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    hugh reacted to Harold996tt in Instant Love- The Fitzy Mobile   
    So this was the very first time I saw the Fitzy Mobile in the flesh. That's my sister in the back who came to join the festivities (actually the first trip we had made together ever back to birth city so it was really a memorable one). Not a concourse winning car but surprisingly clean given all the adventures she has been through in her 54,000km life. 
    To be honest I was stunned at the price of the car given the amazing race heritage of the vehicle but it is appears to me that the market doesn't favour Australian track history of the more modern cars over clean low miles and to me that worked out perfectly as I was always dreaming of owning an old race car with true provenance. I was so excited as there were only three cars to me that I had a desire to own from the 2000 and 2001 series and it was either the Jim Richards car, the TNT car or this one. The fact that the Falken livery also happened to be my favourite of the three was a huge bonus. 
    Given that the Nations Cup cars were among the last of the true race car series that required fully road registrable vehicles to be used, meant that the ideology of "drive to the track and race and drive home" of the 1950s and 60s was truly echoed in the series. No doubt these cars were not as easy to drive to the track in reality is not lost on me, but the romance of the idea is a huge drawcard.
    The second picture is of me trying to get into the car for the first time. That roll cage made getting into and out of the car a huge reminder of my half century underpinnings in my back. But that was nothing compared to finding out how on off the clutch is.... I'm guessing it has no spring in it. Made for an interesting time trying to learn how to reverse the car into the car park. But let's get to that. 

    Mate thanks so much. You are so right about the network helping make a sight unseen purchase work out. You do realise you were the catalayst thst basically sealed the deal within 24 hours of me seeing the ad!!! 
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    hugh reacted to Harold996tt in My Mk1 GT3 CS_MEZGR   
    Bloody hell I'm finally seeing this thread and the pics of your black beast.... Its stunning mate.... Absolutely stunning.... 
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    hugh reacted to Harold996tt in Instant Love- The Fitzy Mobile   
    It's been an absolute whirlwind romance. 
    And I've finally managed to settle down a bit I thought I would finally put fingers to keypad and recount the story of how I finally got to meet a bloody cool bunch of people and pick up a piece of Australian motorsports history. 
    It all started innocently enough on a relatively quiet Saturday morning when I decided to get onto this forum (something I don't do so regularly as I'm more of an Instagram or Facebook kind of addict) and spotted a post by @901er which was the below post which in turn lead to the Carsales page showing the ex a Peter Fitzgerald 996 GT3 CS that had come second in the 2000 Nations Cup and third in the 2001 Nations Cup. 
    The reality is that I have always been a bit interested in the 996 GT3 but in particular the 996.2 GT3 RS. Unfortunately, having seen their prices reach over 300k made me stop longing for one and I began to casually turn my eye towards the 996.1 GT3 because of their being the first of the GT series of cars that I felt were still by comparison hugely undervalued given their provenance and performance which I felt to be the closest to my beloved 993 era cars with just enough old school analogue on a more modern platform. 
    Given the price point that these cars were at, my heart and mind constantly fluttered between a 964 coupe that I could hot rod or a clean well maintained 996.1 GT3 and this made me drag my feet somewhat. But when the add popped up, I was hit with a hammer right between my eyes. Fitzy and Jim Richards had been legends that I had grown up watching on the telly as a kid, and the chance to actually drive a car actually raced by even one of them was too hard to resist. All the more, one that had been relatively successful with significant race provenance and happened to wear one of my all time favourite race schemes of the era. The Falken race livery. The icing on the cake was thst the Nations Cup cars were some of the last real race cars that could be road registered given they were originally built on standard GT3 Clubsports. 
    But I knew I would have to act fast. It did not help that I was in a Singapore on the day that I saw the advertisement. As luck would have it, I reached out to two forum members, @James P who helped me understand better the regulations around the Nations Cup cars so I would have some idea what to ask for, and @hugh whom it turned out knew almost all there was to know about the car given he had almost bought it many years earlier before it had been sold to the person who was advertising it. The information that he provided on the car and the fact the he knew the current owner of the car, a gentlemen based in Melbourne of significant repute made me decide to reach out on the Sunday to the seller of the car after Hugh provided me with a huge amount of history and relevant info to me.
    On the Monday, I immediately went to the bank and organised a transfer of funds to the seller.
    For the full amount.
    Sight unseen.
    But it shows that word of mouth can be very significant. I had trusted in the information provided by Hugh given that he in turn had been referred to me by another mate of mine from Perth. Talk about a small world. Of course it helped that a Google search on the seller added substantial comfort to me and tied once again perfectly to the info thst Hugh had provided to me on the repute of the seller. 
    I had been due to return to Perth from Singapore that following week, and within two days of returning to Perth was on another flight bound for Melbourne to finally see the car for the first time. The owner of the car had meantime confirmed to me that he would send the car to wherever I decided to pick the car from on the Friday of my arrival. As I had no idea yet where I would be staying, I decided to have the car delivered to Dutton as I had done business with them before and they were happy to hold the car for me on the Thursday awaiting my arrival on the Friday. The third picture is of the car being picked up from the owners house for delivery to Dutton on the wet Thursday morning. 

    Upon confirmation of the trip to Melbourne I decided to reach out to the Melbourne crowd to see who may be available to meet at Dutton for a coffee. I had no idea that just one message out through a Facebook Page would result in the amazing reaction of the Melbourne boys with a chance to meet some of the greatest Porsche guys ever. Thanks so much to Sal for sorting the Friday catch up.

    Even @symsy made the coffee and lunch. Bloody legend. 

    This was followed by a Saturday coffee at Dak Dak with @hugh making a call out. Again the hospitality shown by the Melbourne crowd was stunning to say the least. The fact thst a car can bring so many amazing people together is really what makes this passion all the better. It was such a fantastic trip. 

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    hugh got a reaction from Harold996tt in My Mk1 GT3 CS_MEZGR   
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    hugh reacted to Andy73 in luftgekuhlt anyone going?   
    First few snaps from me. Insane photo ops at every turn. Sometimes it just requires some patience.
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    hugh got a reaction from turboT in luftgekuhlt anyone going?   
    Very shiny. Drop my name when you see Pat long, we go way back, no doubt this will give you some more cred. 
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    hugh reacted to Rick V in 997 GT3 Market Watch   
    There’s a nice Red 997 GT3 heading back to Adelaide, after a quick flight up to Sydney this morning with a mate.....
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    hugh reacted to turboT in luftgekuhlt anyone going?   
    First stop Benton to see my finished POLO build. Back in a few hours for their party. This car will be at Luft thanks to Pat Long 
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    hugh reacted to Jason A in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    My pick would be bright green, yes I am weird.
    If you are going to be a tosser, may as well do it properly.
    Needs a cool number plate on that green car. 
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    hugh got a reaction from DJM in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    I posted earlier in this thread with the same questions due to recently having the same thoughts. The purple gets me every time. 
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    hugh got a reaction from Mick in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    I posted earlier in this thread with the same questions due to recently having the same thoughts. The purple gets me every time. 
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    hugh reacted to Tips in What did you do to your Porsche today ???   
    After picking up my car a couple of weeks ago sent it to AH to have a couple of things sorted ie starter motor was noisy. I was in no rush so got them to also give me a list of future items to be done over the next 6-12 months. Fortunately its a short list and nothing major just suspension rubbers cv boots etc which I expected.
    I was very happy to pick it up and take the long way back to the office on a perfect sunny Wed morning. I had a smile on my face all day. I love this car and I know it will be a long affair. Can’t wait to get it out on a long twisty SMT in the next few weeks 😍

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    hugh reacted to Philbee in What did you do to your Porsche today ???   
    My engine bay looked a little sad compared to the outside of the car and on closer inspection, it just didn’t look like some bits were right... 
    Eg. The tinware looked god awful


    So, decided to give the engine & tinware a spruce up. 
    Fuel rails and clamps all got  zinced 

    New tinware and an RS engine brace

    Got the fan and fan hub painted up...


    A couple of oil leaks fixed, fuel injectors cleaned, a bit of tidy up of other cables.... very happy!  😍
    It’s not a cheap exercise as I get the mechanic to do it all.....  but worth doing for those keeper cars which I feel mine is.  A hearty recommendation from me to Nick of Cascone Autosport in Moorabbin.
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    hugh reacted to vin in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    RS is the most dedicated track car that can be driven to the circuit. GT3 is a better compromise for those who need to take their car for a milk run. 😛

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    hugh got a reaction from Scott SS964 in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    Or buy a 996 or 997 while they are still cheap. 
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    hugh reacted to Mick in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    I own a 996.2 CS gt3 and absolutely love it but I want something new school fast for the track I’ve done plenty of circuit racing in quite a few different categories and the RS is just something that draws me in. Don’t particularly care what people think about the loud out there look of the RS if you can catch me then you can call me a wanker 😂😂 but this is a car for me not everyone else so 👌
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    hugh reacted to Andy73 in luftgekuhlt anyone going?   
    Doors closing. About five minutes I’d say. 😂
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    hugh got a reaction from 9fan in #HANGARBANGER2 on RPM   
    Kate lined it up especially for my birthday! 
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    hugh got a reaction from Kerry in #HANGARBANGER2 on RPM   
    Kate lined it up especially for my birthday! 
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    hugh reacted to edgy in 991 GT3 Market watch   
    I've been receiving a few alerts lately about 991.1 RS's selling... seems like there is buyer for those, but no love for old spice aka the Mezger GT3s.. 
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    hugh reacted to Kerry in [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19   
    FINALLY!!!!! #HB2 on RPM this Sunday...
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    hugh reacted to Kerry in #HANGARBANGER2 on RPM   
    Hey All,
    Just had confirmation today from Kate Peck who apologises for the delay but assures me that the article they filmed on the day will be aired this Sunday (12.05.19) on RPM between 4-5pm on Channel 10!  
    Orrrr.... if you miss it, you can catch it on Ten Play.
    Woop woop! 🤘
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    hugh reacted to 9fan in #HANGARBANGER2 on RPM   
    Yes he is getting old ! (unless Kate got it wrong) - program shows SUNDAY 12/05/19    4pm.
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    hugh reacted to LeeM in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    @CRAIG333 might know of it? 
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    hugh reacted to DJM in Matt Close Day 2 Paloona Stage Targa Tas 2019   
    Must be the butt of a lot of jokes with a name like Close 😂

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