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  1. Why would you go near it? Why would he think it is worth this sort of money??
  2. If only you could bring this in!! RHD and well priced. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2019-05-18/cars/ref-84-1994-porsche-968-clubsport/
  3. I think it is Fantastic and would love it in my Garage! Only problem is I would have to sell another one of my existing toys!!
  4. Not bad for a hot rod start project but a leaking 2.7 might cost a bit to rebuild,$10-15k?? Rust spots and a respray $10k. I would have have thought $40k ish would have been closer. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/meroo-meadow/cars-vans-utes/1969-porsche-911t-manual-coupe/1184453583?
  5. Love the colour combination! Would it go with my other red car? YES!!! Would I need a new place to sleep, I think so.??
  6. The more I think about it,the more I like it. Does anyone know of anybody in Melbourne who has had it installed?
  7. Fantastic help. I will look into tpc supercharger.

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