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  1. Can never have too much in these cars.
  2. Advan A050’s are really the best when it comes to track use. Only other tyre worth considering if you are really trying to squeeze every extra 100th is the Hoosier A7/R7. Forget the rest on track, especially on a car worth as much as a GT3. I’ve used all of the road tyres suggested above and run Advan AD08R’s, the performance & compound for the $$$ is great. Michelin are great but availability tends to be pretty limited.
  3. It’s priced as though it has the proper seats, cage and without the lame stickers. bonus points for guards red though.
  4. hugh

    Tassie Targa crash RIP

  5. hugh

    Tassie Targa crash RIP

    I'm yet to do a Targa Tas and hope to do one soon enough. Baw Baw is definitely up there in terms of technicality, tightest & highest corner ratio of them all. Matched with a very patchy surface and it's definitely 'busy' in the cabin! Tarmac rallying is the best. The community around it is reflective of this also.
  6. hugh

    Tassie Targa crash RIP

    Everyone knows the risks. Indeed nobody expects to die but the risk is always there, like so many aspects of life. As tragic as this news is, I don't see any rally racer wanting to be the cause of an event like this to be cancelled for ever. It's ultimately going to be the call of the stakeholders though. Its a shame all round, not just for Targa but for closed road rallying in general.
  7. Only makes sense if renewables are the main electricity provider and there is an adequate charging network. Neither of these are realistic within the short term, governments have got a lot of work to do before they can mandate uptake of EV’s as a result.
  8. No fear from me. I’ll be burning dinosaur bones for the foreseeable future. We operate essentially as a one car household, still a way off being able to complete those duties with any of the current EV’s. Enthusiast/hobby cars using petrol will be around for the rest of my lifetime at least.
  9. Well done on another fantastic event @Skidmarks Always such an interesting an eclectic collection of cars on display. Plenty of nice motorbikes circulating too, very cool event. Thanks again!
  10. Hi, @JB911 I'll take the harness if it's still available.

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