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  1. Red targa in Randwick Auto electrical plate BJZ something. SC or 3.2. Same car as mine. PM me I can help you with your windows.
  2. I also have 33P Irisblau Metallic. Can someone advise what the 'subcode' is pls? 33P S3 (the S3 bit) Thanks.
  3. Thanks so much for all the helpful advice. Given the above I am not sure what my next move is. Autolac in Brookvale has a spectro machine. He has said he might be able to match it but I'm guessing it wont be anywhere near perfect, especially in acrylic. I will ask about ISO free 2pak. I also see there are some waterborne paints around now. Ive also emailed the guys I bought it off in the UK, hoping they might know who resprayed it to find out the paint code and paint system. I agree I could be chasing my tail here and might have to put up with a chequer board car until I get it fully resprayed. Ed
  4. Hi all Im looking to get a decent paint match for my blue 911. I have a growing collection of spray packs and mixed up paints. I am doing this DIY having spent the last few weeks welding up some rust spots. Its been a steep learning curve including welding and spray painting. I have tried the paint colour on the plate, being 33P and it was too dark. I have tried VG Auto paints and they matched by eye, they have no computer matcher. Its not quit right and it bugs me. Anyone know a company in SYDNEY who will COMPUTER (spectrophotometer) match my paint? I will need acrylic. I have heard the latest matching machines are pretty good. Or does anyone want to have a stab at the colour? I have also tried a can of GEMINI BLUE. Last picture shows where I am right now. Its under fluro light so hint of purple in the original colour. And no, I haven't buffed the newly painted wing yet. First three pictures show how much the paint can change colour in varying lights. Cheers Ed.
  5. Anyone had their targa top recovered? I know it is a possible DIY job but I dont trust myself with this kind of job. Mine bellows in the wind and is really annoying. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Ed
  6. I am also keen on the M&K. I got a quote from Monty Mufflers and unfortunately it was 1/3 more the price. I have the cat delete, not sure what brand it is. Be interested to know how OP goes with the decision.
  7. Elios Garage Five Dock. They did my 85 911 when it arrived from the UK. They were recommended by a friend who also imported his 911. When I was there they had two other 911s out front however they are not a Porsche garage. You will be suprised about how laid back they are. "Yeah mate bring it in" sort of place. They wont pull you up on minor oil leaks and stuff which is what I was concerned about. Just across the road from the RTA so you can register the same day. Dont be put off by the look of the place and wear a respirator when you are in the office, thats unless you are a smoker yourself. :-) Cheers Ed
  8. Looking for a rear bumper corner rubber for a 3.2 Carrera. PX side. Must be in good condition, not rusty and flakey. Not the big bumperette but the bit that wraps round the corner of the bumper. Many thanks Ed
  9. Im not an expert but as its over 30 years old you wont have to pay tax. Put it on historic rego and you have a very cheap Porsche 911 running that you know the history of. Great looking car. I know what I would do. Ed
  10. Mine were also internal hex heads. Both same size, as far as I can see they are interchangeable. In fact I probably mixed them up at some stage. Just to re-itterate Uncles excellent write up. 1) Remove fill plug before drain ( I had to use a breaker bar) 2) That tom thumb filler thing is essential. Cheap from SCA. You can get swepco here, there are links in the forum. Good thing about swepco is that its blue and i noticed my cooler pipe was leaking. PITA. Thanks Ed
  11. My 3.2 85 UK import has AC and turbo front seats (both as standard). For compliance it was fitted with child restraint anchors. I was never given a stamped bar code, it came up once, cant remember why I dont need it. Just sayin!
  12. I have the blue porsche script interior as above. Tried to get some replacement material the other day, $250 per square meter. At least it exisits!
  13. Dont bin that bracket if its what im thinking it is. I have it in my pelican project list, they are $6 bucks if i remember correctly. Im in stockton once in a while so will grab it off you then.
  14. Is that bracket the thingermejig that holds the spare wheel in place? Hmm not sure. If it is i dont have one. ed

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