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  1. Extra sump depth and the IMS fix and this becomes similar to any other car from all reports....
  2. I have the Black Powerflex bushes and have not had an issue with them at all...
  3. 2WD and 1,200hp....the original Widowmaker....
  4. +1 on this...Fitted the Torque Solutions engine mounts and made a big difference...
  5. HAHAHA....If the worst thing the car has ever seen is a little hard work and a trip to the top ofthe RPM range then its the least of your worries.....
  6. Don't disagree, however when you really want to it open up and run, the top end is not there and the exhaust temps go through the roof. Bending the stock rods and break ring lands was somethgin I was worried about but avoided...
  7. I used an off the shelf EVOMS kits (610 and then 660 kits and an EFR turbo set up) and had a HKG based workshop do the work with US firm doing a long distance "custom tune"). It certainly had more power (as expected) but just wasn't what I wanted. I had an RS3 as well and that was a better thing. Just compared to my previous cars (R34 and R35 GTR's, EVOIX etc) it just wasn't there as a daily / frequent driver. As a weekend blast machine it was great, a lot of hard work and very rewarding, but not something for everyday. The C4S is a much nicer things on a daily drive and I am sortof hoping that given the reviews and talking to a few people that have done the supercharger converstion it will be more linear and reallt feel like the same car with more under the right foot when you want it.
  8. I put the kit together myself after looking around for the bits that woudl work together best. Insight Motorsports does the work on all my cars and one of the guys there is an ex-Porsche Cup mechanic. So a Saturday and some prep work we had it all in. Set up we did proper string line alignment as we have the turn plates and alignment gear for the track car set up. I can absolutely recommend East Coast suspension though. I have used them a few time also when I needed suspension work done, they are just a fair way from the Central Coast. Let me know how you go with the engine at Autohaus. I dropped in ther ea month or so ago and was really impressed with them and the car used to be maintained by them with the previous owner so they had all the documentation and records. Hey Andrew, if you are ever on the Central Coast feel free to msg me and you can come have a test....
  9. So I've have some experience with a 996 turbo as I owned a one when I lived in Hong Kong, but sold it before coming back (import costs just made it a non-starter). Like you mentioned, one of the things that made it easier to sell was that I was;t a huge fan of the way the power was delivered. I tried a number of different turbo and tuning combinations and it was just not what I wanted in a daily driver. Its also not really somethign I want to daily drive either. Its one of reasons I bought the C4S as I love the shape but not the power delivery and figures I'd try either an increase to 3.9Lt / 4.0Lt or a supercharger or both.
  10. After asking around, the local AU distributor and NSW workshops did not really want to have a lot to do with ordering in a set and basically gave me cavet emptor on the purchase. Can get from BBi, Pelican, Flay 6, but was worried if they needed a rebuild etc. MCA or East Coast likely could do it, but warranty was a concern. Good to know Steve in Vic is happy to do automotive though.
  11. I tried to get the Ohlins locally however the issue was availability in Oz and service support. Can easily get from US or EU, however once here you are pretty much on our own for support.
  12. I recently went through the same process when I bought my C4S earlier this year. It depends if you want coilovers and spherical bearing strut tops for a daily/mainly road car or something that is easier to live with but still super drivable. So a question is when you say 90% road, is it weekend road or daily/frequent driver road? Matt is right the KW's are amazing, however might be a little hard to live with for a daily or high road usage depending on personal preferences, but for a weekend driver, they are damn good!! For my car I totally repalced the suspension and went with Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs and swaybars with Tarret swaybar links, Elephant Racing strut tops front and rear, new Meyle arms and links all round with replacement Powerflex poly bushes. I went this way as I have other cars with coilovers and they are a little noisey and harsh for me in a frequent road use car as the C4S mainly sees hwy running and once I get a few more things sorted maybe a little fun track time as well. For coilovers it is really a question of how much do you want to spend and what are you going to use the car for. KW's, Bilstein, Nitron, Moton, MCA, Tractive are all great options. Good luck mate, Glenn
  13. So I am still waiting for the supercharger kit to arrive from the US, but I did manage to get the shift paddles fitted and working. I tried both fitting the Mercedes paddles to the stock wheel as well as going all in and replacing the stock wheel with a set of Works Bell paddle shift kit and a Momo Protipio wheel. I ended up staying with the Momo and the paddles. So now just waiting for my Pelican Parts order to arrive with an eccentric hub adaptor and it will be golden.
  14. If I make down to Canberra (I have friends down there I shoudl really visit) i'll let you know.
  15. I've put an IPE system on my C4S with the hi-flow cats and the valvetronic system. I really like it. I usually run it around in sport mode, and its no issue on the highway, however if you run it with tthe valves closed its really good with no drone.

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