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  1. Hi Guys, New to the forum, so if I have posted incorrectly please let me know. Today I rang Porsche enquiring about a set of NOS rear parcel shelf speakers, unfortunately they no longer stock the speakers (see diagram) and door speakers w/ tweets. Instead, they could offer me a single oval speaker that fits which is there "new" OEM replacement part, and a "replacement kit," also OEM replacement part for the front. When asking the parts rep details he couldn't give me any further information as he had none on file (brand name, watt's... etc.) Q: Does anyone have any information or have they purchased a set of either before ? Prices seemed a little steep coming in at: Oval Speaker Set: $445 incl GST, Front Speakers w/ Tweets kit: $975 incl GST. Q: My final question is considering I have a 95% original car, should I purchase the "Porsche" speakers or go for after market ones ? (grills will remain standard, so it will appear original)... Thanks in advance !

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