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  1. Definitely interested in photos when you get this done! How do you have remove for the climate controls and a double DIN media unit in the top section?
  2. And to make things even more confusing: https://www.michelin.com.au/auto/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4 - 16" -> 21" https://www.michelin.com.au/auto/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s - 18" -> 22" (4s vs 4Ss)
  3. Pity they don't exist in 17" though....
  4. I agree. I too wonder whether there is some sort of "DRM" on the devices so that we can be sold the devices and the "maps" at Australian prices...
  5. When I spoke to Porsche Melbourne 4 weeks ago they said that it would not be available till next year. Sounded more like end of q1..
  6. 😄 I'm there next week going through items on my PPI @ Everyone - thank you so far for the input! Its awesome, and I am still trying to get it all through my head. I still haven't worked out which way I want to go, and the challenge is with so many different opinions, its really hard to work out the most sensible part forward. I don't have a lot of time to 'play' with suspension settings, so I would rather find a solution that I can have setup once, and can then keep it. As a newcomer to rear engine cars, I also feel I need to learn how to drive these, and how they behave differently to the other cars I have owned in the past. Thanks for your offer, I may come back to you on that as I get closer to pulling the trigger! Thanks all again, and great to hear what has worked for everyone.
  7. Hi all, I am looking for advice on what my next suspension should be for a manual 996.1 C2 Did a search through the forum, but wasn't able to find anything. The car is 20 years old, and I will need to replace the bushes soon, so am planning on doing the suspension at the same time. The primary use 90% road, 10% track. I am looking for for something that isn't going to rip the steering wheel from my hands over every undulation. Is there something that is as "supple" as the standard suspension, yet better? I've noticed there is also a m030 variant available, but I have no idea how different it is from the standard setup. Being stiffer on the road IMHO just ends up with wheels spending more time in the air without traction. I really do not want to lower the vehicle much, if at all, as I do not want to have to carry the car over every single speed bump. Thanks for any tips and pointers
  8. This is exactly how I felt about it as well. Was a bit disappointed when I saw that it was gone, but was happy with the idea that someone would enjoy driving it. When I saw it re-listed 4 weeks later, was super annoyed that it went to a scalper. What I found weird was that it looked like the seller had somehow managed to get a 9 month registration on the car... Oh well. I hope whoever bought it is enjoying it!
  9. There was a 2003/4 996.2 C2 for sale in South Australia about 2 months ago for $62,500 (without IMS) with approximately 42,000km which was sold within a day, and appeared a week later in Victoria for $89,000 (with IMS). The price was then dropped to $84,000 and is now no longer listed, assume it was sold, but no idea for how much. If not for Covid I would have put a deposit on it and flown down to SA from NSW to look at it. It looked like a really nice car,
  10. She is 9 so still fits nicely in the back (so no extra expense!), those seats are just like kiddie seats 😄 https://www.porsche.com/international/accessoriesandservice/classic/genuineparts/producthighlights/pccm/
  11. Thank you! No idea whether cable or e-throttle. I had assumed that all 996s were still cable. The first list of "mods" is getting a proper service, including replacing serpentine belt and pulleys, probably IMS (still trying to get confirmation whether it has been done, but most likely not) and engine mounts. Next up will be bushes and suspension and discs/ pads (as they are worn), and a new set of tyres. Currently mis-matching front/ rears. It is a 20 year old car, so was expecting a few little bits and pieces... As for the Porsche sticker, hadn't seen it prior till a friend pointed it out, and then you can't un-see it! It will need to come off. Not sure I want to know what is under it though... 🙄 Has been a 6 month process. Originally looked at a Cayman 987, but decided if I was to stay with a 2 seater, it would be a new Lotus Elise 220. (My old S1 is in Germany, didn't bring it back over due to it being a LHD). Having a back seat would make it possible to occasionally transport my wife AND my young daughter at the same time, which would increase the number of times I could drive it, so I decided to look at a 911. Recommendations from a friend and the price pointed me towards the 996s. I love the fact that the 996 feels compact, where I have been told the newer ones, although physically close to the same size, feel as if the corners are further away. Had originally wanted a 3.6/ 996.2, but wasn't sure if I would even like it, so really didn't want to start test driving cars with private people. When this one came up in Sydney at a local dealer, grabbed the opportunity and went for a drive. Was clear to me after about 30 seconds that I would be buying it. (Probably also to the dealer ) Even though this wasn't a .2, drove really well, price is IMHO good and was a clean car. Really like it. I was also super impressed how well this handled, with old suspension and the rest! Simply love the car! As for "whats next", other than the service stuff as above, I may splurge on the PCCM +, yes overpriced, but would at least look the part, and then looking for a Porsche driver training (first time with rear engine car) and then the occasional track days. Once this Covid thing blows over hope to sign up for one of the "Targa Tours".... PPS: Yes, hadn't seen the "fridge magnet" prior. Will find out in the next couple of days when I trust myself enough to look behind the sticker....
  12. Exactly. Used to be a Subaru dealer which closed a while back, and currently housing Lexus of Chatswood while they are rebuilding their site across the road. Alex, and the team there were great to deal with, and would definitely visit them first if I was buying a Lexus!
  13. Yep! Was definitely worth a look... I am now the proud owner of my first Porsche. It drives and handles really really well, and a very clean car! Super happy with my purchase, finally picked it up today! -- Andrew

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