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  1. Clutch came to me as a shock/surprise when I first picked up. ! May be I am getting old. Got it checked recently at Porsche center Doncaster, they said its a bit heavier than average .1 clutch. May be I will switch to .2 PDK or .1 tipper next year (my wife will kill me for sure if I do it this year 😁).
  2. Hi Edgy. Yes, Loving it. I would say, best non-GT car I have ever owned. Did more than 6000Ks since June as its my daily. ! Yes it doesn't have apple car play, touch screen, blue tooth, not even audio jack. Driving this thing, I dont care about those creature comforts. Pure driving pleasure. Clutch is heavy. My knee hurts a bit. Down the line, I may switch to auto , but always stick to 997 (1. or .2). lol. Cheers. DM
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-porsche-911-carrera-gts-991-manual-my15/OAG-AD-20177170/?Cr=6 Thoughts ???
  4. I want that gorgeous duck tail for 997.1 C2 😍. Struggling to find a right lead. !!
  5. In comparison, what would be the number of regular 991.2 GT3s. It seems there are too many are in the market lately. lol.
  6. : ) Thanks Tomo Thanks st3ve. Apparently this is the one with small replaceable IMS baring (based on its engine serial number). When I reach the stage of replacing clutch, I might get that sorted at the same time.
  7. Thank you all for your input. Picked up on Sunday, drive was epic. felt lighter and agile than GT3 on streets. Did a major service immediately. Changed all tires. ( old ones were from 2012). I knew, I was spending extra on service and tires. As it was in storage for more than 4 years. I thought, its best to get it throughly checked. Service from Weltmeister was just excellent. Drives superbly. I can put hundreds of miles and many mores smiles. Finally a happy 2 car garage.
  8. I will add my 2 cents of similar experience. I payed 5K deposit for a 2005 997 CS to PCB. They took more than 2 weeks to get bank documents ready. In mean time while waiting, I found much better example with less than 50% of kilometres privately. I mentioned it to them I am pulling off the deal. Happy to let go deposit (reluctantly). They sold the car within 24 hours. I emailed them the following day as you could sale the car within 24 hours, would you consider some amount of my deposit. NO response whats so ever. Hopefully, I will make my losses with the driving experience I get from new purchase. lol. My impression with dealing with many dealers/ sales people is that, they are ruthless, if they dont get any benefit from you they give zero respect. Key I learnt with P cars is, if you like the car. just go for it, there are many enthusiasts around. lol
  9. Definitely, will keep you posted edgy.
  10. Thank you Nikos and Fishcop. Totally agree. That’s the plan. planning to put hundreds and hundreds of miles and enjoy the experience. my first Porsche was GT3. Loving it so much. But worried about putting many miles on it. I am sure driving Carrera around the town would be a similar experience. Love the enthusiasm in this community.
  11. Thank you Fishcop for your advice. Yes, will certainly get oil and coolant replaced. Looking at history Tyres were replaced 5 years ago. There is Plenty of thread left . Hopefully it would be ok for the start. DM.
  12. Thats awesome. Would you suggest any upfront preventive maintenance. Thanks in advance Tomo.
  13. Thank you Tomo. car well known to weltmeister. They said no issues what’s so ever.
  14. Hello everyone. I have been a silent member of this wonderful community for a while. grateful to this amazing community. I am planning to buy a 2005 C2 with relatively low kilometers. car had regular service up to 2015 until it went into storage. Obviously no service history during that time. Had break fluids change early this year. Car is in pristine condition. It would be my daily and keen to put many many miles on this lovely car. my questions are 1. Any preventative maintenance I should consider before driving. 2. Should I consider getting IMS done. ? 3. Would not being driven for a while increase IMS failure. ? many thanks for your valuable input. DM
  15. Hello all. covered it up (for weekdays)

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