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  1. This is the only "upgraded" coolant cap I have found in my many hours of searchign around: https://lnengineering.com/products/brs-parts-and-upgrades/cooling/billet-aluminum-boxster-cayman-911-coolant-expansion-tank-cap.html
  2. For a road car, powder coating works, however as @tomo mentioned they can dicolour if they get too hot. My calipers on a previous car had this issue which is why I am trying the Cerakote this time. They can do a really wide range and there is a gloss cover coat as well.
  3. Bunrt Bronze with Midnight Blue or Titanium Blue logos. Sort of like this:
  4. My '03 C4S currently has red. However I have a second set out to be blasted and cerakoted a different colour.
  5. Have both the Durametic (requires laptop) and iCarsoft. Love the Durametic and definitely recommend if you don;t mind shellign out the extra $$$'s for it. I carry the iCarsoft in the car with the tool kit and while it does not have all the functionality of the Durametic, its a good little unit.
  6. I have the Sportster in mine and love them. I used the Planted seat bases and Recaro rails (have a spare set of two (2) sliding Recaro rails if interested). Really comfortable and I am 6ft and just under 100kgs. Before things got crazy again I did a weekend trip from the Central Coast to Canberra and back and no issues at all. Still have access to rear seats etc., kids love them too and hold you tight enough for the weekend drive through the hills. @philipkCan post photos if you like.
  7. Yeah have the squeal pads too...Think it is likely just that I havent been abel to run them as hard/hot as they would like
  8. I have Ferodo DS2500's in mine ATM and the dust is insane (and the noise). I bought a set of Project Mu Euro pads on recommendation from a friend that will be goign into my rebuilt calipers as well as a set of Hawk Street Pad 5.0 to replace the DS2500 try next. Used the 5.0's on my cars in Hong Kong before I came home and they were pretty good from memory.
  9. I'd def be interested also
  10. Liqui Moly amd the Penrite 10 Tenths are teh two I use. For my '03 C4S I was running 5W40 but have moved to 5W50 MolyGen to see if there are any upsides.
  11. Yep this si exactly what was wrong with mine. Used these and they really worked very well. Have now fitted LED lights instead but have the stock ones and am refurbishing them
  12. Have the sump guard, also. Note that a lot of people recommend to up some dampening on it as they can setup a resonance or vibration that can be heard in the car. I had this on mine and used some heat reflective sound deadening. Worked a treat. This is the FVD sump I purchased as it has the baffles in it. NB: Also apologies to @philipk as I feel like i may have hijacked your thread.....
  13. This is very interesting...I bought one from FVD for exactly this reason and the reviews and blurb said the extended sump, trap doors and changed pickup solves this issue. I looked at an Accusump also and sounds liek this might be a future upgrade as well.

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