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  1. How much for the fuel lines? Cheers Matt
  2. I love this build, kombi WIN Porsche engine WIN and your doing such a good job keep it up. keen to see it running again!!
  3. Hey everyone thanks for all the nice messages and posts, i must of missed some of them im sorry but really appreciate, i have been doing quite a bit more and collecting some more parts as they come up for sale. but here is my next episode, i have been fixing up the rocker covers and a bit more cleaning https://youtu.be/4zpnk82RSxs Also i was wondering if anyone can help, I have to do my wiring next and cleaning up a few bits as i now have an internal reg alternator from what i can work out and so have three wires just chilling next to the CDI and thinking cause im tiding up the wiring can i just delete them? i might have to get some pictures but thought someone might just be able to tell me. also i was wondering if anything who has changed a sporto to manual and can tell me what they did with the neutral switch? from what i have been told that in a sporto there is the shifter in neutral wires/switch that i will have to wire up so the car doesnt think its not in neutral and wont start. Any help would be amazing Thanks Matt
  4. Bacckkkkk Okay so had a few bits going on and been working on my other project which is my kombi. But I have started getting back into it so have a new clip. Also looking for a set of drive shafts and rear stub axles for six bolt flanges if anyone has some? Thanks for looking Cheers Matt https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n67YV4ebYf4&feature=youtu.be
  5. Hi everyone I'm back. Sorry it's been a while lifes been gettting in the way, buying a house and then building a shed out the back to have my tools and my cars at home rather than else where. So since I posted last I tired to work out my problem with the fuel relay and found that is was getting pretty warm after a bit of a drive so have ordered a new one and other than that just driving it. Then my rego ran out and it was getting pretty cold and almost winter so I have parked it up. After the shed was built I got back into it and I have dropped the engine and box to tackle a few things with the engine as well as taking out the sporto trans and replace it with a gear box. I know a lot of people were telling me to keep it and gave me many reasons to and I really did appreciate it, but at the end of the day I have always wanted a manual porsche and I didn't quite feel like the sporto was for me. It was fun and crazy to just put it in drive plant the foot and have it hust take off and just want to go faster but the exhaust note and feel just wasn't for me. So I bought a box and all the little parts and pieces to go with it to mount the throw out fork and return spring mechanism and what not. I'm now up to building a pedal set and have decided to put a YouTube channel together. It's my first time being behind and in front of the camera and learnt heaps from my first episode. So it isnt the best but my next clips will be better I promise. Up next is waiting for a large box of engine seals and gaskets to seal the engine back up and fix the triangle of death but more on that later. Thanks for looking Cheers Matt
  6. You have done awesome mate and as Jeff said you give it a go and if it doesn’t work you keep going change it or try something else. plus the money you have spent you have such an amazing job. Keen to see more. Keep up the good work!!!!
  7. Sounds like you have done an awesome job. Do you have any photos? would love to see it
  8. So after all if that work and driving it for a few days I have hit a problem. On Saturday I went for a bit of a bigger drive and just near home the engine stalled in the middle of a round about but was lucky and pulled over just after it was no hassle. I turned the key off and waited for a few seconds and a big loud back fire out of the exhaust. I then turned the key and it started right up like nothing had ever happened. I was told by the PO that it would play up like this every now and then. I didn't think to much of it. So today it was a warmish day here in canberra at about 32 degrees, I took it for a nice long drive and it started to happen again. This time much worse, from what i can work out it seems to happen when the car gets to up to temperature and stays there for quite a bit of time. Today it got worse as it stopped and then was like okay so there it is again and didn't think to much of it again. But then only 2kms down the road it happened but this time unlike the others were it just stalled this time it ran on kept running for a few seconds. Which was different fm but maybe just didn't notice it the other times. It also took a good ten seconds of cranking to get it to start and it was a bit ruff for about 30 seconds. Even when dying the accelerator pedal doesn't do anything. This happend about 10 more times as I was just trying to limp to a friend's house maybe 2kms away. Got it there and was thinking fuel. Check the fuel pump to see if it was maybe hot and not playing the game but it was nice and normal temp. Not hot at all. Tried the coil and CDI and both seemed very warm but that's kinda what I was expecting considering it's in the engine bay. But it did seem very warm. Let the car cool down was about 2 hours and then drove it a shorter distance with no problem. Then did the same thing and drove it a bit further and no problem but by the time I stopped it was getting close to about the temp I thought It would play up again but was home and didn't really want to make it play up again. If anyone can help or has an idea of what it might be im all ears. Thanks Cheers Matt
  9. Been a busy week or so, have been fixing little bits here and there and just making sure the car will pass rego and fixing little bits up here and there. First was more cleaning and scraping off lots of old oil and dirt build up on the oil tank and anything else that was under the rear and covered in grease. I got it all looking pretty good but damn it was dirty. Got all the lights working which took a few globes and I also got rid of the huge big ugly impact rubbers from the rear and put in some cheap little led number plate lights. They don't work to bad. I used a number plate I borrowed off another car so I could get the right spacing. Pretty cheap and are so much better than the bumperets or what ever people call them. I then got onto fixing the windscreen washer which was a bit of a pain. It Would work when I held it together after I cleaned it but then when i put the screws back it it wouldn't. Took a bit of time but sorted it out with more cleaning and a bit of lube. Lube fixes all. When in doubt add some Lube!! So from getting all that done I went to work on the window reg that was sitting in the bottom of the door with a bit of card holding up the glass. It took me a while cause I just couldn't find a nice photo of what I was missing. I knew I was missing the spring but wasn't sure what was broken cause there was nothing in the door and I didn't pull it apart to start with. But I found this photo and thought I would put it up just in case someone else had the same problem. I didn't get the right parts in time so I made up a bolt and nut to get the window working and will fit the new parts when it turns up. Sorry didn't take a photo of after my fix but had it before i did and of one that wasn't broken to reference off. Got the car all cleaned up and off to the rego place which was just next to work. Which helps. Knocked me back on the blinker not working which just ended being a loose connector in the light housing. So got that sorted got it all regoed which has been awesome. After that I had it on the hoist at work and so fixed my throttle cable bell crank and metal cable bit. I tiged it all around with stainless and the sanded and polished it back up. It was repaired in the past with some brass so it splattered a bit as I burnt it out but it came out okay in the end. Forgot to get a nice before photo but after I burnt the brass out of it there was no end left at all. Wish I got a photo now. I do know there are repair kits for this parts but I was at work and had a bit if free time so gave it a go. Been driving it a fair but and it's a pretty awesome little car. Thanks Cheers Matt
  10. Hi Yeah I was thinking the triangle of death I just don't want it to be. But I think it is.
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments and PMs it's been really nice finding out about where this car has been to. I will be keeping both the Fuchs and 3 piece rims. Always nice to have a shoe swap every now and then. I have been tinkering on the car the last few days. Only a few hours every other night. Got the cv out and all cleaned up and then all out back together. Got new hardware and boots and it all went in nicely. But I can tell you that the cv bolts have to be about 47mm at most cause the extra 3mm I had first on the outside hub makes it not very nice. Got it all back together and gave the underside 1 of very many degreasers to get all the grim off and to start finding out where the oil leaks are coming from. Think I have found one rather big leak coming from the oil level sensor and from what I can tell isn't going to be to fun to change. Any way few pictures here just cause if there's none it didn't happen right. I did mean to get some others but didn't feel like getting all wet for a few photos so they will come next time. Does look a million times better and now won't get half as dirty. Thanks for looking. Cheers Matt
  12. Thanks clutch monkey. Let's see how this goes Got some other rims I'm working on and getting ready to polish up too Just put them on to see if they would fit, have to say they should work really well. Cheers Thanks Matt
  13. Photos can wait cause Flickr is killing my life

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