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  1. Tell the dealer that Porsche needs to buy you an iphone - seriously. Like you said, you paid $300k plus for the car and at the time you had that functionality. I would be asking for $1500 to cover the cost of an iphone
  2. that strategy, just like car storage, has a limited life.......ask me how I know 😎
  3. clearly his wife has told him to sell it and he has complied by listing it for sale
  4. SOLD I have sold my 928 off-market and as a result I am selling off some parts that are no longer needed. I have a set of genuine Porsche Cup 1 wheels for sale. They are in very good condition, with no kerb rash and all present as very clean. The faces have been refinished at some stage, in the original silver colour - the barrels are clean and have no damage. These were on my 928 and are a perfect fit for an S4. I believe they may be from a 968 or 964 Turbo however do your own due diligence on size, I am not a wheel fitment expert - Google/Rennlist is your friend. These are not easy to find for a 928/968. Compared to reproduction wheels these genuine cups are very light and track exceptionally well. They are as good a fit as you can get for a late model 928 in regards to the offset and will make the car handle as it should - I sourced these to replace replica wheels that caused the car to tram-track. Wheel Sizes as follows: Front 7.5" x 65 offset (17" wheel) Rear 9" x 55 offset (17" wheel) The wheels have Continental tyres fitted (front 225/40/17, rear 255/40/17). These tyres have only 3000km on them and present in excellent condition however I bought them in 2011 (they were manufactured late 2010). They have been stored inside a garage and seen little sun so they are in very good condition - however given the age, caveat emptor. The wheels will come with both silver and coloured wheel caps. Wheels are located in Heidelberg, Victoria. Pickup or freight - If you arrange freight I could have them individually wrapped for pickup. Thx Dave
  5. You will read about people using Volvo engine mounts - my advice is avoid them. I bought a pair and the fit was awful; the factory hydraulic mounts are expensive but the way it transforms the ride is amazing - the car idles and drives a lot smoother with new mounts, very noticeable
  6. Go with factory - pay the extra $$$ and put a new pair in, they will likely outlast you
  7. Nice work Simon, as usual. For an accountant you have a lot of style 😏 it would be good to see some more of your video work along with the great shots you take
  8. Photos don't do this car justice - immaculate is an understatement, anyone in the market should take a look as this car
  9. Have you spoken to the dealer you bought it from in regards to your plans? Suggest thats a desirable enough car that they could probably assist with your GTS hunt. I went in to buy a new 991.2T and decided I wanted a 991.1 3.8S, PCM sourced a used car for me in the spec I was looking for Worth asking if you haven't already
  10. interesting - they are a long ass way from the river....
  11. Price - cant see people paying that sort of money given what the 991 GT cars will do. I realise its not an apples to apples comparison 991 v 996/7 Had an interesting conversation with someone at Porsche last week; the huge increase in demand for GT cars over the past 5 years that drove supply to unprecedented levels 991 onwards from a GT perspective is going to have a huge impact on future values. Lease cycles coming to fruition now on the 991 are going to see a huge number of cars come onto the market. 991 models in general are seeing the impact of lease cycles pushing down prices, will increase downward pressure on the GT cars also. When you add into the mix that its now a lot harder to finance toys and a slowing property market, sub $200k 991 GT3's, $150k 997 GT3's and $100k 996 GT3s would have to be a possibility These cars are made to be driven - if people are buying them as an investment it could end in tears
  12. Mine has been great - zero issues; note that MB servicing is expensive, if the car isn't under a warranty use an independent; I think 2012 onwards they have been very good cars The 250 has more go and usually comes with a few extra features

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