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  1. I have spoken to Skip and a few others on the forum that have been involved. The testing is on the forum and combined with the individual reports as well as that Skip is also behind the very successful UAOS I am prepared to move forward.
  2. will take if Gavin hasn;t already got it.
  3. Long since last on this...Car has been in with Autowerks for a complete stripdown and rebuild of the tiptronic gearbox. Uprated friction plates, torque converter, higher pressure solinoids and will be loading a different TCU tune for it as well. Also fitted the Porsche Motorsport AOS and a few other parts while they had the engine out. Was going to wait until I coudl do a 3.9/4.0 conversion before fitting the supercharger, but think I will just go with the 3.6 and build a new engine. Also bought one of the Ultimate Integrated Dry Sump (UIDS) from RENNLIST forum. I was worried about oiling and have the FVD X51 billet sump and this to try.
  4. Will take if still available. Pls PM details
  5. If you;re in Sydney, Autohaus is really good and I have used them a few times. If you do not mind the travel, Autowerks on the Central Coast is awesome. They have my car there at the moment for a full gearbox rebuild and a few other upgrades/maintenance and I cannot recommend Simon and Ryan there enough. They do amazing work and are super helpful. The Moshammer parts are awesome (I have a few that will be made to fit my 996) and agree with Jeff, ducktail all the way. Still waiting on RPM in UK on shipping price to Oz for their Evo tail as wanted the ducting....
  6. Count me in if it ever gets going again
  7. Coming from Northern Sydney, sorry "Gosford" I have a few options around here that get me a 100-120km loop and only a few taffic lights and minimal freeway cooling off periods. One thing is I can get from home to Canberra and see 2-3 sets of traffic lights as long as I do not mind paying for the priviledge. Noticed a lack of NSW based runs so have taken off on a few from here to Canberra and back via Batemans Bay etc for a full weekend run. Have seriously thought of a trip down south to join one of the drives down there. Haven't managed it yet, but 2022 isn;t over.
  8. Not so muc ICE, however petroleum based fuel use in ICE engines. Synthetic fuel is sonmethign Porsche is definitely looking into and is likely to be the way for classic type cars.
  9. Interesting, did they say iron or aluminium liners?? I'd be interested to know as well
  10. If you want aluminium / Nikasil liners, then you need to send the block to LN in US or Hartec in UK can also do aluminium liners with Nikasil coating, but again you need to send them the block. Westwood in UK will send iron liners and pistons and there are local machine shops that will fit them. Choices, choices....
  11. I'm sort of surprised the answer wasn't yeah sure, $250. And as a bonus you get a free umbrella...
  12. I'm not sure the torque rating on that is high enough...

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