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  1. Wow, that looks like it's never even been used! Very nice.
  2. Thanks for that. I would have thought it was the suitcase style. I know some 86-89' in the US that have the suitcase. Maybe we got the orange one, as the suitcase one appears to be made in the USA
  3. I think there's a sunroof tool also.
  4. Hi all, Trying to complete all my accessories for my car. I e. Tool kit, tyre inflator, fuses, etc Does anyone with a late model 3.2 have any photos of their accessories? I'd also like to know which tyre compressor came factory with our cars. Was it the orange one, or the black suitcase style one. Attached is that I think is correct. Thanks
  5. I'm sure someone has posted pics of this car before. Maybe it was on collectingcars and it wasn't the nicest example. LHD conversion and looked a little tired underneath.
  6. I don't think your location matters. If someone wants it they'll buy it. Price looks ok compared to all the other 944 turbos. They're not moving either though, even being $20k less. Just sit tight, or keep dropping the price until the market says it's a good deal and someone snaps it up.
  7. Very strong money for a Targa top. I wonder what the premium is for a coupe over a targa now.
  8. Thanks all. Mines an '88 so should be the same.
  9. That is what I found. 95 is a better blend for my car, seeing its driven occasionally. Have been using it for months. Cannot see a difference between 95 and 98. It's also recommended to keep the rank almost full to avoid condensation. I would always leave it at half. Good fact sheet on BP website.
  10. Hi all, Quick question do 911 3.2 mirrors fold in? Thought I'd ask before I broke anything. Would make things easier when when walking through the garage.
  11. Hard to price considering how uncommon they are. 360ish odd built from memory. Of them how many are coupes and how many are still around? I found one hidden in WA last year, purchased it with the intention of having a bit more fun with it, as it wasn't as clean as my current one (still pretty good though, considering what's out there). A friend of a friend wanted it and in the end the offer was too good to pass up. My point being you might have a $150k car, but if someone's been looking for a year, or maybe a couple more, they might pay 10-20% over market just to have it now because they're sick of waiting. Then it can be a $180k car. G50s aren't common and they're pretty sought after, so I'd try your luck with the higher asking price. Worst that can happen, is you drop the price. I even offered the guy I purchased my '85 model from $10k more than the carsales price, just so he could take it down, because I knew it would sell quick and I had enough of looking.
  12. I have an '85 coupe and an 88' G50 coupe. 180kms on G50 and 195kms on the '85. G50 is insured for $190k and they didn't question it. I felt like I could probably have asked for a higher amount. The '85 is insured for $140k and it took me alot of time and effort on the phone to get there. When I questioned it, they basically said they're aware of the premium for the later model and they can't change it. Pretty much spot on to what I think I'd get now anyway. Might try $150-160k and $210k in a few months when I'm due. See how we go. Edit: I'm with Shannon's too.
  13. I wouldn't say it gets driven hard. It's more I get it up to temp sometimes. Hard to find the balance with old fuel too. I've always wondered what happens with the cars in collections like a Lindsey Fox's.
  14. I wasn't sure if the limited use still lead to deterioration of oil. These cars also take a large amount of oil.

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