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  1. That's a paddling! They've done that just to get it drivable to the auction house and make it someone else's nightmare. They have had to mount a median or something to land on and crack it like that. Can you see other evidence underneath the chassis where the gutters hit?
  2. Wow!? How would you manage doing that? That is lower control arm right? Those are the thickest ones.
  3. I am about to replace all the arms and parts due to worn bushes. The old ones... are they re-usable by someone who wants to put track bushes in them? Do people pay for them?
  4. That looks like it has the original Litronic HID lamps. Not too common! Sadly I am not fond of tippers.
  5. If this sells just shy of 100K the C4S will have reached a new level of silly in my opinion: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2004/sse-ad-6924981
  6. I am not an expert by any means but it is possible to navigate a smaller flexible tube to the air pocket and then use "reverse" siphoning effect?
  7. I still don't understand why LSD was not standard equipment on a car of this calibre.
  8. Went straight to the source and found... they stopped getting made in 2010 and nothing has been made or will be made beyond that. If you have a graphite grey or metropole blue one of these, treat it with love and care!
  9. I think the best solution is: 1. Cut outs of the black frame. 2. Folded sheet metal frame connecting to the lower rear points and resting on the lower dash.
  10. I am doing a centre console delete on a 996. I am trying to find the part 98655211302 in Graphite Grey (98655211302C50) but it seems it is not available anywhere and Porsche are not making any more? Any recommendations on how to find one? I can see a few online stores listing them but none that confirm 100% they have stock.
  11. It's a great idea and it would fit but the wire bundle is not long enough I have found today. And there are A LOT of tiny wires to patch if I wanted to extend it. Centre console is out and I have spent the better part of today figuring out what the previous head unit installer had done. There were so many wires patched unnecessarily and a really scrappy RCA and power lead to the centre console for a digital radio unit. 18 years of knee rubbing captured in a piece of trim:
  12. One of my pet peeves is the "pressure-wave" of traffic that forms around cameras; mobile or fixed. The worst one in my experience was the westbound M4 just before Eastern Creek where some numpties would slam on the brakes at the camera and cause a tail-back. I'm sure we all know about the over-read in our speedo's and the margin applied in enforcement. However most people don't, and they freak out about 1kph over the limit, but they are reading their dashboard and probably are already doing 5 under and in no danger of getting a ticket. If any of you are still doubting, these guys took one for the team to prove it: I often think if everyone aimed for the limit and knew if the needle was a bit over they are going to be fine... more time would be spent with eyes on the road instead of the dashboard. Everyone would get where they are going faster and safer.
  13. Mobile phone use mainly or is it even people drinking their coffee or eating and other stuff considered OK generally?
  14. It's true. It's all diminishing returns now, and the changes from year to year are just statistical abnormalities. The only significant change they can still make is 30/40 zones in heavy pedestrian areas. And that isn't really so much to do with the stopping distance but the survivability of the an impact with a car at that speed. It was a Dutch study from memory that lead to the adoption of the 50km national suburban limit: basically if a car hits you at 60kph you've got a 20% chance of surviving, and at 50kph you've got a 50% chance. That's from memory though, so don't quote me. The rest (measures to reduce the road toll) is just faffing around the edges. I wouldn't mind so much if it actually funded more cops on the roads catching the idiots or better roads so the speed limits could be increased. If they wanted to make a seriously positive health impact, they would focus on removing stuff that increases trips times and frustrations/stress on the roads: right lane hogs, better lane guidance, driver education, reduced tolls, more clear-ways, etc etc. It's the fact they are just trying to distract us from the corruption scandal unfolding right now that shits me... 😄

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