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  1. I'll have to dream up some prizes for points....................the effort won't go unrewarded though. In relation to personalities, I'd say they have to be well known (ie, if you post a pic we won't be asking who is that?) and ideally a foreign personality - if they are an OS PFA member then that's cool too. I'd say Zwart & Long would be up there, any Factory Porsche racers, Mr Walker would be a good option................Tom maybe able to smooze the Emory & Singer crew................Hey, just thought I'd put it out there!
  2. 100 points for anyone to be photographed with a Hangar Banger 2 tee, bonus points if its with a notable car and/or personality. I can also bake you a cake with sprinkles on top.
  3. 964RS would hands down be my pick of that exotic bunch.
  4. Also available on 7plus; https://7plus.com.au/adelaide-motorsport-festival-highlights?fbclid=IwAR0agX1RHNAZ4RzQsDadVwMTQfqfUL7FLKTVUyUfkY-no0fa5Ob5OZS4kKo
  5. Shouldn’t be an issue,
  6. If I could, I so would..................Anyone looking for the 911 to do it all, this is it. Best of luck with the sale mate - no doubt you'll be sad to see it go.
  7. I didn't delete it and I cant see any trace of it being deleted? (typically I'll see it in red) Seems odd, especially to be deleted so quick - none of us are typically that quick! Let's not jump to conclusions. I know everyone loves a bit of controversy but on further investigation I'm unsure if anything has been deleted.
  8. Shame to hear mate. I'm always up for a chat, you have my number, but if you would rather vent on here then that's up to you. It goes without saying, this place and any events that come as a result of it are only possible due to volunteers. Sorry on behalf of the PFA if you feel short changed, definitely not the intention.
  9. Correct. Tom is Insta Glam & SM royalty, the reach is relative to the amount of "followers" Not surprising though, did you not find the car via SM @turboT ?

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