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  1. Some muppet (me) managed to pull out a vacuum line while trying to troubleshoot a slow warmup issue. What an absolute pain to fix! What's worse is I can't even drive the car due to lockdown! !
  2. Finally figured out why American Porsches have those dog ugly bumper overriders. Foot stands. And here I was thinking they were for pedestrian safety. 🤔
  3. Just as a follow up here - I chickened out on doing it myself, but thankfully my brother is a great local mechanic (EB Prestige - plugging him here) and since it was due for a service he did these at the same time. Anecdotally it seems to turn over easier on startup and a smoother idle, but did do the plugs at the same time. I think well worth it either way as a preventative maintenance measure.
  4. 👍Thanks for the excellent info! Much appreciated. Will let you know how I go.
  5. Hi all, My newly acquired 996 C2 is due for a service and I'll be doing the plugs as they're due. Given how annoying the job is I'm debating whether to do the coilpacks at the same time. Has anyone done the 997 coilpack upgrade? I hear it's worthwhile, but never had any firsthand accounts.
  6. It looks like a photoshop to me - the wheels and shadows don't match. Could be real, but I'm not convinced.
  7. So I've had this sticky accelerator pedal since I bought the car, not only did it stick which gives a terrible feel, it squeaked too - highly annoying. Silicone spray lessened the issue, but it was still not perfect. The culprit was this C-clip, which for whatever reason slips down over the 'ball joint' on the pedal shaft and clamps it way too tight. Removed the whole pedal assembly, cleaned, lubed and removed the c-clip and now the throttle is a smooth as butter.
  8. Cleaned out the radiators on my recently acquired 996 - certainly been quite a while since it was last done by the looks of things. Thankfully no rotting.
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys. @Stepo I am indeed enjoying the experience so far, coming from a Falcon ute so it's nice to actually have some rear traction and non-boat like handling.
  10. Waiting on some new plates - these standard size ones are ugly as.
  11. Hi all, I've been lurking here for a long time and have wanted a Porsche since I was a boy - saw a 959 flying past on the highway when I was about 10 at that was it. Have owned air-cooled VWs since I could get a license. Finally bought a 996 last weekend, so the Porsche journey has officially begun. Seems like an excellent community here (can see some familiar names from VW forums too), so excited to be part of it. Cheers, Eden.

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