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  1. Me reaching out. Kez does the Vic posters, not sure if the NSW have been done via him though.
  2. hugh

    PCNSW Super Sprint No 3

    Yes, there is no substitute for plenty of laps/experience and it definitely helps if you have a level of natural skill and/or talent. Obviously you & Sean have invested a significant amount of time and energy to get the car (and his driving ability) where it is - I'm sure he rattles a few ego's in that 951! It does beg the questions though, how fast would he be in a GT3?
  3. hugh

    PCNSW Super Sprint No 3

    Thanks for the write up Bruce, looks like another successful day. I love competing in my old Porsche and I'm typically up against newer and much more sophisticated cars, it definitely keeps it challenging. That said, I'm guessing Sean's car is far from stock as I'm in a 41yo 3.0L 911 and I can usually hold my own against a relatively stock 944 turbo. So it would appear that there is some critical detail here that's missing for context. (Note I also run R spec tyres, have a manual gear change, drive mine to and from the track and have been known to stop and buy groceries on the way home)
  4. Its a sports car gents - you are meant to work for it! Beats going to the gym or playing golf for recreation.
  5. How bad are your roads? "Very, very uncomfortable" I feel is a tad of an overstatement. I drove a MK1 GT3 CS from QLD to Vic, via country (+ dirt) roads - wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe they are just soft.
  6. Car looks like its had a lot more of a life than 16,000 kms. Front bar + interior look pretty "well used" for such a low amount of kms.
  7. Now go and have a rest, you've earned it.
  8. Sure, I'll pay that.
  9. hugh

    Which Porsche GT car?

    Not long arrived home from today's festivities at Winton. Something really great about being able to pull into the pits, take your helmet off, put it on the passenger seat and just drive out of the gate. I love being able to drive my "race car" on the road, smash out laps and hit the drive through on the way home. No need to buy another trailer, any GT3 with rego is going to be a winner. Bacon & egg roll in Flinders?
  10. hugh

    FS 997.1 S Manual Coupe

    @Peter John can you please pm me your details. Thank you!
  11. hugh

    Which Porsche GT car?

    Launch control mandatory for all client meeting departures. Bbbbbbbbbbbllllllaaaasrrrrrmmmmmpphh!
  12. hugh

    Which Porsche GT car?

    Ok, I'll bite........ If I know you well enough I'd disagree with a 991 being the car for you. Yes it's fast but too sterile for you (he who has a history of bat shit crazy wanting to kill you cars) and I know that's what a young Doug needs to keep his inner bogan at peace. I'd also doubt you'll really punt a 250+k car at 10/10ths and I've never seen you drive at anything less. If we are looking at the cost vs reliability vs speed equation you'll want fast (as you are used to a certain level of speed) so to ensure reliability you'll need to invest some $$$. I'd say the sweet spot is sub 200k, ideally mid 100's for a fast yet reliable car. To me it only really points to a 996 GT3. Fast, reliable and plenty of options to trick up if you feel the urge. 997 GT3 would be great but I'd argue that the initial capital is north of your current GT4 and not worth the difference. 996 is a step back in a lot of respects to the GT4 but at low to mid 100's makes sense. No need to be precious with it, drive it, maintain it and you'll get your monies worth. In all honestly I can't see the value in a 300-400k GT3 over a neat and set up 996. They offer everything you need and best of all are a very rewarding drive. I'd suggest an AC hotrod but to get the same level of speed/drivability to what you can get out of a 996 it's a no brainer.
  13. hugh

    FS 997.1 S Manual Coupe

    I'm just speaking from experience. Having met you an seen the car in the flesh I can see past the black wheels however as someone that does watch the 997 market I'd be more reserved seeing the car with the aftermarket wheels than with the OEM wheels. + As mentioned in my post above, I think the lobsters are a great wheel and look the biz on these cars. Each to their own, just giving my 2 cents re: the market and how buyers read into things (as I do myself). Best of luck with the sale.