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  1. Thank you for your help. I gave it a go on the weekend and trieded opening using trim removal tools. This guide I found online makes it look easy but really isn't! https://workshop-manuals.com/porsche/boxster_(987)/f6-2.7l/heating_and_air_conditioning/air_register/component_information/service_and_repair/removing_and_installing_air_vent_at_door/page_4180/ There appears to be two sets of pins to push at the bottom and get them all pushed at the same time seems incredibly difficult. I wonder how the Porsche mechanics open these. Do they have a special tool. I would very much welcome a YouTube instructional video on someone removing one of these!
  2. I have ordered a replacement spoiler/PSM switch off eBay. Hopefully that is where the fault lies. I will revert back here once I get the part and have a go at replacing it.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a Boxster 987.1 and i would like some clarification on something i believe maybe be faulty. When to the car is on and parked pressing either the spoiler or PSM button doesn't illuminate nor does the spoiler go up. I have seen once where the spoiler was up and it was that day that I had drained the battery as I left the key overnight. I ended up having to purchase a new battery. My question is should a light be on the switches when you press it? Assuming there is nothing wrong with the spoiler motor or fuses could it be the module that holds the bottoms? Would like to get it working without having to resort to expensive costs at the dealership. Cheers
  4. A couple of air vents on my Boxster could do with a replacement. I purchased a replacement however I'm having difficulties trying to pry the existing ones out safely, without damaging the dashboard trim. Does anyone have any good suggestions for removal or a link to a video showing how it's done? Greatly appreciated.
  5. Thank you. More jealous of your Cayman as that is beautiful and was out of my reach. I did once see smoke on a cold start in the morning when i had the car parked in the driveway which has a slight gradient. It was only for a bout 2 seconds and the only time I've seen it. Not sure if that is normal of a Boxster engine or is a concern. Out of curiosity how much would the Air Oil Separator replacement be?
  6. Hi everyone. Just joined this forum and just acquired my first ever Porsche being a mid 2000's Boxster 987. This will be a weekend car and one I take out here and there as my main daily is a nice performance BMW. I used to own a motorbike but getting a little past it in age so this is my new fun. I have many questions about Boxster's, specifically the 987 as the one I bought is not 100% perfect and I'd like to slowly get her to be 100%. Would like to be around like minded individuals into their cars so this forum and the occasional meet-up would be great. The picture is my new (not really new) Porsche when I just paid the deposit, was a little excited at that time. Next step is clearing out the junk in the garage to make room to park it!

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