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  1. @smit2100 I looked at the Turbo 996 market a few weeks ago and 6 out of the 7 vehicles listed were silver in colour .. for me that constitutes a flood of silver vehicles 86% in the Turbo 996 category in recent weeks. I wasn’t making a potshot comment “still sits there” I was actually re emphasising to @Yeatesy the $170k vehicle he thought was the one that had sold, actually still remains available as ie “it still sits there”. As for which vehicle sells faster thats highly dependant on market dynamics and buyer / seller requirements ie specification, price, color etc.
  2. @Yeatesy @Joz was originally advertised at $146,985 dropped to $139,985 .. then sold today. The $170k car still sits there, turbo 996 market currently flooded with Silver vehicles.

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