just like you don’t look at the mantelpiece whilst you stoke the fire.
  5. This car was discussed at length on the 991GT3 thread. How serious are you on it?
  6. Can we please stop shit posting Fords. There is a page on FB called "Low income single dads cars" and it's full of them, take the conversation over there.................
  7. Speed limits are a great example of how it would appear we are regressing as a species and society. Car safety and technology only gets better as the speed limits here in Oz get lower, paranoid drivers all sitting 10km/h below and already dismal low speed limit probably proves the point though................
  8. I hear he has a splendid collection of fancy slacks, in stacks, not on racks.
  9. A 996 GT3 delivered with the “club sport” (003) package will command a premium. Nomex seats, cage, extinguisher are 3 main distinguishing features.
  10. I kid you not, I got offered a kayak for a bicycle I was selling the other week. WTF indeed.
  11. Carsales isn't that bad, well not when compared to Gumtree or FB marketplace where people offer to swap you for a busted pair of roller blades and half eaten sandwich.
  12. I'm assuming a sectional lift garage door? Short answer is as high as possible. This will depend on the type of garage door and the desired height above and below the lift (pending what size of car you plan to park in either space). In either case, there are a few variables and details that would need to be worked out in order to determine a definitive height in for each instance.

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