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  1. Thanks for the reply @Peter M Is there a better place to mount the negative eyelet from the trickle charger, or just directly to the battery clamp? Manual states: Connect the black clamp to the vehicle chassis remote from the fuel pipe and the battery.
  2. I've decided to go with either a Rothsport quick release, or a Porsche motorsport GT3 cup quick release. Anyone know where the Porsche quick release can be purchased?
  3. I'll need to measure. I've noticed quite a few I've seen sit lower at the front than they do at the back. I wouldn't think that's how they're meant to sit? Could it just be sagging front shocks, or is it normal for the front to sit lower than the back? Anyone at standard height, who would be able to give me the measurement from the bottom of the front lip (centre) to ground?
  4. Thanks @Russ, I'll take a look. It's 3.2 with a Bond ultimate battery. I thought, the neg terminal on the battery was fine. If anyone can confirm? Thanks @Peter. I'll give it a go tomorrow at work.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know the standard height of the front lip on a 911 3.2. I've noticed the front end of my car seems to scrape quite a bit even though the car looks as though it's at pretty much standard ride height.
  6. I just purchased the Ctek 5. Is it ok to leave it plugged in all the time? Or do some of you periodically disconnect it. Even when the car is not in use I've also noticed that the connector is too small for my battery bolt. Has anyone modified it? Thinking whether I should drill the hole bigger or just cut it and open the ring.
  7. Thanks Peter. Wasn't sure how thick the wall of the tank was. Hard to tell with the stoneguard. Also not easy to find specific information like that online. It is definitely good to know though.
  8. I can't find anything at all from works bell. They make a standard boss, which I can't find anywhere. In order to have it working with a quick release it needs to be a short boss, which I also can't find. No detachable steering wheel is legal. I'm not too concerned about that.
  9. I didn't end up using the car for work. Couldn't really find a definitive answer, so thought better safe than sorry.
  10. I've given up. I don't think there is an option that works with the factory turn signal cancelling and horn. I can't find a hub that suits my Nardi wheels either. The only option is an adapter for the momo hub.
  11. Ideally I'd like it to run through the boss and QR, but I don't think I have many options. Does the Rothsport work with your turn signal cancelling @OBRUT?
  12. Hi all, I was thinking about buying a quick release and hub for my car. More for security. Instead of fitting an alarm, at least I can remove the steering wheel and store it while the cars not in use. I'm just wondering if anyone is using something similar. There are a few options in the states which look really good, like the Rothsport unit, but the only drawback is you lose the horn function, which is something I'd want of course.
  13. Thanks Nikos. Good to know. My previous 911 sat for a year when I was setting up my new business. I just disconnected the battery. After a year the rear shocks had started to leak.
  14. Thanks Costas. The cars garaged. I guess the question I have is, if the cars going to be sitting there for a period of say 2 months not being driven. During this 2 month period, would it be better to run the car, or leave it as it is until the next time it's driven?

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