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  1. Some people will never understand how privileged they are to have a home that boasts clean running water, a toilet connected to sewerage and electricity. Plenty of other "First World" societies that don't have access to such basic necessities. People struggling in Australia don't know what real poverty is. They maybe more appreciative of their environment if they did though. Not at all saying people don't have it tough, but its a different level of struggle compared to other parts of the world.
  2. To be fair, all of this judgement is being made on one persons account. I think that says more about current society than anything.
  3. Neat thing with the 912 was that it was a SWB. I'd say that's worth a reasonable premium for early rarity and maximum hipster cred. It looked to be a neat car and it was obviously priced well given the interest. I hope it finds a good home.
  4. I've left home 3 x times in the last 2 weeks, each instance it has been for exercise. My typical weekly routine involves being on a bicycle 3-4 times a week and I'm with a PT for an hour x 2 a week. Whilst I have adapted my typical exercise routine to work within the confines of home (just finished an online live 1 on 1 video session with my PT!) there comes a time when for my own sake (more mentally than anything) I need to get out and blow off some steam. Like a lot of people, exercise is a critical part of my lifestyle and as I see it the Government acknowledges this, hence why they are allowing exercise in a maximum group of 2 x people - I've been going one better and doing it solo. I totally understand where you are coming from in terms of heath workers, both of my wife's parents are medical professionals and I have plenty of good friends in the industry - I definitely don't want to be someone contributing to the problem and doing the socially unacceptable thing. I've still felt guilty leaving the home in each instance but in listening to the live update last night, this is still allowed and I believe this is due to the strong emphasis of stable metal and physical health. Truth be told, if the current situation makes people get out and start exercising more then the health of the general population would be drastically improved. The measures in place to do this responsibly and safely are very clear and in most instances very easy to adopt. I did notice yesterday on my way home a massive line outside the local Bunning's store and that is precisely the situation you should be avoiding - some people will never get it. But to what seems to be the majority of people (thankfully), most seem to be doing the responsible thing and adapting accordingly. If any good is to come out of this current situation is that people get some time to reset and re-evaluate their time priorities. More quality time at home with the family, more time to exercise and eat well - basic stuff that a lot of people tend to neglect in the hustle of life these days. The healthier you are the less likely you are to get sick, and if you do happen to get sick you are more likely to recover better and quicker. ^^^ This!
  5. “Voted no. 1” by some no name institution is one of my favourites.
  6. I'll be totally honest and declare that I'm not a Doctor, nor have any professional medical qualifications. I did read a very interesting article though on the internet (so I've no doubt that its true) that going for a drive in a GT3 has been proven (based on a peer review) to cure any sickness, mental and/or physical side effects of Covid -19. I don't believe any studies have been conducted on any other models but I feel that the research is onto something. And with that in mind its back to the lab.
  7. We are in unknown territory. I wouldn’t be rushing though, see what the climate brings to the market.
  8. This threads really got scary now..............RC cars and model planes, model trains next? Kill me now! This is what not going outside does to you!!!!

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