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  1. Today I got a bastard of a broken boost spring out. And got some spare change in the process.... shame it's only good in the EU and UK.
  2. Yep it's been advertised a few times before in Cairns. Must be last purchase was through wholesale somehow and now a dealer in Sydney is flogging it. I think the price is meant for someone that REALLY likes Ocean Jade.
  3. I hold similar thoughts. Having the engine replaced early in life does not negate the IMS issue (unless you're in the IMS sceptic group). It only means that you've got a newer one that still needs something done at some point. This engine will for sure be single row IMS and should be done as priority in my opinion. Maybe the owner has baulked at the quote from Hamilton to do the IMS? From memory Hamilton insist upon the replacement as a service item instead of implementing the oil fed solid bearing. Maybe the current owner is not happy doing that every 50K?
  4. This would be a bargain '89 964 Cab... But I think it's a seriously overpriced 996 Tip actually. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1989-porsche-911-carrera-manual/OAG-AD-14245964 😆
  5. Today I pretty much got to drive it for the first time in weeks. After I got back from Luftwasser the wheels came off to get repaired by Finn at Virgin Wheel Repairs. That left me time to take other stuff off and clean and service etc. It was carrying a lot of caked up mud and dirt from the UK. It was a quarantine nightmare, except for the fact the number of chemicals I used that likely killed anything over from pommy land aside from the air of superiority. Then the mufflers came off to contemplate the acoustic refinements that might be had. That was a one way street until I got new clamps and harnesses etc due to corrosion. Some bolts were snapped, some words were said... water under the bridge now. After being unable to find used harnesses that were not in a similar condition on the open market, and overall being unimpressed with the price and materials of Porsche Genuine fasteners... I invested in some stainless steel bolts, made to spec in UK. They even came with a certificate of authenticity and a ugga dugga specification. While I was in amongst the wheel arches I took the opportunity to liberate the old spark plugs and retire them. I peeked at the engine's private parts while I was there... so risque! The wonky needle on the oil pressure gauge had previously indicated the sensor had ventured past it's best years. I used a carefully calibrated crows foot I had seen suggested and torqued it up. Everything got washed, some things got media blasted. Some things even got sanded and polished. Lady luck was not on my side and a clamp bolt that was torqued to spec snapped... the supplier must have been a few furnaces short of a steel mill. That was Sunday's car's and coffee nixed. The big green shed had something that sufficed. And after a shake down I am back on the road with new wheels, and nicer exhaust note and some less worry about things rusting away underneath. I even replaced a belly pan that went AWOL some time prior to my ownership. After finding a hose and a bucket... I will hopefully have some photos for the "Where did you take your Porsche today?" megathread.
  6. Koi pond is normally a $10,000 feature in luxury SUV's!
  7. I wonder how many slightly soggy cabs and targa's are going to come on the market after this rain? I have already helped one relative with a leak emergency where the car had become a mobile paddling pool.
  8. Now now... we don't want to upset the two-handed steering brigade by calling them muppets.
  9. What about the one's with two clutches? 😄 They need to specify how many pedals I think.
  10. I think there's just too many young muppets that think if you can select gears it's manual.

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