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  1. Love this car and Rohan does great work. Right price for a nice car. I wish I had some fun money at the moment!
  2. Have a look at my post on engine rebuild. I looked at 3.8 and a 4.0 lt big bore build. Costs put me off in the end. Decided to go with 3.6 rebuild. Keep us informed!
  3. A few years ago I thought about upgrading to a 4S but then after driving one for a day,{a friend was selling it} I just prefferd my rear wheel drive! The 4S was not as much fun but I loved the fat rear end!😁
  4. Anyone looking for a project? RHD 1969 912 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1969-Porsche-912-Coupe-Factory-RHD/283972625095
  5. Sorry but I did not get down to piston/bore solutions. The discussion was more what are my options. As I said he gave me 4 which is great! He also said whole engine may not need redoing but I think at 240k a few things will need doing!! Greg said he just rebuilt his own 2004 3.6 engine to stock so he knows what to expect. He said once he has the motor out and apart he will know! I guess I decide then how far the rebuild goes. Only other issue now is going more than 5km from home in the next 6 weeks to deliver the car to him!
  6. I have decided option 2 will be best.
  7. Spoke to Greg, very nice helpful guy. Here is the run down. He gave me 4 Options. 1. 997 3.6 Motor 80k km swap $12k for engine and approx $3k labour stripping parts from my engine,electrics,k &n intake etc Lets say $15/16k 2. Rebuild my motor $20k max but he does not think it need a total rebuild. Heres hoping. 3 Hartech 3.9litre rebulid of my engine approx $30k 4. 4.0 litre upgade approx $40k. In his words rebuild mine. The upgrades do not make that big a differance for what I need. I am thinking rebuild mine, buy some new wheels tyres for track days,maybe a little bit of suspension work and have some fun! I feel keeping the original motor is the best thing to do, even though it is a water cooled!! matching numbers will me nice!
  8. Thanks, my problem is I can build a house but I cannot rebuild a Porsche engine!! I have to pay for labour as well.
  9. Fantastic,thanks for that info. How long ago did you do your rebuild?
  10. I will be ringing Greg Bailey in the morning about the upgrade /rebuild.and I will put an update onto the forum. Any other questions anyone wants me to ask?
  11. Thanks Mike,I will follow them up Monday morning. After you giving Greta track lessons who do you think is saying "Dad, make it go harder". I should not have let her go on the track with you!😂😂
  12. Thanks I will look into this. I thought about supercharging but at the time going to 4.0 was easier.

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