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  1. A manual is out of my price range, unfortunately! 997 T Autos seem to run for ~$140k with 80k-100k kms on the clock at the moment, which is a lot but more palatable. I considered the 996, but I just have an affinity for the 997. I might take your advice on test driving both though. Cheers!
  2. I appreciate the detailed, thank you. Any tips on where to get a PPI for a purchase such as this? Should it be a Porsche specialist? For a 2007 built car, what would you consider to be an appropriate km range (you said “not ridiculously high”)? I will be lucky to put 5000/yr on it (it’ll be my daily, I just don’t do many kms).
  3. Hi All Been lurking as a guest for a while. I’ve wanted a 997 Turbo for years. Now in a position to own one. Need advice on what to look out for. Carsales prices for a 997.1 Turbo vary wildly from $140k to $200k+ for seemingly similar cars with similar kms. The cars at the $150k level have been for sale for a while now (maybe ~2+ months), is that a red flag? Redbook says a 2007 997.1 Turbo should cost ~$110k. Are they way off, or should I expect to be able to negotiate the carsales price down considerably? Bang for buck, what is your opinion on appropriate spend vs. kms? What else should I be worried about? Thanks for your help!

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