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  1. Thanks smit2100 - long post but I'm a marketeer so hey ! . No Turbo cabs were "officially" imported I understand although a couple of special customers were looked after by the local importer. Most likely a UK or US import and certainly so if a post 1985 car. Cheers Stewart
  2. Hi folks - apologies for not adding kms, yes it’s 196,736 documented kms, the condition of the paint, interior and mechanicals is testimony to the period quality of these sports cars and how well it’s been cared for. Do shout out with any questions cheers Stewart
  3. Thanks Coastr ... of course you're correct ... I've either been staring at the screen too long or I was subliminally recalling yesterday's drive in my manual early 928 ....
  4. { many photos on carsales ... } The first and earliest iteration of anything these days considered “special” is always marked out as just that little more desirable, valuable and collectable, and is highly sought after….consider: A ’53 Rolex Submariner A ‘51’ bottle of Grange An Achille Gaggia 1950 lever espresso machine The first ’54 356 Speedster A ’65 901 coupe The 911R … The first of a particular Porsche is extra special, especially vintage, air cooled Porsches. The unique early chassis builds, the rare and special “first Porsche cars” are at the zenith of Porsche desirability and collectability. I currently have one such car for sale. The very first air cooled RHD 911 Cabriolet chassis to be imported into Australia, and a car understood to be the first 911 Cabriolet manufactured in RHD for the world. Original paint, matching numbers, mechanically rebuilt, pristine interior and all original in condition and presentation, a landmark local Australian Porsche and a very rare opportunity to secure a desirable and collectable air cooled Porsche which is an entry ticket to all the best Porsche club and Porsche Cars Australia events Australia wide. Not cheap, but the *best* rarely is. Consider that this car is more than a brilliantly original air-cooled Porsche, it’s a one-off lifestyle event car that will deliver its new owner pride of ownership and driving enjoyment in spades. Imagine what you would you have to pay for the first 356 delivered in Australia, the first 356 Speedster or the first 901/911 ...? Well, in July ’17 the first Australian 356 coupe sold for a reported $1.5m and the first Australian Speedster $1.4m. Early 1950’s 356’s can be had for around $300,000 and Speedsters $400,000- $1,000,000, revealing that arch collectors value these first of their types in RHD in our country at a significant premium to a ‘standard’ car…. and this puts my asking price for this special chassis into sharp perspective. So, for sale I have the first 911 Cabriolet delivered in Australia, build/chassis no 112 from the initial production batch of Cabriolet’s to run down the Zuffenhausen assembly line in the first week of 911 Cabriolet production, in October 1982. I have done much research and have not found an earlier 911 Cabriolet in any other RHD market, giving this car a high likelihood that it is the first RHD 911 Cabriolet ever produced; historically Australia always received the first of each particular new Porsche model in RHD ahead of the UK and other markets which in part explains this. I’ve owned this car twice, today and during the mid to late 1990’s, and I always kept an eye on it to ensure I bought it back after selling it due to an overseas move for work in 2000. Full history with 5 owners, myself twice. This car was the first Cabriolet body style Porsche to be imported into Australia after the last 356 Cabriolet was sold in 1965, a eighteen year hiatus for a Cabriolet Porsche. Being the first of Australia of it’s type, it has been featured at several Porsche events as the guest of Porsche, culminating at being invited into the “Porschestrasse” tent featuring the Factory race cars and all the other local, special competition and road Porsches. Only two G Series bodied impact bumper Porsche’s were invited to Rennsport in 2016, the first Australian RHD '75 930 Turbo 3.0 delivered and the first 911 Cabriolet in Australia, this very car. The Porschstrasse invitation-only display housed “significant Australian Porsches” including the first 356 imported, 356 Carrera, 2.7 Carrera RS, 935, 911 RSR 2.8, 930 3.0 Turbo, significant Australian 911 race cars and many others including the “rolling museum” Factory museum cars flown over for the event. And the highlight- running laps of the Sydney Motorsport Park track as a pack, with everything from the ’51 356 running at speed being lapped by everything from a genuine RSR, the 935 of Rusty French and the Le Mans winning Factory owned RSR; a priceless experience I was lucky enough to participate in. Google the youtube Porsche factory channel using the term “Porsche Rennsport Australia 2016: Porschestrasse” where there are several clips, and you can see this SC Cab in the footage, and also get a feel for the calibre of special Porsche invited into the Factory tent and the event enjoyment a future owner can replicate with this very car. From the press reports surrounding Rennsport: “The first Porsches to ever arrive in Australia will be reunited, a maroon 356 ‘split screen’ coupe and silver 356 Cabriolet, both of which arrived on local shores in September 1951. A further ‘first cars in Australia’ line-up includes the first 911, 911 Cabriolet, 911 Turbo and 924 into the country, in addition to the first right-hand-drive 356 Cabriolet and the only right-hook 964 RSR 3.8 ever built. One of only 55 911 RSR 2.8 coupes will also be on display in the Porschestrasse area.” AUSTALIAN MOTOR MAGAZINE, April 29th 2016. This very same Australian delivery 964 3.8 RSR chassis recently sold at auction in London for GBP 933,135 ($AU 1,656,400)…..the values of the cars invited into the Rennsport Australia Porschestrasse tent is serious money. In Summary: Oct 1982 build 911 SC Cabriolet 3.0 Australian (Hamiltons) delivered with chassis/gearbox/engine/books all numbers matching. Delivered new in Melbourne post motor show it has been a local Adelaide car from it’s second owner in 1986. I know all the prior SA owners of this car; always garaged and cosseted, I know the second (College Park), third (Norwood), fourth (me), fifth (Victor Harbor) and sixth (Hawthorn) owners and I’m now, again, the car’s seventh chorological owner. Correspondence from Porsche Cars Australia confirming it as the first Australian 911 Cabriolet 1983 Melbourne Motor show car Full books, tools, correct tyre inflator etc Rims are factory optioned larger 7’s and 8’s Low km for age- 196,736kms Recent rebuilt engine by local specialists Buiks at a cost of $17,000. Torquey leaded petrol 3.0 engine, the perfect accompaniment to the car with 204h.p. and bulletproof reliability. Original factory paint – completely accident free, all correct Factory body and engine bay decals present and correct. Micrometer paint measurements are available to validate this. Original Factory fitted manual hood (desirable, as these early hoods are non electric, meaning there are no very expensive electric hood motor and actuators to replace ever) 2 original tonneau covers: the very rare full length touring tonneau with factory fitted dashboard and body Tenax fasteners, and smaller standard 2+2 configuration tonneau hood cover Restored interior, front seats and carpet to as new factory specification at a cost of $4,000 Original Becker Grand Prix flat button radio included Desirable spec- manual hood and seat controls and rare full tonneau cover – easier to maintain, less to go wrong and more in keeping of true Speedster style roadster Porsche My research has revealed that the first 200 SC Cabriolet chassis were produced in 1982 in white or red – with this car in Grand Prix white being same colour as the hero car in the 1983 SC Cabriolet brochure, a copy of which is in the file of this car. Just forty three 911SC Cabriolet’s were imported into Australia in 1983, comparable to the number of 3.2 Carrera Speedsters (40 units) imported, all of which had similar performance to the SC with their unleaded fuel, lower 217 h.p. 1988 emissions engine tune. This car is in the best 1980’s combination in Grand Prix White with Grey-beige interior and carpets, non wide body, no rear deck spoiler and no “shark fins” on the rear guards, the purest look to the 911 Cabriolet, proving the earliest iteration is often the best. Collectability often comes down to the absolute numbers. So, from the official import records here are the facts. There were 487 x 911SC’s imported to Australia between 1979 and 1983 (Coupes- 334, Targas- 110 and Cabriolets 43) therefore of these 487 cars just 8% were the Cabriolet body style, marking them out as very rare indeed. For comparison here are some other collectable Porsche Australian official import numbers revealing how rare an early SC Cabrio is: 911 “longhoods” 1969-1973- 346 units of all types imported in RHD 930 Turbo - 196 units imported 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet - 208 units imported 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe - 434 units imported 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa - 123 units imported 911 3.2 Speedster 1988 - 40 units imported 993 Turbo- 169 units imported MkI 996 GT3- 90 units imported MkII 996 GT3- 91 units imported Mk I 997 GT3 (incl GT3RS)- 142 units imported MkII 997 GT3 (incl GT3RS)- 121 units imported I have driven an ’88 217 h.p. (unleaded low emission engines from 1987 had 217 h.p.) 3.2 Speedster I helped source for an interstate Porsche friend, and there really was little if any difference performance wise between the SC and 3.2 to drive – except the SC Cab has the practicality of rear seats, a full length cockpit tonneau and a proper and practical watertight hood. Speedsters are Speedsters yes, but this particular chassis and it’s unique history is a great collectable Porsche in its own right, especially at well under half the current value of an ’88 3.2 Speedster. I own and have driven both 911 Coupes and Cabriolets and in today’s real world driving, there is nothing to compare to a roof down, wind in the hair run in an air cooled 911 Cabrio, hearing the engine fan whine and the intake roar of the engine as you row through the gears; it’s the purest way to experience the full air cooled 911 experience. I’ll miss it greatly, particularly in this very sweet, tight and original car. Sure to be invited again Porschestrasse tent factory cars and I’ll happily pass on to the new owner the Porsche cars Australia contact details in advance of Rennsport 2019, reputedly to be held in Melbourne this time around; what a fantastic event for the new owner this will be to have the first Australian 911 Cabriolet to participate in. Recent Works: Rebuilt motor completed by Adelaide’s leading independent Porsche specialist Buiks 500 kms ago at a cost of $17,000 and including: Retrimmed front seats in correct factory leather front and back and ensuring the materials have the correct factory perforations and padding $4,000 The car was the 1983 Melbourne motor show car, and the contemporary motoring journalist Bob Jennings journalist told me upon seeing the car at a recent Adelaide event that he remembers driving it from Adelaide to Melbourne in early 1983 in the summer heat, with the roof down the whole way. At this price level there are many good Porsches to choose from. What sets this particular car part is that this car represents a high point for collectable air cooled early 911’s and being the first of it’s kind to come to Australia, is a rolled gold entry ticket into the best Porsche and classic car events. Ownership of this car brings both air cooled Porsche enjoyment at it’s best and it is an investment in your lifestyle, your enjoyment of the Porsche marque alongside the best and most collectable Porsches in Australia. Try to source, and then guess a price on this car’s comparable chassis- the first 356 Coupe and Cab in Australia, the first 930 Turbo, the first 356 Speedster, the first 993 RS CS, the first 356 Carrera etc, and you can see the investment value offered here. You are buying not only a pristine, original early air cooled 911 but also an investment in your enjoyment of the marque, being eligible and suitable to attend all the best Porsche club and Factory organised events in Australia. You can’t buy Rusty French’s 935’s, the “HOT-911”now Gulf Blue RSR, a local delivery Carrera RS (there were just 8), the first 356, first 901, first 356 Speedster or the first 3.0 Turbo, but here is your opportunity to secure the first air cooled 911 Cabriolet chassis delivered into Australia, possibly the world; a blue chip future investment. Thanks for reading this far. Serious offers considered at or near my asking price; if you’re reading this no doubt you’re a connoisseur of all things Porsche (and we may have met over the years) and recognise this rare opportunity to secure an heirloom Porsche with condition, history, provenance and entry credentials into center stage at all the great Porsche club and manufacturer events to come. I look forward to discussing the car with you, which is currently on display in the showroom at the Porsche Center Adelaide. Act quickly, and take it from me, a collector of many years standing; the best Porsches like this are snapped up VERY quickly. $188,668 Stewart Kay Adelaide SA 0401 722 222
  5. SOLD to the first person who inspected it. Thanks folks for the interest and to PFA for the space here.
  6. Cheers Ozvino Thanks for the comments. For sale for a genuine reason, I’ve priced it fairly I feel given its potential and leaving room for improvement. Plenty of interest.... yes, they are great cars, and I’ve been driving a 911 for over 25 years ....
  7. 1981 Australian Delivered 300 h.p. 928S Matching engine and chassis numbers. VIN: WP0ZZZ92ZBS840062 ENG: M28128215031 Build details as confirmed by Porsche Cars Australia: Built 18 July 1980 Aus delivered by the SA dealer Chateau Moteur on 28/02/81 Zinc metallic duco code 956 Automatic Sunroof Light alloy wheels Crested hub caps Black full leather interior, leather dash and leather door and interior trims This car was a local garage find after some time of me searching for one and is offered for sale for a genuine reason by a long term Porsche owning enthusiast. One of just 40 examples of the flagship 928S that were delivered here in1981, the first year that the 300 hp S model was offered for sale in Australia, and in a desirable colour and specification. This is a local South Australian Chateau Moteur delivered car that has been garaged in dry climate Adelaide through it’s life. In 1980 when this 928S was first sold here the retail price was $63,345, at the top of the Porsche price list alongside the $69,445 Turbo 930. Interestingly, just 19 units of the 930 Turbo were sold in 1981 compared to 40 examples of the new up-rated 928S (like this car) which were sold in the same year. The duco colour is “Zinmetalic” code No 956. This colour was only offered 1981-84, and is a desirable traditional shade of bright metallic Porsche silver. Currently registered in its vintage original plates, which are transferable and will pass with the car if it remains in SA. There are "Lanock Motors" decals on these plates, they were the local SA VW/Audi dealers so it would appear it’s gone through their hands at some point. Upon my discovery of it the car went to a Porsche specialist and has been checked and prepared for registration. My mechanic has advised it has a good motor, transmission and mechanicals and in general paint is good also. Front seats and leather dash need refurbishment along with minor interior trim refurbishment. Leather kits are available from a number of 928 part manufacturers worldwide and are a straightforward fit. Buying a local Australian delivered car, which is registered and running and leaves you scope for improvement, is a great opportunity to secure a 928 before like 911’s they become prohibitively expensive at any condition. This example is offered at the lowest end of the market for a quick sale and is the cheapest all original and complete car currently advertised. At this price it represents a great opportunity for the enthusiast/investor to get into a desirable local car that can be used as is or improved over time. No books unfortunately, but copies of Porsche correspondence and data will pass with sale. If you’re reading this you’ll know that along with the 911 all classic Porsche’s, including even the 924’s and 944’s of all type have risen in value recently along with the 928, which was the flagship model in the contemporary range and many times the price new of these entry level models. Today the European market for 928s is noticeably on the up, so with widely acknowledged timeless styling and a 300 horsepower engine in the S model, this is a desirable car to own. Time will show it will reward an enthusiastic owner with both much pride of ownership and in being a rare local example of a top of the range Porsche, it should provide a great return on investment in the future. I’ve driven air cooled 911’s for the past 25 years and have always been surprised at how “serious” and grunty the 928’s I’ve driven have been. Compared to my 911s it’s a true powerful GT car that now seems to be coming into it’s own in the collectors world; if this landmark body design and 300 hp V8 engine wore a Ferrari badge these things would be a couple of hundred grand…. On offer is an honest un-modified running and registered car and by a significant margin the cheapest original 928 on offer in Australia currently. Do note: the interior and some of the "fiddly bits" need attention but it's a rare car with great potential. $12,500. I can assist with shipping should the buyer be interstate. As always, we’d all prefer no timewasters please folks. Cheers Stewart 0401 722 222 Adelaide SA
  8. Thanks Tazzieman - those show guides are usually that, and are published before the event.... so generally they lack images from the actual event I have found. I have been checking April/May editions of the local car magazines of the time but with no luck .... The search continues ...
  9. Hi folks Does anyone have any pics of the Porsche/Hamiltons stand from the 1976 Melbourne Motor Show ... I'm after a pic of the '75 924 which was there in it's metallic green livery before being bulit into the '79 Repco Rally Barth/Kussmaul entry. I've searched but can't find any...? Cheers and thanks
  10. I have no interest or otherwise in the seller or this car but thought I'd set out some background as I too have an ex-Angas car. Ron Angas was Aussie Porsche royalty- probably the most important client in the early days of Porsche in Australia. It's as simple as that. We all, today, hold our steering wheels on the right hand side of our early cars because of him.... and almost him alone. He paid Hamiltons upfront to order a Porsche before they were even being made in RHD and it was this enthusiasm of his that started the Hamiltons on their path with Porsche. Alan Hamilton has verified this to me and once told me Angas literally bankrolled the early days of Porsche in Australia to the extent of writing cheques months - often even years- before his new cars were available for delivery. He for example ordered his 901 in 1963 as soon as it was announced. He got the first of any new model he wanted. Ron Angas was the first owner of a RHD Porsche in ANY worldwide market ('51 356 Cabriolet - which was infact the first RHD Porsche built) and he received the first RHD 911 delivered in any RHD market worldwide in 1965. Australia received the first 2 356's built in RHD (Angas' Cab was the first of these) and 14 years later Australia received 3 of the first 4 911's built in RHD; Angas' car was the first of these 3 of the earliest 911's that were imported here. The Collingrove hillclimb track in the Barossa was built on his land which he donated to the Sporting Car Club of SA ... he was a true enthusiast and after years of driving Rolls Royces he remained loyal and true to Porsche until he passed away in '78. He kept a fully staffed ocean going steamer at Port Adelaide available at call to sail the world and he - himself - planted Henschke's Mt Edelstone vineyard for those of us that like a decent drop. He was the last of the old school moneyed and landed raconteurs, and in our small Porsche world in Australia was a pretty significant fellow.
  11. Thanks folks- I can report the car has today been found and recovered (not far from where it was taken) in undamaged condition with thanks to the efforts of the SA Police ... ! Needless to say the perpetrators will have some explainin' to do. Thanks to this community for keeping an eye out. Cheers all.
  12. Thanks LeeM Yes - that's the picture of the car. Many thanks for the assistance. The owner is most grateful.
  13. STOLEN FROM PORT PIRIE S.A. ON Early Saturday 13.5.17 Keep an eye and an ear out please folks - a mates white with black 1969 911T running a 2.7 motor with an RS body kit and ducktail- standard SA current issue black on white number plates - -> surely a difficult thing to on sell. Last seen heading south towards Adelaide possibly. Call the police if seen or heard of please.

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