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  1. @michel I only got an hour with him. Damn work phone rang on us! Haha!
  2. Steering is now awesome. Went through Clarke's garage and troubleshooted the front end. Found nothing wrong. Decided to try a different alignment place after we exhausted all issues so headed down to the local Jax tyres that dad goes to. The guys were brilliant and explained everything about why it was pulling hard to the left. Turns out the first alignment place put the job in the too hard basket as the issue was that one sides camber was restricted due to some clearances to the body from what I understand. Not uncommon for your body to not be completely square from what I have read. So with a restriction on the right wheels camber being ~2deg75min, they got the left tyre to ~2deg57min (from 0deg originally!). While he did say an agressive camber will produce slightly uneven tyre wear, I really don't mind too much if it solves my problem. The guy said it'd drive like a new car. And sure enough, yep. Took it through the mountains to get back home and it felt solid. There's still improvement to be had but it is night and day. Now that we know that the struts are good. Time to order my Koni yellows or Bilsteins. I'll also be doing all the control arm bushes too as they are looking a little tired. From what I have seen and read, the steel control arms are super cheap and I can get new ones with everything prepressed and ready to go for a reasonable amount and that should help things along further. @Gavin (CliffToCoast) I spoke to Bruce at Buchanans. He is bloody brilliant, right? From one conversation with him, I walked away with so much. Walked away with answers to questions I didn't even know I had. So much more appreciation for the car and its quirks now. So cool!
  3. Thanks @brian in buddina. I love working with the car. So much satisfaction working out problems. I think I got a little scared at the suspension system. I'll be working on the car all weekend so I'm going to try and do what you say and attempt to describe my issues in detail and get the troubleshooting wand out. I'll go digging around! I'm on clarks garage now. I haven't been able to get the website to work for me and produce any of the documents and walkthroughs until I checked it again just now. It doesn't work with Google Chrome! Using Microsoft Edge so I have access now! Now I have a great start to my troubleshooting for this problem. A good 3 items I can check on the weekend! @Gavin (CliffToCoast) I'll call East Coast Suspension and Buchanas today for their thoughts, thanks! I got tunneled on local QLD solutions then forgot the rest of Australia existed (can't even cross the border without paperwork, and we live right near the border) then went straight for US solutions. Appreciate the suggestions!
  4. Thanks @st3ve. That's good to hear that a refurb with mild upgrade makes such a difference. Side note - love the E39 wagon. @brian in buddina Thanks Brian. I like how these mild improvements make massive differences to both you and Steve. And I love that these improvements are more than adequate for what I want to use the car for. What you say makes total sense. No point investing cash to hot rod it and try to fix a problem that is yet to be diagnosed. Worst case is that there is an issue elsewhere that is causing this symptom and I've put money in with no change. I want to continue enjoying my car, not resenting the money spent on it. Your way seems to protect me from just that! I appreciate the sound advice. I think my excitement in owning this car is running away on me hah. I'll pay someone to diagnose the issue then work towards resolving it. I'll update here when I have the diagnosis. Hopefully help future googlers of 944 problems.
  5. Morning all, I am starting to develop a twitch when it comes to sourcing early 944 suspension options. Literally every phone call or visit I've made (up to about a dozen now) has resulted in the 'too hard basket' being pulled out from under their desk and my query being filed away immediately. Add this to countless hours of research. The car doesn't feel quite right at the moment (pulling to one side and steering doesn't feel even when turning left compared to right) and while I am now familiar with the cars cooling system(LOL!), I'm not confident in self diagnosing my problems with suspension yet. I realigned the front sway bar over the weekend as it was an inch out but that doesn't seem to have done a whole lot. Removing the sway bar and going for a run certainly made it feel a bit more washy, as to be expected but was a fun little experiment so I had some comparisons. I was told by a wheel alignment guy that he couldn't conduct one as the front right strut is bent. I can't see what he thinks he could see though but he wasn't a suspension guy and I haven't pulled the front end off to physically compare side by side. Either way, my intention when purchasing the car was to always replace the suspension with something a little better than OE. I won't be tracking my car. It will be a daily driver with the occasional road trip with desert landscapes with the hopes of it being capable enough to head out to Birdsville. My number 1 priority on this car is its ability to handle. Number 2 is its ability to stop. Number 742 is how fast I can go. I love the idea of having a car that handles effortlessly. I already grin ear to ear when I take a nice corner and feel the car nod its head to me as if to say 'yes sir, enjoy' and the suspension isn't even fixed yet. The downside is my wallet isn't large enough for a bespoke solution. My budget for a solution is ~$3k. The options I have seen available to me; OE replacement - Nah. I'd like a bit of an upgrade, if able. Swap out for one of the later offsets - After much reading, I have no intention of doing this. The cost alone is on the crazy side given the amount of parts that need replacing to allow it to work. Those aluminium control arms are not cheap! Either are brand new wheels and tyres. Yellow Speed racing coil over kit - Surprisingly, they appear to do one for my car. I am a little weary of the price and brand though. If anyone has used this system, I'd love to hear it. I don't want a false economy situation happening with these though which is why I'm hesitant. Koni yellows front and rear with replacement struts - This seems to be the goer from what I can see but only because it seems simple as you aren't screwing around with anything but getting a nice little boost to performance. 944online seems to have their front strut assembly kit with Koni upgrades, along with springs and rear struts available for purchase. This appears to give me what I need for $2600 AUD. I'm sure they are available elsewhere too but that is where I am looking at them. Changing to some M030 front and rear sway bars (or aftermarket) also appears to be something worth considering from what I have read. A tower brace will also eventually go in. I would appreciate any guidance on this matter as it is doing my head in. I'm currently stuck in paralysis by analysis and I am trying to kick myself up the butt to make a decision already. Thanks in advance.
  6. Update to my quandry. Their head office isn't any better either. I called this morning to ask if what the salesperson did was right and explained the situation in full including the fact that if I have to research it myself, I'm not buying from you. The guy from head office is like yep ok I'll check it out for you with our tech guy and call you back. I just received the call back (not expecting to receive one for a day or 2 after doing his due diligence) and no joke he said 'yeah we can't do it for your vehicle, I've been on the Thule website and there isn't anything I can do'!?!??!?!??! I can't stop laughing. I am almost in tears. The head office guys did exactly the same thing as the guy in the shop. I wish I could make this up. How are they in business? Haha! I think it has gotten to a point where complete stupidity is becoming the norm and you can't help but to squint, raise an eyebrow, tilt the head, and say "Que?" then walk off in silence trying to comprehend precisely what happened. Yep, still smiling haha. Maybe I should move this post to the "what puts a smile on your face" section?
  7. A lovely ARB encounter. It went something like this; Me - Obscure one, need a roofrack for my 944. Sales rep - Ok, let me have a look. 5mins pass Sales rep - Nope, the only Porsche we have listed is the Cayenne. Me - I know this. I came here to discuss a solution for my car. Sales rep - We can't do anything because it isn't in our system. We just click on their site. Me - You mean you have nobody here willing or able to look at my car and provide me a solution? I heard people using different kits for my car from Thule USA and you deal with Thule. Sales rep - No, we don't do that. Well, if YOU contact Thule then YOU can come back here and tell me what to order and I'll order it for you. Me - Ok... Have a nice day... AITA here for expecting a sales rep to do the legwork for me and actually work for a sale? Literally all he had to do was not be a lazy piece and email Thule for fitting options for my car. But no, he had other ideas, like return to his seat and scroll Facebook. I guess with COVID and shutdowns he has too many clients he knows what to do with in his glaringly empty showroom. He literally wanted me to do ALL the legwork then come back to him to purchase it so he gets the revenue. Buddy, if I do all the legwork, you can shove it and I'll buy it online or at the very least, elsewhere. I was truly lost for words. I couldn't believe that he was so dismissive and so unwilling to do an ounce of work. What is even more amazing is that every time we drive past ARB, there are at least half a dozen pimped out 4x4s. Now, I understand that not a single one of their employees has the first idea on how their gear works or how to even install it. They simply put it on their car because it looks cool and they get it cheap and it looks great out the front of ARB to entice clients in. Why do retail showrooms exist anymore if all they are going to do is pay some moron minimum wage to use their "highly advanced system" (Google the vendors website) that has solutions for Ford Rangers or Land Cruisers and nothing else and when their God doesn't give them an answer then there must be no answer... I guess the people that come in to buy off them are the CUBs (cashed up bogans) that really have no clue what they are doing but are happy to drop $20-$30k to make their car "look" capable, or fully sick as it may be but be ultimately useless. It's like an Instragram model, yeah sure they look like they can do the job but behind the facade they are completely inept at basic human functions. End of rant.
  8. Thanks Brian, I will conduct a bit more due diligence before ordering my parts from LR. Car is now good to go with a fan override switch installed. Changed tact a little due to the additional temp sensor missing a component. It was quite straight forward to install. We piggy backed off the existing fan power with a double adapter, installed a relay under the hood, and ran into a new switch in the centre console. We also determined that the battery is buggered so will replace that. Alternator working as intended. Some of the shenanigans during the install; We tested continuity in the system as you do, without realising one of the cables was still connected to the whole roll of cable lol. Far too long was wasted trying to figure that one out. 2, yes 2 relays turned out to be faulty. We thought we broke something but third time was the charm with the relays. The 2 that didn't work were brand new. We utilised existing power from the rear wiper switch as I have done the rear wiper delete so the wiring was now redundant. Massive weight reduction removing that motor. I'm sure it weighed a full kilo. Apparently my want to reduce weight further by removing the left over cabling was overkill. Every gram counts, right? hah. Tips for trying to get cabling through the firewall - Coat hanger, torch, and a few months of yoga. I feel removing the dash and centre console would have been less work in the end. Huge pain given the limited space to move around. The HVAC takes up so much room. You're right about the car making me a better person @brian in buddina. Well, at least it is making me less silly by showing me quite quickly just how silly I am. Very enjoyable conducting all the trouble shooting. Could explain why I enjoy computer programming as it is 5% writing code and 95% figuring out why it doesn't work. Given the ghosts in the system that are causing the temp gauge/fan controller to lose power and a few other little annoyances, when the time comes, I will rewire most of the car to meet my standards. Onto the next task!
  9. Morning all, Final update? Haha, yeah right... We do seem to be good to go though! Cap replaced with 15psi cap. Bleed screw temporarily replaced until part comes in the mail from Auto Atlanta. Bought a M8 x 1.0 from bolt shop and cut it down. Made sure it wasn't high tensile. Seems to work well for the time being. Something we didn't quite put together initially because we thought 'nah that's stupid, no way that was done that way' was that the second time the coolant overflow problem occurred, the aftermarket temp gauge stopped working about 20 minutes beforehand. We knew we had to rectify that problem but assumed it was not relevant to the fans turning on because why would power to the gauge have anything to do with the fans turning on?!? It sounds incredibly stupid, but maybe there is a reason for it? It was only apparent to us that the gauge should be looked at more urgently after we filled the system up again and the fans never turned on and spewed coolant out again. I think I dropped 8 f-bombs in the space of 12 seconds, a new record for me. Ok, guess we are checking that temp gauge now... After tearing the centre console out and doing a continuity test on the line, no faults found. Plugged it back in and low and behold, it turns on. Connection must've been bumped. Turned the ignition on and got a massive voltage drop. Fans turned on... Fans were also set to come on at 94 degrees. I have now reduced this down to 85 degrees and will further fine tune it after doing more reading. We are replacing the thermostat for good measure too and I will be ordering a new set of hoses soon because the existing ones appear to be a little old. Lindsey racing has some pretty blue ones that I think I'll be ordering alongside some pretty blue ignition leads considering I tore one of them getting them out when doing my compression testing. And yes, my car is also blue. If anyone has dealt with Lindsey racing, I'd love to hear from you to know if I'm making a mistake with them and should be going elsewhere. @P-Kay Will definitely have someone flush it, thanks for the idea. Hopefully that will prevent me from having to get a radiator anytime soon. To surmise, the cap seems to have caused the first event with the powerless temp gauge causing the second and third event. Car has now been put back together and is working although we have yet to take it on a proper run. To prevent this issue from ever happening again due to a loose connection, Dad had a redundancy he had previously used on my brothers car (the same brother responsible for making it difficult to find tools in the garage. I blamed him for a missing 10mm for years. Turns out I had the 10mm the whole time in that one case. He still brings it up.). The redundancy is another temp sensor installed inside the tube at the head connected to an independent analogue switch to turn the fans on when the temp hits the failsafe. Will take photos once it is installed. Itty bitty system that can be hidden quite nicely. Apologies for the wall of text. I have found too many half finished forum posts on the web saying "I have a problem!" followed by "Nevermind, fixed it" with little to no explanation as to how or the posts just stop with no resolution and it frustrates me to no end. I'm trying not to be 'that guy'. Edit : Something I forgot to add. Required disclaimer, don't try this at home. The mouth to mouth trick to bleed the system worked really well and saved an incredible amount of time.
  10. On this episode of Ghost hunters, we try to find the ghost leaving fluro green ectoplasm everywhere! Again... Car ran perfectly all day running errands with more than 1 mountainside trip (Dad lives in a valley so no matter what we do, we have to drive up and down a mountain, poor us 😁). Then, after giving it some on the final stretch (no more than usual) then down the driveway where we eventually turned it off. Queue coolant overflow pipe. Did the exact same motions 3 other times that day and all was well. We now have confirmation that the coolant is 100% coming from the overflow pipe. @P-Kay I checked the cap after you mentioned it and thought yep no problems it looks brand new. And, it was. After more and more (and more) reading and learning how the system works (mechanical novice) I noticed something was amiss after having a pretty nice little 'Aha' moment followed quickly by a 'derr, you aren't too bright are you Blake' moment. The radiator cap may be new but it is underrated to Porsche spec. It is only a 90kpa/13psi cap! The Porsche part is 100kpa/14.5psi and people are recommending all the way up to 145kpa/21psi for later models. I think I'm going to start with 110kpa/16psi as I have read a few people going this size and it sounds like going higher is only going to highlight other weak points in the system. I will also be looking for a new bleed screw for the head. I only wish I had video for why. Factual retelling; Me - Tightening bleed screw Dad - Don't tighten it too.... Car - Old Faithful After several moments of histerical laughter after beelining it to the ignition, the next comment 'oh crap, the head!' was less funny. Luckily, Dad has pretty much every tool you could imagine, if you can find it in the shed. We did a compression test on all the cylinders and we are running at ~175psi per cylinder with little variation, woohoo! No coolant on the plugs either. Head is safe. Replacing cap and screw on Sunday with any luck. To be continued...
  11. I will never forget the kids reactions when seeing the 944 for the first time. 8 year old Daughter - I like your Harry Potter car. It's a beauty (yes, she is incredibly bogan). When's lunch? She had to point out why it was a Harry Potter car... It can't be unseen now. 9 year old Son - cool. Can we go upstairs now? While wearing his backpack with all his video gaming stuff in it. I bet if I showed him a 944 on Forza he would be happy. My reaction to their reactions was the closest you could get to a real world face palm while trying not to laugh. Their priorities are clearly not even close to being aligned to mine. It got me a good one.
  12. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the assistance here with all the troubleshooting. It helped so much. Successfully bled the system using the bleed screw yesterday. Chose not to give mouth to mouth hah. I think a good investment will be the pressure tester. It will go onto the list. Reading stories of people sitting there for 40mins waiting for the air to push out. Yep, they aren't wrong. I was there for over an hour. Timm - Definitely going to rig your coolant catcher suggestion up! Ingenious.
  13. Ok, turns out that hole means nothing. Also, the car has now christened me in a lovely green hue. I only wish there was someone else there to laugh at me except myself. Silly me thought the system was empty so I unscrewed the drain plug without a pan. So, good news and bad news. Filled the system up with water and ran the car. No leaks. Super frustrating because now I have a car that will work, but I'm not sure why! I guess this is where I need to just accept that it works and be grateful haha. Timm - Seems like you may have been spot on with the overflow as I ran the system and revved it a bit with the refill cap off and a good amount of water pushed out the top. After I put the cap back on and ran the system again, little drops were coming out of the overflow pipe at the bottom. I could see how a build up of air pressure could force a heap of coolant out of there. Amazes me how quickly it leaked though given the diamater of the overflow tube. Your solution makes even more sense given the radiator still had at least a couple of litres in it. With any luck, it will spew out again in a carpark and this time I will be quick enough to jump under it immediately to find the point of failure. Just like with any issue, checking out this one has led me to a few other bits and pieces I need to fix. Not to mention some 'wtf did they do that for' moments hah. Super excited.
  14. Hey guys, Under the car now. I may be a little biased here but shouldn't the below hole have something in it? Picture taken of drivers side. I have read that sometimes radiators have random holes that require plugging. Not sure if it's one of those cases or there is meant to be a hose there. Will continue googling.
  15. Not sure yet. Had a quick look when it happened and nothing was loose/missing from the top/accessible part of the engine bay. Will be starting on it Thursday morning. I will be having a notepad with me as I suspect when I start inspecting the front end, there will be little bits and pieces not up to scratch that I will need to order in addition to whatever actually went wrong. Super excited to have a reason to pull it apart and familiarise myself with the car. Lucky for me, I have some time up my sleeve due to COVID and an understanding wife. Should be a blast!

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