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  1. Has anyone installed child seat anchor points for the rear seats on their 964? If so could you possibly post some pictures without the child seat. Cheers
  2. Appreciate the help thanks guys 🙂
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first 911 so be gentle lol. It’s a 964 C2 From first starting the car how long does it usually take for the oil level gauge to move to its correct level? Secondly, does the dipstick alway read as empty when the car is cold or should it show at least some oil ? I do know it is a dry sump but not entirely sure if that means it’s literally dry unlike a conventional engine with oil sitting in the sump? Thank you
  4. Lol thank you 🙂 Thanks for your reply 🙂 A word of caution, it is a slippery slope.. I see what you mean lol.
  5. Answers to your questions is your car lowered stanced slammed? if it isn’t or not to be in the future just by STD . Little benefit Aside from previously mentioned ... mid coffee skiting, not mid corner late braking . yes it’s lowered - no it’s not slammed I’m not a by (buy) STD Kinda guy. Piecemeal replacement IMO , if you know what needs replacement is not worthwhile. If tie rods ball joints and all other bushes etc are past use by dates ... pull em all out Honestly I do appreciate your replies but is the above even English? Anyway this particular part is amongst many other steering components I’m replacing. From all accounts it sounds like it’ll do more good than bad.
  6. Purpose is to replace the tie rods. Rather than just replace it with standard parts. I thought this would be an ‘upgrade’. They don’t cost much more than just replacing them part for part so I thought why not? lol I’m not one for bragging . Not sure if that’s a Porsche guy thing. I’m wanting to improve the car for my own selfish reasons certainly not to impress anyone else. You can’t even see this part once it’s in the car 🤦‍♂️ Let me make the question even clearer lol. Would this replacement part improve the car or not ? Even a slight improvement?
  7. Exactly they’re all made in the same factory!! Ultimately depends how they’ve spent their life. I’d take a well looked after Garaged UK car presented well over a poorly treated poorly presented and maintained Aussie car 💁‍♂️
  8. Hi guys, Thinking of purchasing this for my 964 C2 I’m wanting to slowly replace the tired old steering components. Thinking this would be a good upgrade. https://www.elephantracing.com/porsche/964/tie-rods-for-964/ What do you guys think of it ? 🙂
  9. Yes I liked the Penrite 10 tenths stuff when I had my 32 GTR. I think I’ll go with that cheers .
  10. thanks mate, I've never heard of it, i'll check it out.
  11. Hi guys 🙂just wondering what everyone’s preferred brand of oil and what viscosity are you running in your 3.6L 964?
  12. Hi tomo, mainly street with the occasional track day. Nice weather car so I don’t think I’d ever use the heat ?
  13. Hi Guys, I’m wanting to install this part : Rennline RSR/Cup Heater Fan Delete Kit - Porsche 964/993 89-95 Non VarioCam Cars This may be a silly question but besides this part is there anything else I’ll need once I install this part. At some stage I will also be installing custom headers and full exhaust so will be eliminating the heat exchangers also.

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