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  1. 1. Yokohama AD0R or 050 are sensational tyres. Progressive and very predictable. 2. Pirelli I find are highly overrated, never lived up to the hype for me. 3. Michelin I find better than an equivalent Pirelli. 4. Refer to point 1.
  2. I struggle to see where you can really enjoy a GT3 on a public road without rolling the dice. They are essentially a track car that you can drive too and from the track and for whatever reason Porsche seem to be the only manufacturer that can do this properly. PDK RS it is for you sir.
  3. hugh

    The Adelaide Classic

    I’m very grateful that I was able to attend and be a part of last years rally and Motorsport festival, best Motorsport event I’ve ever seen. I shared the experience with a very good mate (and Motorsport/rally tragic) who vividly remembers being picked up from school and being thrown into the back of his dads 911T and tearing across to SA overnight to watch the F1! The history of the Adelaide F1 GP is s big part of what made the AMF so special, Street circuit, in the heart of the city, racecars driving through the streets - such an amazing backdrop and setting to crest a real “festival” event. So special was Jims early memories of Adelaide his dad & uncle whom he used to attend the GP with came over to be a part of the event - they arrived for the street party and visited us every day at Park Feme, only a short stroll from their city hotel suite. Hard to beat that, such a shame to see the event struggle. No doubt an alternative will be arranged but it will be hard to beat the original event given its origins and history.
  4. I've looked at these pics every day since you listed it..............the added pics with the group 4 wheels have been making me............moist.
  5. I'd love to know where all of the "cheap" 996 GT3 Clubsports are? Reality is they are very thin on the ground, Brent's is the only one listed and I can only recall 2-3 that have been listed in the same amount of years. Not easy cars to find and a lot of owners (myself included) are hanging onto them..................cue the "yeh but you can now get a 997 GT3 for 170k.........." comments - chalk and cheesy. Best of luck with the sale Brent, great cars and worth every penny.
  6. The car is going to Sydney. Not sure if the buyer spoke with AH though but I appreciate the good word! I've put on approx. 8000kms in the 2.5 years that I've had it................its be a great little car.
  7. A few engine problems compared to what? Non flat 6 engines?

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