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  1. As part of ADR for my UK 928 I need to source all 4 seatbelts (entire mechanism) and child restraint. If anyone has or knows of a wreck or parts please pm me. For reference...it's a 1990 model.
  2. Highly debatable that that is bang for your buck. I don't know the Esprits that well, but surely the S4s or the last of the model V8's are the ones to have...else the earliest S1 from a collectability perspective (but not bang for buck). What I do know about the Esprit is that there is a proliferation of these from Honkers, Singers and Japan with some slightly dubious odometer readings and no verifiable history in sight...so hopefully this one is a step up on that.
  3. Here ya go @MARTY.....Riviera blue certainly is striking to and at 35k GBP it's in your budget. It looks good, seemingly well serviced, and low miles. If you do go for it, I'm eager to see what it ultimately costs and how long it takes, as things are very different than pre Covid days! https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/13247659 It would certainly impact the car market, but the 968 market is pretty illiquid as you already know. Sure...if you're talking something far more common, say like a 997 911, you'd expect one seller to drop, then another, then a few more rush to the door. But there's not much 968 stock out there to begin with. A private sale 968cs is something you see once a year, twice at best, so nobody would be forcing such a capitulation. Most of my front engined are held in my super fund, so I can sit on them for decades before I care what happens. And as for importing from the UK...you would likely see the price come down a fair few pegs....only to find AUD depreciation completely negates any benefit.
  4. @Jedly...does your broker invoice actually reflect those figures? As you know....duty is 5%. Should be 3075 not 3650. GST is levied on all costs including shipping, local Wharf handling, cleaning and even compounding on your duty component, so would be closer to 7500. LCT kicks in at app 69k at the rate of 33%. How do you get that as $0? Who does your engineering and what do they charge? Most engineers I know are charging around 800 for their work excluding whatever mods they advise. For a 968, this will include multiple items such as rear brake light, odometer cluster change so that kmh is in larger font than mph etc. Each of these runs to over four figures. Did your engineer not require these? And like I said earlier... want to hope you don't have a cat delete. Did you run an HPI or did you hope that the car wasn't accident damaged in UK? What are your freight costs to the UK docks....I usually pay 3 to 4 GBP per mile, so if the car is near London and not shipped by Felix but via Newcastle or Southampton, that costs me 1k just for that trip. And that's not considering costs of the asbestos tests, costs of the UK side inspection... You're very lucky with what you land! Ever had a second key go missing...a flat battery upon landing in Australia after 45 days sailing (resulting in forklift removal and fee off the boat)...service books go missing, spare parts or stereos stolen, etc? 3 more scratches on the LHS front guard you never saw in the PPI you didn't do? I've probably suffered each of these many times over. And as you know, don't bother hitting up the shipping company, as that gets you nowhere! I'm not saying don't import or don't RORO....but right now you'd want one hell of an inducement to do this... relative to driving or flying to an Aus based car and haggling with cash on the spot. And given we're using the 35k GBP figure, and the op is using this in context of a 968cs....first stumbling block is simply finding that cs for 35k GBP. I don't see it.
  5. On reading the carsales as for the white 968, I note the seller states it will soon be eligible for historic plates. I should add that it is already eligible in Vic, and for those not across this, the real benefit of club plates is the savings on stamp duty. Of course, this is irrelevant if you already own the car. But if you're buying it first time, the saving can be considerable. A 100k used car can save close to 5k in stamp duty 'avoided'. And for those wondering 'if I have a car on Vic club plates...can I drive that in other states?'...the answer is yes. So import your 1997 car through Vic, comply it and rwc it there, put it on Vic plates IF YOU CAN, then ship it interstate where you live.
  6. Cheers Frank. I hasten to add, it is a great time to buy a car right now....at least from an AUD perspective... But it is a highly undesirable to freight a car right now, especially containerised freight from Northern Hemisphere. Straight RORO shipping ex Japan is not awful right now, but the auction prices for JDM cars however is quite stratospheric. My friend bought a TVR Cerbera from Wales last month... he's storing it near Southampton for 18 months till it's clear for export after which time things may have settled, so it seemed an astute purchase.
  7. Sorry....early in the morning. I forgot to add local port fees and customs brokerage etc etc. For 35k GBP right now you might find yourself coughing up close to 100k. And for anyone who knows better...you only have to tell us which UK truckies, customs handlers, which container shipping lines, Aus brokerage companies, FX companies and most importantly which compliance agents here in Aus will actually stand behind the prices which you claim they'll provide you right now. I doubt you'll get local compliance under 3k for instance. On a really bad day if you have the wrong exhaust etc you might be closer to 7k. Importing is extremely easy till you do it, and for those who do it once off 9r rarely...it's not worth chancing. The white one looks very nice and a Buchanan's service history is as good as you could wish for. Mine also had the sebro brakes to accompany the car, alongside kW V3 suspension which I believe is fantastic, I surely enjoyed my drive through country Vic in it. As well as what appears to be a reasonably expensive full sports exhaust, cat delete, which I had to swap out with a cat zorst for compliance. Hence the comment above about on road costs. I'd give the white one a close look. Make sure that a 'full' service history means a 'regular' history. Mine has 26 stamps in the book for instance.
  8. So here we go again (sigh). Firstly Marty, I'm the vendor of that red 968cs. Secondly, it's been much discussed here on this forum already, yet nobody has bothered to actually go and look at it. Thirdly, it had a full PPI in the UK, but more importantly, I've put it through one of those very expensive but meticulous Porsche centre Melbourne inspections, where it got an extremely positive outcome. The service manager seemed thoroughly convinced it was a great car that should move with no problems. But the market does what the market wants. I agree with most others re the comment of buy on condition. However there are the usual caveats....if you're comparing apples and apples, the Aus delivered always attracts a premium simply for being that...hence a c16 UK model must offer itself at a discount to the Aus delivered... is it c23? Normally I'd consider a 20% discount fair and realistic. My guess is a well sorted c23 968cs is about a 140k proposition, hence a 20% discount is 112k. If you expect a 25% discount...then make the c16 a 105k car. In terms of importing....having done more than 300 before...which I can readily demonstrate... I'd say I have a good handle on it. Not just the process and the costs, but also the reality and the risks. A 35k GBP car will run you to about 63k just to buy. Add sales tax to get you to 66200. Add shipping to get you to 76000. Add gst to get you to 83600. Add lct to get you to about 88000. Compliance...Inland Freight...Yada Yada...about 93k all up. There you go...a 35k GBP car will cost you about 93k AUD to land and comply at the minute. For those who ask why 10k shipping...I guess you don't have experience with international vehicle freight during a pandemic and European war. Good luck with the logistics. Good luck with the reduced and forever altering shipping schedules. Good luck with the increased fuel fees. Good luck with your asbestos and BMSB procedures. Do you really want to send your car RORO? I doubt you will if it's your pride and joy. So are you across the costs of your own 20' shipping container? Why not contact some shipping companies and get a quote for such right now. Aside from the costs...you have protracted sailing times right now..likely vessel interchange at the Singapore hub...etc. expect the end to end from buying in UK to landing on your door to take 9 months. All the while whilst you wear risks of something going wrong. So you'll obviously want insurance on your shipping too. After all, mine sailed on OPUS one which lost much of its cargo overboard after dropping mine into Singapore and heading on to Japan. That is assuming you find one at 35k GBP. I doubt you will. Slim pickings over there at the moment. From memory, the white one at 35k is rubbish, and likely the one I inspected 3 years ago at 20k, which had a solid smattering of'ginger'. Right now you'd have to do your ppi over there and hope it was good enough not to have blown 1k AUD on the costs of getting that PPI done over there. I imagine the two at Porsche centre Glasgow are both fine cars. They don't negotiate on price much. And your Inland freight from Glasgow to the correct shipping port will cost an arm and a leg right now. So there you have it on UK imports. Sorry Marty, I don't think you raised the notion of importing...others did...but I'm enlightening some of the 'chancing of the process' that may be being discussed. Get your 968 ....or most cars.... Here in Oz if you can. Talk to me about my car and let's haggle a price that you can use to P*ss off the rest of them who should have gotten off their ar*es and acted rather than speculating. You won't be disappointed. Pm me if you wish.
  9. Seems quite a few of you are confused so hopefully I can clear some things up. Re the white 997, a recent poster indicated the PPSR stated it as being complied in 11/07 and a stat write off in 2016. They reasonably deduced it was therefore Aus delivered, which is 99.9999 likely to be the case. It also means we can dispense with the conjecture over it being an import. Now... there's a difference between repairable write off and statutory write off. The former is where the insurance company agrees to pay out the insured party, as it's economically unviable for them to repair. But a statutory write off has nothing to do with viability, only with structural or functional integrity which may affect safety. If you see a stat write off, it's either copped one helluva whack, or been incinerated or flooded etc. If you buy a stat write off, you'll never be able to road register it, I doubt you'd be even able to race register it and you certainly can't so much as get a UVP for it..if you want to strip it, show it, export it... knock yourself out, but you're not road registering it. If the car had been imported under race Rallye permit, could you reregister it under a different rule set such as 25 year? No. Why? Because the VIN is already registered on the federal NEVDIS database and various other systems, and your application for import approval would be rejected. A futile way to spend 50 bucks. You could try to export it and reimport it....but I suspect this would fail. A futile way to spend 20000 bucks. Re importing from overseas...it is possible to import by accident or intent a written off vehicle, but increasingly risky. With UK, the old system of Cat A through D simply prohibited purchase and export of Cat A and B, but in theory you could sneak a Cat C or D out. However, depending upon what rule set you imported it to Aus, you'd run the real risk of it failing compliance, meaning a blacklisted vin and a waste of a car. And nowadays if the compliance doesn't get you, the RWC might too. As in some states photographic evidence must be taken during rwc and retained for audit. And after all that...you sneak a dodgy wreck out from UK or NZ etc...you sneak past compliance, you sneak past rwc...you still need to sneak it past Porsche and their PPI teams...and you won't get past that. uK now use cat n, s etc rather than a through D but it's roughly the same system.
  10. which engineer did you end up using for your vass?
  11. It's being prepped to go into Shannon's May auction.
  12. Yep, very tidy looking inside and out, on top and underneath. Passed the PCM PPI with a great outcome, but the only interest to date is akin to 'mate, would you swap for my mustang?' etc etc. Since I bought, UK price is up 50% so I'm not perturbed. Re-export remains an option.
  13. I never thought that would sell...esp anywhere near asking price. I presume they dropped to around 130k or so. Strange....at 100k my 968CS looks like a bargain...but seems the UK delivery hysteria has hit peak craze now!
  14. ok - so the WTB in this case means 'where to buy?'. If one was looking to upgrade the zorst on their 968....what are the options (manufacturer, price, supplier, etc). Yes, I have tried looking - with not much luck.........
  15. I win classic thread dig for the day...maybe all of 2021? I'm also looking for a reputable Porsche mechanic around Shepparton way or somewhere in northern Victoria. Ideally 968, 944, 928 centric skills. Not northern suburbs of Melbourne....and certainly not far eastern suburbs....but ideally within an hour of Shepparton...so Benalla, Echuca, Mansfield, Wang, Seymour, etc etc

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