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  1. Mount Eliza, welcome anytime just shout when you are coming through on your way ‘to check for wind damage down at flinders 😜’
  2. Same car , pcb car that went to duttons to CTs to Queensland bmw dealer ( who traded in an R ) car was $405 ish otr new , I was going to buy it new when the original person who specced it was wobbling , but he firmed up and took delivery. One iif those funny games where it went to duttons at one price , then to cts at a higher price ( $20k ) a week later then to Queensland at $30k more 🤷‍♂️… smoke , mirrors , shenanigans great spec … and I love Meissen 🙂 Back in melbourne now and being enjoyed
  3. I had same problem with the .2 RS and the cup car … ended up with the futura supercar trailer at a reasonable deal and quick delivery . welcome to have a look at it Sven if they are on your list .
  4. Hey guys … don’t forget it’s Highball cars and coffee time again at Bosch HQ Clayton ( Victoria ) this weekend ….. this is our first event back and is a bit of a test run for OH&S covid procedures to prove ourselves both to Bosch and the powers that be that we can run a safe event … there will be some QR code scan ins etc so please be patient , remember this is a free event run by volunteers so don’t get shitty if there’s some delays on entry etc .. probably best to avoid big convoys down ( we tend to break groups up when it comes to parking anyway to keep the mix eclectic ) …. There’s no entry fee but I’ll be shaking the tins for our charity partner for this event , no obligation but all donations greatly appreciated ( so get those gold coins out from down the sofa ) … take a look https://www.goldiesangels.com.au/
  5. For any locals or solos that want to sprint down... a few of us are meeting at my place , mount eliza anytime after 7am for a 7.:30am ish run through the hills to arrive around 8.30 and get bumped in ....PM me for the address . don’t forget it’s daylight savings , so we get an extra hour in bed too 👍 pj ... sort ur life out and bring the 356 ... we can make it for pinks if you like 😜
  6. Car seems to be fine , just let go one of the crappy bonded coolant hoses , so I guess it’s time to drop the engine and redo them all going forward ... my own fault for not trailering up in the first place and putting a jinx on it !! yeah exactly that I think , looking at it this Am it’s rotated the wheel ever so slightly putting a bit of slack into the strapping .... note to self for next time !
  7. Tbh dunno , by the time I’d done a full day in the cup car then got creamed by the storm on the 4 ht trip back home I was so far out of it by the time I docked, I just threw it in the corner and left it there hitched and on the trailer and fell into bed .... will check In Am 😬
  8. That’ll be that mischievous dick niggens again 🤦‍♂️
  9. And with that I declare the event finally over !! 😜...the guys up there were super helpful locking the car away all week , and as previously said , commented on how much they had enjoyed our day and looking forward to next year !!
  10. I’d be up for a bit of that and bring the GT for sure , even if it’s just a single session
  11. What a great weekend , thanks so much for taking on the burden of organisation Sven , and Hugh for the super efficient admin on the day . Definitely one of the most relaxed , friendly and enjoyable events I have had the pleasure of attending , great to meet so many guys and put names to faces at last Apologies for crop dusting of the main straight ( if anyone has a picture then let me know ! ) .... I’ll be back up there later this week to grab the car if anyone has left anything behind
  12. No sense letting a weekend pass from the Mrs go to waste 😜....
  13. Anyone know if there is / isn’t a test n tune on the Friday ... it was showing on their calendar originally then disappeared ? if there isn’t then see you for the convoy up !

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