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  1. Age and mile play a part in the needs of the car. On the recommendation of Autohaus I went with a 5W-40, they even said a 10W-40 would be OK if mileage high and its pushed hard. I'm running Liqui Moly 5W-40 Molygen...
  2. Late reply...Work interceeds again
  3. I looked at the PCCM for mine and eventually went with an aftermarket Kenwood unit. A number of reasons for this cam eup, but primarily functionality and the ability to run a system with different external amps etc. I agree the PCCM looks stock and blends in, however for me I was not that wedded to maintainign stock look and I like the end result of the install.
  4. 911CSR


    Sry...68Ah EqPb lead-acid/AGM/GEL equivalent and 900CCA
  5. Also the C4S runs the same suspension setup as the turbo's which has a number fo different components, like strut tops. Ask me how I know
  6. I did mine a few months ago with a major service as they looked like the original 2003 items. Definitely worth the time to change and upgrade
  7. 911CSR


    I just switched from a Braile AGM battery to a Lithiumax Restart9 battery. Braile would last a maybe 2 weeks without use before being lazy to start. The Lithiumax seems to be holding charge better/longer so far. As I am no longer runnign car every day, I have a NOCO charger through the OBD port for when the car isn't used. The Lithuimax is also smaller and much much lighter than the stock battery.
  8. Ceramic coat is like engine oil, everyone has a different opinion. I have GTechniq on my 996 and Ceramic Pro on the Rangie (dealer option). How long depends on the type, how well its applied, maintenance etc etc. 2 - 5 years for a proper ceramic done properly. Does not damage the paint, does exactly the opposite Can't recommend for Melbourne as in NSW, however cost for mine was $1,000 including GTechniq ceramic and a full paint restoration cut and polish. Results were amazing and makes a huge difference.
  9. So I'm about to start further modifications as the VF Engineering supercharger arrived from the US yesterday...
  10. The exatra grip from the AWD is definitely noticable...And a worthwile addition even considering the weight etc
  11. Definitely replace the coil packs if you get a chance. I upgraded mine to the newer 997 versions and NGK Ruthium plugs. Noticable difference in idle and start...
  12. I have the Durametic for home use as well as the iCarsoft reader that I carry in the car...just in case...
  13. Sounds like it might be an injector, fuel pressue regulator not operating unde rload/pressure or fuel rail issue...Can you check the fuel pressure while running or under load?? If the pressure drops under load it may be a bad reg. if 5 & 6 are at the end of the fuel rail before return etc. It could also be the injectors themselves or the rail or lines are gummed up enough to slow fuel flow under load.
  14. I fitted the Recaro Sportster seats in my 996..Fitted very well...super comfortable..IMHO I think they look awesome... If I had to say anything, you need to use the right bases (I used the PLANTED bases) or they can sit too high or not be centered properly.
  15. I hear you, but the work is pretty small and if you have or want to use the standard tips, it might be easier than you think. By cutting off the current tips, keeping the pipe as long as possible, you may be able to use the the standard tips in a slide joint type arrangement. If not then a good fab operator should simply be able cut and extend the pipe work to accomodate the slightly different mounting in the C4S wide body over a stock C2/C4 narrow body

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