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    hugh reacted to 9fan in Track Tyres   
    Would have gone Michelin for roadies but not in the specific size I wanted . Happy with the Pirelli's especially in the wet I encountered, will see how they go over summer. Will be tracking them (standard road class) this weekend.
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    hugh reacted to Harold996tt in Nations Cup GT3's   
    Fantastic mate. Thanks for sharing and I totally agree with you.
    Will be meeting with Peter Fitzgerald in the next two weeks. Actually made a book summarising his career and the history of his Falken 996 GT3 Mk 1 car that I will present to him when I see him, in recognition of the life he breathed into what is otherwise an inanimate object. 

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    hugh got a reaction from edgy in Track Tyres   
    1. Yokohama AD0R or 050 are sensational tyres. Progressive and very predictable. 
    2. Pirelli I find are highly overrated, never lived up to the hype for me. 
    3. Michelin I find better than an equivalent Pirelli.
    4. Refer to point 1. 
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    hugh reacted to Jason A in Track Tyres   
    @edgy Cup 2 is crap in wet, only grip once hot. I would rule them out as an all rounder.
    I have been interested to watch the  input before I made s comment. 
    Based on what I have seen, stick with Yoki’s.
    @edgy Cup 2 is crap in wet, only grip once hot. I would rule them out as an all rounder.
    I have been interested to watch the  input before I made s comment. 
    Based on what I have seen, stick with Yoki’s.
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    hugh reacted to edgy in Track Tyres   
    Honestly, on an 18" wheel... I still think the AD08 R by Yokohama is the best tyre for the money, for your intended use, the last set I bought for my 996 GT3 was about $1300~ for all four. 
    Cups will be north of $2k 
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    hugh reacted to Redracn in Track Tyres   
    Still a big gap. The Yokos  are a real race tyre with stiffer sidewalks and warm up way quicker and have a bigger operating range and far better cycle capability than cup2. Z221 are even faster but with a narrower temp range. Dunlop DZ03G are fighting back against Yoko and I will be trying their latest in a few months. Putting R rubber on a road tyre construction just makes a track capable road tyre not a race tyre. 
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    hugh reacted to edgy in Track Tyres   
    Bumping this older thread, as I have been talking recently about tyres. 
    I have been running the Yoko A050's on an 18" wheel for a number of years now, but with the always improving tyre technology, I am wondering if anyone can comment on how these A050's would stack up to the latest Cup 2 or Trofeo R? 
    I am going put some fresh rubber on the 19" street wheels of my 7.1, so I am curious if anyone knows just how close the comparison is, or if there is still a disparity? The local GT4 & 991 + crowd are running some impressive numbers these days, but I am not sure how much of this is attributed to aero and where applicable driver aids... so its hard to know if the tyres they run are a help or a hindrance (if they could get a 20" A050 for arguments sake) 
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    hugh reacted to Jason A in Nations Cup GT3's   
    Another update on my car, caught up with Matt Coleman while down in Melbourne and he shared some fond memories and some history of my car. 

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    hugh reacted to RwGreeny in 911 Safari   
    So here is a build that I have a feeling is going to divide the room. I’m taking my original Hamilton’s delivered non sunroof SC, lifting it around five inches and installing big tires. I spend a lot of time in the country and am sick of driving boring cars because of it. After seeing YouTube videos of the safari cars that Tuthill and Leh Keen are building I was convinced that this is way forward.

    I wanted to go further than just cranking up the existing torsions bars, I’ve got completely new everything going in suspension wise. With uprated torsion bars, custom struts that have been lengthened also with dropped spindles and valved to suit. All the suspension side of things is being installed at the moment. So I hope to have it back on the road fairly soon
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    hugh reacted to Tips in DEPOSIT TAKEN FS: 911 1988 3.2 G50 wide body RHD   
    Having spent some time with Rob and the opportunity to test drive the car a few months ago I know that you have bought very well. 
    Im going to set up a Sydney SMT mid Sept so I expect you to be there so keep an eye on the SMT section.
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    hugh reacted to sydr in My Carrera 3.2   
    Hi Peter,
    I've been watching your posts with interest and and enjoyment and compliment you for the stuff that you tackle yourself and for the detail that you provide.  Sadly, I can't give you the same level of detail. 
    You are quite right about the engine in my car, it is something quite special.  As is the story behind it.
    I bought my car new, in 1984.  And I still have that same 911.  I'd always wanted a Porsche, had bought two 944's but was never happy with them but was too nervous to buy a 911.  In those days, all one heard was that a 911 was the car to buy if you wished to depart the road going backwards.  I was always an 'enthusiastic driver' and was nervous that I would be in over my depth.  But I lusted after one, until my wife, fed up with me dreaming about it, said to me "Just do it!"  So I did.
    I used my car as a daily driver for about 4 or 5 years, and then gradually did more and more track work and I'm sure it has more track/competitive miles than road miles.  When Porsche Cars Australia organised a 4 day competitive event on the Great Ocean Road in which about 180 Porsches competed, I won it outright against modern/new cars even though mine was then about 28 years old.  While these new Porsches had Haltech/Terratrips navigation aids and good gear, I stumped up for a $19.95 electronic egg timer and velcroed it onto the dash.  Velcro strip is there to this day, the egg timer was an el cheapo that failed quite soon after.  Clearly, winning was a tribute to my wife, who was an excellent navigator, and not much to do with my skill as a pilot.  But my 911 was getting very tired.  The motor had never been opened.  That motor never failed, despite the constant pressure that I subjected it to. 
    Eventually I decided to give it a big birthday.  Remember, I'd owned the car since new, so was not concerned about cutting any corners.  I did a lot of research and had an all out special motor built, - that motor was 3.4L with all the good fruit.  I found out about Direct to Head throttle bodies, at that time a new development and ordered them from overseas.  I believe that this was probably the first such engine in Oz.  We used the original crank and rods but 3.4 hi comp pistons/barrels, sexy cam, twin spark, motec, the lot.  It pulled like a train but from the get go the oil pressure was lower than my old motor had been prior to the rebuild.  Go figure.  Engine builder said "She's Good!" and I said "No, it is not!"  Sadly after about a year I was proven right.
    When the engine let go it was rebuilt with milder cams, GT3 crank and rods (the old ones were ruined when the engine let go) and milder cams.  This new engine is smooth like a turbine, has excellent oil pressure and is now 3.6L.  It is not quite as exciting as the previous engine but is still running like a dream . . . . .
    I've looked thru the invoices to try to find out the cam series number for both engines but there's nothing in my files, I'm sorry to disappoint you on that score.  You're welcome to inspect the car if you're in Sydney, or I can contact you if I'm in Armidale with it.
    I recently put the car on historic rego and am using it more for road trips.  It is quite something to have owned a car for so long that having bought it new, you can put it on historic rego.  It is a tribute to the 911 that I've never been bored by it.
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    hugh reacted to Scott SS964 in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    For those that may not know the 991.1 MotorSport Cup Cars used the Mezger engine as used in  the 997.2 Cup Car.
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    hugh reacted to Redracn in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    Yep It seems they could not convince the actual race engineers to use the 991.1 engine in 991.1 cup cars as they went with the proven Mezger. Would have been an interesting meeting between marketing wanting the new engine and the engineers saying no way will we use that road oriented unsuitable engine.
    At least the engineers won that one. 👍
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    hugh reacted to WGA in My new RS   
    Finally found time to fly home and take delivery of my Aussie based RS which has been sitting at the dealer for over 2 months.
    The only special items outside of the normal options list were getting the Arum wheels clear coated. The std Arum wheels are more of a dull matte bronze finish but the clear coat now makes them look much more gold and really pop in the sunshine. I also got red door pulls fitted to match the red belts and the red deviated stitching. And black PORSCHE lettering on the wing.

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    hugh reacted to wilson59 in Ducati 750 Sport   
    I know there are bike guys here . This is a very special bike for sale . 1973 Ducati 750 Sport totally original never been painted never been restored very original not many remain like
    this anywhere in the world .
    Just over $10,000 miles start first kick magnificent bike to ride or just look at and add to a collection . $65,000

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    hugh reacted to 901er in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Wish I was looking for an IB targa right now, this looks great

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    hugh got a reaction from AdRock in Melbourne Workshops   
    My recommendation for the east side; https://autocoupe.com.au/ 
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    hugh got a reaction from JV911 in I just bought the Outlaws ride...76 930   
    I hope it includes an armed robbery with a getaway chase, you sliding across the bonnet and some explosions! 
    (I know, I should have been a director )
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    hugh reacted to DJM in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    Yeah, probably.  A 2016 991.1 RS is still low 3s though.  Did they share the 991.1 GT3 engine issues?
    It's easy to assume an RS is just a lairy GT3 but it does seem there is more track substance to it.  But at $500k for a 991.2 RS with Weissach pack I suspect more of them are driven to coffee to pose in rather than to the track.  

    2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991 Auto MY19
    Yep having owned a GT4 & GT2 manual and driven a GT3 PDK I can see how manual is deemed "more accessible" and so a bit more engaging for a weekend drive.  But I agree they are all too fast to really get up it and enjoy legally/safely on the road.  
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    hugh reacted to LeeM in The Adelaide Classic   
    The AMF organisers say its hoping to be back next year with some private funding. Tim is a good guy with a passion for both motorsport and Porsches (we meet up now and then in the hills), and I for one hope it comes back asap bigger and better than ever. As you say Hugh, its a very unique event 
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    hugh got a reaction from LeeM in The Adelaide Classic   
    I’m very grateful that I was able to attend and be a part of last years rally and Motorsport festival, best Motorsport event I’ve ever seen. I shared the experience with a very good mate (and Motorsport/rally tragic) who vividly remembers being picked up from school and being thrown into the back of his dads 911T and tearing across to SA overnight to watch the F1! 
    The history of the Adelaide F1 GP is s big part of what made the AMF so special, Street circuit, in the heart of the city, racecars driving through the streets - such an amazing backdrop and setting to crest a real “festival” event. 
    So special was Jims early memories of Adelaide his dad & uncle whom he used to attend the GP with came over to be a part of the event - they arrived for the street party and visited us every day at Park Feme, only a short stroll from their city hotel suite. 
    Hard to beat that, such a shame to see the event struggle. No doubt an alternative will be arranged but it will be hard to beat the original event given its origins and history. 
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    hugh reacted to TwoHeadsTas in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    More photos of my car - finally got around to taking some today.  Next job is to take the front half of the roll cage out.  Looks like it will only be 2 pieces - the cross bar looks to be part of the LH side.  Suspension is wound down to track setting, will look to perhaps raise an inch for road use if that works out......  Also investigating replacing the harnesses with current Schroth ones (current ones dated 1998) as I will need to have in date ones for CAMS inspection.  Wheels also have studs / wheel nuts rather than wheel bolts, presume this has been a modification along the way.

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    hugh reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Same thing will happen with 996 GT3, there a very special car.
    If you have one - it is important to realise what you have.
    All GT3’s and RS variants are rare special cars. The market will wake up one day.
    964 is a perfect case in point, under appreciation of the base car held the RS variants back. While 996 is a different proposition, GT3 is the last analogue car, the earlier the model the more analogue.
    I got my RS in 2013, they were cheap then - like GT3 are now imop.
    If they don’t go up, you still have an awsom car - so your still a winner.
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    hugh reacted to OBRUT in 914/GT Tribute (less engine) EOI   
    Here is another option for those looking at Matt’s car and thinking about engines.  I’m selling a 71 911T targa (clothed as an 80’s hot rod) with a 2.7 in it.  The car is running and registered and you can thus test drive the motor before sale. Cavaco’s have recently done a bunch of service and tuning work on it, plus checked and tensioned the headstuds and run a compression check.  Looking for mid 40’s for the car, which you could part out after removing the 2.7, clutch, flywheel and exhaust (and any other little bits you need) - leaving you with an early targa chassis to restore (or sell on) and lots of other parts to sell (wheels, brakes, suspension, cool seats, prototipo wheel, gauges, fuel tank etc etc). Please PM for details. 
    Ps. I asked Matt before posting and he was cool with me adding this to his thread. 
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    hugh reacted to edgy in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    For road, the Yokohama AD08-R is a great tyre for the $$$ I had those in the past on my 6 GT3. 

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