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  1. I know that for the widebody C4S Porsche had the X73 kit available for it at the time and this was due to the extra weight that the C4S carries with it. So I would suspect that the only differentiator as far as compatibility is concerned is kerb weight of the vehicle types.
  2. Costas


    Just use your dash voltmeter gauge as a guide. With ignition ON but not started - your voltmeter should read approx 12v. With the engine running the needle should be up close to 14V if the alternator is working. Here is the label on my battery - Note that this battery is longer than what was supplied with the vehicle when new. You can see that this Bosch battery is a 85 Amp Hour unit - I recall that I did go for a larger battery over stock when I fitted this one but it was so long ago that I cannot recall the stock battery specs. All I remember is that I had to use the battery tray's very outer hole (for the clamp) to get it to fit due to the extra length.
  3. Pity the factory X74 suspension option that Porsche had available during the 996's model years is no longer readily available. The X74 package is/was an awesome setup for a 996 - Larger sway bars, lowered ride height (40mm). It provides for a lower and way stiffer (but in no way harsh) ride as compared to the M030 option. My all time favourite mod for my 996 - Pretty much set and forget...😀 Probably not all that common here in Aus as I had to purchase this from Bert over at Carnewal way back in 2003..!
  4. Costas


    You should get 1 to 2 months out of it if the battery is reasonably new. My current battery has lasted just over 10Yrs and still turns over the M96 well. It has had an easy life though and is always on a mtce charger when the car is not in use and never kept at a high float voltage for extended periods. The battery is actually calcium based unit and I keep it trickle charged to only around 80-90% capacity (ie never fully charged) rather than keeping it at 100% float voltage. Lead acid batteries really hate being discharged to mid/low capacity levels so ideally you want to keep it on a mtce type charger if you will not be utilising the vehicle for days on end.
  5. Costas

    Washing 911

    Cheap as...! Makes sense to buy into whichever tool eco system you already have invested in. I find that the rubber nozzle is worth its weight in gold in not having to worry about it scratching the duco when waving it around. The Makita is on sale every now and then - I picked mine up when on sale a while back for $69.
  6. Costas

    Cayman and Boxster EV

    Wonder how many will miss the sounds/exhaust notes of our current engines....? For meyself, that makes up a large component of my driving enjoyment/experience irrespective of general performance.
  7. Costas

    Washing 911

    I use this particular Makita hand blower as it has a rubber nozzle which prevents any scratches/damage if you accidently touch the car's surface with it. https://www.bunnings.com.au/makita-18v-blower-skin-only_p0218000
  8. Explains the lost nut then....😁 Need some pics of all your work.. or as they say - 'It didn't happen' I feel for you in regards to the lost enthusiasm comment. One of the reasons I sold an old classic of mine years ago. While it was fun to drive around, the ongoing rectification made it a bit less fun due to the time and running around required to complete that work. These days I'm too lazy, so I like the ability of just being able to hop in the car, turn the key and just go and enjoy the drive rather than spending 80% of my time working on the damn thing.. 😁
  9. I could be off track - But there seems to be a lot of mechanical noise (ticking/clicking) present (maybe misfire is contributing to this on the mic pick up) but I would have thought that the engine would have been a lot quieter if it was just a simple fuel starvation problem...?
  10. Welcome to P-Car ownership. You will have to tell us more about your ride....

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