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  1. I reached out to my Porsche contact recently asking if he could quantify the 996 Mk1 M003 deliveries “Sorry but we no longer have access to the database for these types of enquiries.” was the response unfortunately ~ but I’ve only ever found them to be super helpful otherwise ... I’ll see if a journo I know can ask for me with Stuttgart or some other source ...
  2. Well done Cam ... you’ll be driving yours before I’ve even sat in mine ...!
  3. What’s being missed about the Transiberia in his ad is that ... it was for sale 12 months or so ago for .... $55k* I enquired with the then seller and with Porsche *who wants to hand him a $130k profit ?
  4. Hi folks Can anyone recommend a carrier/process for shipping a spare engine block I own cross country- Brisbane to Adelaide ? Been over 5 years~ it's time to sort it out.... ! Cheers Stewart
  5. Yes - 13 x M030 of the 60 60 RHD 968 Clubsport deliveries in Australia: 19 cars in 1993, 31 cars in ‘94 and 10 CS’s in ‘95
  6. ... incorrectly touted as one of 19 when it’s actually 1 of 60 968CS’s delivered here... but yes the only one sold in Riviera Blue
  7. I did just that - and yes it’s an M003. Porsche Aust advised me the following re the Falken / Peter Fitzgerald car: SPC Special Colours (Iris blue) 003 CLUB SPORT PACKAGE 197 Ah Battery 567 Windshield with graduated tint 573 Air Conditioning 696 CD RADIO PORSCHE CDR220 What I was interested in, is that one of the specs on a nations cup cars I know of wasn’t M003 ... so it seems that M0003 wasn’t always the starting point for a Nations Cup Car
  8. I’ve watched this thread with interest for a while especially since securing my GT3 I guess the question is ... how many M003 cars were delivered ? My ex-Peter Fitzgerald is listed as an M003 on its build sheet / Kardex along with a few other options including air-conditioning and “SPC” special paint. Straightforward. ... I’ve been also researching some Mk1 chassis numbers/ options and nations cup cars ... and for example I have one on my small ex- Nations Cup list that wasn’t ex-factory M003 (according to build sheet) ... but did race and race successfully So - to be a true CS does it have to be M003 ? Where do the “converted” N-Cup cars fit in ? Cheers Stewart
  9. Progress on road rego project ... The front section of the Ex- Peter Fitzgerald Nations Cup 996GT3 CS’s Starr Performance roll cage, from Feb 2000, has simply bolted out. Thought it may have been welded in but the cage bolts in sections, so it’s out and ready for easy reinstall should that be desired. It’s up on a hoist with a damaged Gallardo racer under it so I still haven’t sat in it. 3 damaged cup cars in the queue ahead of me at Mark Buiks’ new shop too ... no sweat Airbag steering wheel install, I think, is next.
  10. Anyone have one or know of one in the in the way somewhere for sale ? Any colour ok. Cheers and thanks
  11. Didn’t these sell ??
  12. Bump up for seats ...! Bueller, anyone ?
  13. Yes yes ...! The likes of these will never be repeated ~ they were the last local delivered RHD road registrable Porsche Competition cars. I‘m even going to refit the air conditioning in mine ...
  14. Yes it is. Made some new Porsche friends and gained a car in the process

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