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  1. Hey Jason E, these are the 2 car seats I have in the back. The black one is AP Rodi booster for my 5 year old. She’s pretty slim so fits ok. Feet need to go under the front seat. Mr 3 sits in the other seat which I got off PFA, but it sits higher and so less space as front seats extend back further higher up the seat. He has started asking to go in the booster.
  2. Car is at the shop currently, i'll take a photo when I get it back, hoping by friday but maybe next week.
  3. If anyone has this kit, and maybe didn't install it, or wanting to go back to stock. I would be interested in buying it. They no longer make it so can't get it from the manufacturer. Small chance I know. Cheers.
  4. try maxi cosi AP RODI. I have removed the bottom seat, but left the back rest intact. It has a narrow base and not too tall. easily fits my almost 5 year old
  5. Tips, no prob I have the quote in my email somewhere. Basically getting what you suggested, refresh of all bushes, arms as required, mounts etc, thought about lowering with Eibach springs but have decided against it but am changing to Bilstein b6 shocks. pm me your email and I’ll send the quote
  6. Hey @Tips, car is currently at PR tech. I’m on the north side and decided just too difficult to get out to east coast. Keeping it simple as want to use as a daily driver for the next couple of years.
  7. Hi Trev, where did you originally get the wheels from. Looking for a set myself, sorry I missed these by 3 years!
  8. Hey mbedford, just saw your thread. Did you follow through with this. I've also been looking into doing this ( don't have a GT3 yet) for the future. Surely just getting the seatbelts installed would be cheaper than that quote? and use the boosters belted in. Even if they weld in an anchor to latch the booster seat on to, you could probably even still use the same carpets? thanks for any update
  9. Hey JWM, If you mean $500 i’ll take them. Can pick up on the weekend!
  10. Just come up at Autohaus Hamilton's $229k. RS upgrades throughout. I wonder how it drives.
  11. ML13

    PCCM Plus

    Do you guys know if anyone in Sydney has them? I rang Porsche Parramatta last week and they said they don't have them and don't know when /or even if they are getting them!
  12. Hi AndrewM, Funny, but I am pretty much in same boat, with a 996.1 needing full suspension upgrade. I haven't done track days before but maybe something for the future, just really looking at getting a top daily driver that is also fun on the weekend windy roads. I also wasn't keen on lowering too much to keep it less of a hassle over the bumps and parking. Have you found a good suspension shop? I've heard East Coast suspensions are pretty good so was going to approach them first. Currently the car is at Autohaus getting the engine sorted, so waiting to see the damage from that before embarking on the suspension. Let me know If you find a good package somewhere, as I might go for it as well. 911CSR who did your suspension setup?
  13. Sounded too good to be true, probably sold it already
  14. hey JWM, will it fit a 2-3 year old? i'll take it, can pick up

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