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    hugh reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    True that
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    hugh reacted to Timbo911 in For Sale 911S 1976 LHD Targa   
    Dropped to 50k, open to offers. 
    Just finished the engine work, purrs like a kitten. I believe this is such good value for the money. All major engine seals/gaskets replaced, new plugs, rsr seals on the rocker shafts, turbo rocker covers, new clutch cable, tuned up and ready for a new owner to drive and enjoy.
    its hard to see where you could get an equivalent car with this much work done, for the same money. 
    Imagine a rhd car fully resprayed, retrimmed, and mechanically sorted. It certainly wouldn’t be anything near $50k.
    ok I’m biased, it’s my car....
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    hugh reacted to Coastr in [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber   
    So I'm far from an authority on this, but it *is* my favourite 911 tail, so here is what I know:
    1975-77 3.0 turbo - tail with 'normal' grille and secondary larger grille.  I *think* all 930s came with AC standard.  There was a internal FG shroud from the second grill down to the fan, which is what I understand to be the driver in the size difference.

    1975-77 Carrera 3.0 - same shape but single grill - no AC (also some 74s - I don't know if a duck was ever standard on a 74)

    1975-77 Carrera 3.0 - AC with small grill - same as Mike's above.

    Also fitted to the US only 1980 Weissach edition, which was a standard SC with tail and sports seats.  However, this had standard AC fitted but no second grille

    To make it confusing the RSR also had a second grill in a bigger tail, I don't know what that was for - i'm guessing not AC

    Finding the part numbers is apparently a challenge, because like seats, there are only component part numbers not assembly part numbers.
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    hugh reacted to 81SC in [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber   
    When all else fails, refer to the PET. 😉

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    hugh reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Hi Hugh I think that the nations cup cars are included in there, they were all dealer delivered cars then converted.
    My car was PCM delivered then driven over to Fitzgerald Racing and converted.
    I have pictures of mine at Jim’s house on day 1 - factory stock with his persanolised registration plate on the car. So it’s one of the speed yellow CS cars. I did a vin search via PCB before I purchased. 
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    hugh reacted to Rob H in [WANTED] fuch 15 x 7's & 15 x 8's   
    Fuchs are the best in my opinion, I had them om my '89 3.2 and my 86' 944, they looked perfect. 
    Having said that I have a set of Simmons 3 piece black/ chrome 15 x 7 and 15 x 8 with correct offsets for a 3.2 that wont fit on my Cayenne!!!
    I had them as a second set with track tyres for my 3.2. 
    The Yokohama Advan AO50's are just scrubbed in.
    I know that when you want Fuchs, you just want Fuchs, but if you are interested/ cant find what you are after, let me know

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    hugh reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    From memory - what I have seen published (bear in mind I am old) 90 delivered MK1 GT3,  70 CS and the balance Comfort. Think it was on GT3 resource.  I am not sure about that as I think I have seen more than 20 different comfort spec cars flipped over the past 8 years I have been watching the market.
    More important is only 20% of global production is CS.
    Seems quite a few comfort cars here were retrofitted.
    Maybee we should try to keep score, surely more than half are known by people on this site
    Oh there you go posted already, I would dispute the split
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    hugh reacted to firecall999 in The 996 Inspiration Gallery   
    Photo of my 996 I picked up late last year. Such an amazing car for the money. I love the simplicity of it, whilst still being modern with incredible performance and handling.

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    hugh reacted to Mike D'Silva in [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber   
    I have one.
    But it comes with a car attached, and would be expensive. 
    Sorry, that wasn't very helpful was it.

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    hugh reacted to Troubleshooter in [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber   
    Hugh this came up a few days ago, sounds very cheap. Not my line of expertise, I have no idea if it's anywhere near a correct one or what you're after...

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    hugh reacted to Red911 in [WANTED] fuch 15 x 7's & 15 x 8's   
    Hi Hugh - noticed 15's recently advertised on PCV with white centres.                                        
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    hugh reacted to wilburforce in [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber   
    I think it was but not 100%
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    hugh reacted to crsedge in [WANTED] fuch 15 x 7's & 15 x 8's   
    Shame you sold the ones that were on your LWB.
    You may be better off bringing them in from the US, even with the exchange rate that is probably the most cost effective method and they are more readily available over there? 914 World has them come up pretty often
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    hugh reacted to Damienb in [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19   
    For those looking for non-professional framing options, I got these poster frames from Officeworks online (not an in-store stock item). $20, plastic not glass, delivered in 1 day. Search for A2 poster frame.

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    hugh reacted to edgy in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    That’s a lovely car, almost bought it myself back then! Nice to know it’s still around and in the PFA fold.. 
    Yup, appears to be a non 003 GT3 with the cage added... dead give away is lack of cs M code and those Recaros in leather, as far as I know the Clubsport only ever offered those seats in Nomex/Perlon 
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    hugh reacted to Peter M in [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber   
    Suggest you contact Rory and see if he still has it.
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    hugh reacted to KGB in [VIC] DAKDAK Coffee & Porkas Sat 2nd March   
    If I'm free I'll do my best.  964 maybe.
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    hugh got a reaction from 911B in Show us your Motorcyle(s)   
    ^^^ Linking that. Here's mine;

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    hugh reacted to D-banger in What did you do to your Porsche today ???   
    Installed RS engine mounts into the 993.
    Standard Vs RS

    Not so easy to get out from under the aircon lines

    Small bolt breaks while torqueing up at 40Nm.  Bolt extraction set fails.  Fortunately the distal end of the bolt protrudes enough to get a grip with a small vice grip.  We have to remove the aircon compressor for access and slowly turn the bolt 90 degrees at a time.  Lucky Porter's garage is fully stocked with tools.

    Replacement bolts purchased and we are all good.

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    hugh reacted to Windsor289 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Good read if you are a 996 owner or desire to be ❤️ _ evo test, Porsche 911 GT3 996 vs GT3 991: old vs new hardcore Porsches
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    hugh reacted to D-banger in [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19   
    And a few more pics from #hangarbanger2

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    hugh got a reaction from YellowDieselGolf in [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19   
    Lovely pics @YellowDieselGolf
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    hugh reacted to Dave986 in #HANGARBANGER T-shirts   
    I just want to thank John for dropping mine off last week and to say the quality is great
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    hugh reacted to Port 911 in #HANGARBANGER T-shirts   
    PM sent
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    hugh got a reaction from Port 911 in #HANGARBANGER T-shirts   
    For those who didn't pick one up at the Hangar Banger event (or for those just wanting to get down with some fresh tees!) there are still some tees left and available. The stock is limited though as some of the sizes have sold out (no mediums or XXL's are left in either design) but we do still have a few of Small, Large and XL's left. 
    $39.99 + postage or if you are local I'm happy to bring it along to the next occasion. Let me know, Cheers, Hugh. 

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