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  1. In essence this is so similar to their previous bingle, IMHO. Very different corners but the super high speed of the first incident made Lewis’s move just as cheeky as Max in Italy. There was also zero likelihood the move could be completed successfully and safely. The stewards saw that too and penalised Lewis. The Monza penalty is harsher for Verstappen and RedBull. Clearly it was impossible to give a 5 second pit lane penalty as both cars were wrecked in Italy but I feel the the penalty should not be grid places. Both incidents are identical in 1- the attitude of the driver coming from behind, 2- both moves caused a wreck, 3- both moves were dangerous and not completed safely. But previously Lewis ruined RedBull’s weekend + he and Mercedes Benz profited. Interesting that both team principals called the incident a professional foul. Both have a point. Their drivers’ skills and awareness are off the charts. Personally I think Lewis is a little better at the on and beyond the limit stuff. The red mist is stronger for Max; he’s a very young man. I hope Lewis stays a touch clear of Max in the following GP’s. It’s not about showing “courage”. Lewis has an opportunity to make winning moves with greater skill; avoid the push and shove, drive around Max and win. Maybe it’s possible, maybe it’s not. We will never know if he doesn’t or can’t do it. But it’s what I want to see and would show that he is #1 beyond any doubt. Max has the same opportunity with arguably something even greater to prove if he could do it. I take nothing away from Max. He is brilliant and has matured so quickly. Huge cudos to him for that. But there’s still a bit to go in sheer canny skill, which is born from experience and patience and perfect timing. That is precisely what Lewis should exploit.
  2. I’ve not been involved with an ICV project, but I gather that every state make that close to impossible. Engineers handing back their accreditation is sad. Engineering is very important. They should be laying clear pathways for safe, balanced mods and expanding the system not turning off the tap. The age of the internet means the volume of at home modifications is increasing, not dwindling. But VIC seems to be on a similar path.
  3. “Mod plating” as they refer to it in sunny QLD is a relatively simple process cp other states. There are defined pathways to ensure various modifications are checked for correct mechanical installation and the overall safety balance of the vehicle following modification is good. Their system helps a punter to modify appropriately and transparently. VICRoads have a more restrictive outlook. The list of engineers they’ll deal with here is small and they stipulate who you must use. Many of the approved engineers over charge and over specify like a monopoly, encouraged by the restricted landscape VICRoads created. Having a car professionally engineered in any Australian state/territory should make the process much easier in another state. That’s not the case here. Typical VIC corruption from the top down 😊
  4. Find the build thread - it’s long, chronological and comprehensive. I read it in 2019 before the car was sold. The car has no carpet or aircon and seats are fixed to the floor, no rails, so no adjustment. It was for sale for about 3 years before it sold under $30K. The (Melbourne) purchaser then advertised it for about $100K throughout 2020 with no sale. Not a car to buy sight unseen as mods are unusual and extensive. It would be prudent to check registration situation is AOK in VIC, regardless of if it has currentl VIC reg or not. It would be surprising if it didn’t require engineering and special reg (unless completed here Prior to reg).
  5. Curious how much wider a wide body 997.1S coupe is than a narrow body 997,1S coupe?

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