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  1. I bought my CSL {BMW} for $10k and sold it 4 years later for $35k , school fees mortgage etc😥, and thought I did well! I still have my other CSL in SMSF but wish I had more!
  2. No, AUD thats why I think $20k is ok but might turn into $25k. Still a whole lot cheaper than upgrading to 991 or a gt3!
  3. Not me Did not even have time to think about it!😐 Don't want to supercharge, thought about buying a 3.8 out of the States but I just think stick with my original motor and rebuild it! It stills pulls like crazy up high but I would love more low-end torque. From the day I bought it, 100,000km, I was told the engine would go mid 200"s km without any issues. My Mechanic drove it around for a couple of days while I was away overseas and said he noticed a low-end rattle and will need a rebuild in 5-10k. I am away for work all November so I thought f##k it, the perfect time for the rebuild, then he mentioned the 4.0 upgrade !!!! If I have to rebuild it, why not do it as a 4.0? As I said Hell of a weapon!😄
  4. Mine has done 220,000km. The gumtree engine/gearbox seems interesting priced depending on what has been done to the motor. I am not after massive HP just amazing torque/pulling power. I gather no one here has had the conversion done?
  5. Love the rear wing, same colour as mine!
  6. I have a VERY high km 996 gen 2 coupe worth sweet bugger all. It is my toy. Love to buy a GT3 but other things I can spend money on. I have been told in next 5-10,000 KM engine will need a rebuild. 4.0 upgrade kit and work approx. $ 20k. It will be a Haunted Hills, Sandown track toy and the odd SMT car for my kids and myself. Has anyone had a 3.6 to 4.0 upgrade done?? I have been told $10k for a bottom end 3.6 rebuild so why not upgrade!! I know most of the questions, will brakes need an upgrade, will transmission handle it? The main question, is it worth seriously considering!! Be a hell of a weapon!
  7. Perfect for a Backdate Hot Rod in my view! Wish I had space {and the Cash] to do it.
  8. This looks nice https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/robina/cars-vans-utes/1975-porsche-911-2-7-manual-coupe/1219316685
  9. Why would you go near it? Why would he think it is worth this sort of money??
  10. If only you could bring this in!! RHD and well priced. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2019-05-18/cars/ref-84-1994-porsche-968-clubsport/

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