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  1. Thanks very much Edgy! Appreciate your efforts!
  2. Thank you - I'll look forward to that.
  3. Thank you very much Edgy. That is the sort of feedback I was after. Are your two Macans the current model or previous - could that make a difference? This shows the variation in views on this subject. Maybe you could measure the height to top of wheel arch, or somewhere else relevant, to confirm your view - would be grateful for that.
  4. There is a lot of misleading information on this subject. The view I have formed, for Australian Macans, is that the standard ride height is the same for both GTS and turbo models as they both have PASM. This is 15mm lower than Macan and Macan S models. This is verified by looking up the Porsche Australia specifications which show overall height as 1609mm for GTS and Turbo vs 1624mm for the others. Then, the Turbo has standard air suspension which at the low setting can give another 10mm decrease in height. So the Turbo can be lower than the GTS unless the GTS is fitted with the optional air suspension. In that case it will be the same as the Turbo. Interesting that much of the promotion for the GTS highlights that it is lower than the other models. Any comment on this?

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