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  1. Hi Paul, do you happen to have any 356 items? If so I’m interested, please email to brendanjhead@gmail.com
  2. Skidmarks & Saxon, Do you happen to know the original 912 engine number? I have a few and I believe their might be a previous owner connection to this car. Congratulations on the sale/purchase to you both. Always great to hear a car going into loving hands. I would have been in touch sooner if I knew it was back on the market myself.
  3. Rafik, I’ll jump in line if the other buyer backs out. cheers.
  4. Quackers

    60 356B rebuild

    Hi Steve, great stuff buddy, how do we get in touch I have new king pin sets, Sachs clutches and most if not all of those items circled.that is if your interested.
  5. Quackers

    60 356B rebuild

    Great looking 356 I also have a ‘60 T5 B sing out if your chasing any parts or information, & keep the updates of the resto coming 👍

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