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  1. Hi. Hi all I bought my 996 recently good mileage and condition ..But the roof was not working at all. I removed the hard top that was on for quite a while and I topped up the hydraulic fluid that was very low . The roof now work fast and latch good but the rear cover (clamshell)need to be operated manually from behind the rear seat ( to open or to close and latch )..it doesn't move at all ..I hear the motor kick starting but then stops in 1 or 2 seconds .. Fuses are fine ..manual operation is easy no obstructions or alike .. Anyone knows how this cover operate ? Electric motor ? Any tips on what would the problem be ?..or know who can help.? After some reading I think it's the clamshell mechanism ..motor and cables ..but nothing too obvious to the eye ..maybe calibration ? Anyone knows a good mechanic with the right diagnostic tools? M04015 20202 Thx .

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