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  1. I don’t doubt the first part. It’s why I gave up riding motorcycles. But I feel like the second part is correlation not causation. There’s simply more automatics on the road now. Anyway, I’m not hear to defend automatic gearboxes or the unstoppable improvements in vehicles technology. Drive what makes you happy! I was just having a laugh about being grumpy old men complaining about “the youth” 😁
  2. Everyone in this thread carrying on that “driving a manual car is the only proof of driver skill” shows this whole forum is full of old men 😅👴🏼 But I'm an old man who knows he can’t be arsed rowing gears on a daily in inner city traffic anymore 😂
  3. Is it though? You still can’t get a new car in under 6 months. And even then, it’ll probably come with an IOU on tech add-ons. Granted, some of these prices are outrageous, but I think Covid pricing will remain a factor for a while yet. Also, what you’re not factoring in is the sudden fondness (or forgiveness of headlight design) the 996 has experienced over the past couple of years. That’s really really where the price growth has come from IMO.
  4. I had a 6spd NB new (almost 20 years ago) and absolutely loved it. They’re a blast to drive on a twisty road. I’d own one again in a heartbeat.
  5. Just in case someone has a lotto win this week: a GT2 for $400k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-gt2-996-manual-my02/SSE-AD-12619309
  6. I’ve got the solution on my car and spent enough time under it to say: if that hose gets “snagged” you’ve got bigger issues to worry about. You’ve probably lost your sump and probably some chassis components… If you’re building a safari or going off-road, maybe it’ll be a problem…
  7. This is always in my mind when I see the “X% of IMS fail” line rolled out anywhere. Surely it’s a failure rate that has to increase over time through age and wear. But given the amount of preventative IMS swaps and upgrades done by owners, we’ll never have a true sense of the current failure rate at 20+ years.
  8. Yeah, but I’d take the missing side skirts over the taco wing.
  9. …But the world’s cleanest undercarriage! 😲
  10. A 4S with high kms for 129k… These asking prices are all over the place at the moment. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2003-porsche-911-carrera-4s-996-manual-awd-my03/SSE-AD-12534935
  11. MyPlates absolutely take the piss with their prices…
  12. $128k for a .2 manual coupe… https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual-my04/SSE-AD-12500186
  13. I second this. Ralph is a no BS mechanic and pretty pragmatic in his approach. He did my car’s IMS 5 years before I bought it. I believe he only recommends the “Solution” using an oil-fed bushing. Because that’s the only one that’s a permanent solution to the issue. I sleep better knowing it’s done.

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