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  1. Been a while since you battled commuter traffic Stevo...
  2. it was the 987/997 when it stopped - I asked Porsche the question a couple of years ago when looking at a used car that didnt have the sticker
  3. Just dont start talking to Michael, its impossible to have a conversation with him thats less than 90 minutes in duration 😆
  4. what a bargain exactly what do people want for $15k FFS!
  5. what Coastr said - really new car, probably PCM @Dave Brennan is a good guy, no dog in the hunt and building as the go to man - more followers than Kim Kardashian
  6. A little unfair of you - I mean $3BN to build a tram that takes 20 minutes longer than the bus its replacing is progress isnt it? Urban myth - this never actually happened
  7. Horsepower primarily, on the 991 it's around 40HP diff. Wheels, some trim, adaptable dampers, I think the brake callipers (other than being red) may also differ Porsche website configurator will highlight the difference
  8. I always pictured you more as an "Air Supply" fan Phil....
  9. Ozvino

    LHD to RHD conversions

    Detlef Specht out in Rowville did quite a few over the years especially in the 80's - he's past that now. He most recently did a 996 4S out of the states (madness I know). Back in the day he even did a 928.....think bomb disposal under enemy gunfire wearing a welding mask..... If you were doing a total strip, paint and rebuild maybe look into it, otherwise agree with Sven
  10. Beautiful 928 - I sold mine last December, identical colour and similar condition. Your price is extremely reasonable (if not low). You need to own one to appreciate the effort you have put in. A 928 is a $50,000 Porsche. It’s just a matter of where you buy in.
  11. Touching George - you should write greeting card text - LOL 😁
  12. and as with most of us, your addiction has spiralled 🙂

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