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  1. I am thinking of buying a GT4 as a daily. Not having driven it, I am concerned that it may be too rough, too crazy. If anyone out there has one or has driven one I would appreciate your opinion.
  2. Does anyone have any SSI’s that they no longer need? It is for a 911s targa -1974 model. thanks
  3. bugger. thanks, I actually like the other one. thanks
  4. Thanks I dont think that you did reply. I cant even remember which wheel it is. Is it the momo with the yellow ring on the top?
  5. Yes I contemplated fixing it but with all the money I am spending on this car I thought it deserved a new tank.
  6. Pulled this out to paint and noticed some rust so decided to buy a new one. Asking $300 ono.
  7. Samp

    Body rubbers

    Thanks for that. It is a 74 911s targa.
  8. Does anyone know what these rubbers are called and where to buy them. Mine are all brittle. Think they are rubber washers that support the outer skin. They are on the front panel in front of the wheels. There are 2 of them. One large, one small.
  9. Hi. I recently purchased a set of reproduction Fuchs. They are black.(as shown in photo below) Ideally I would like a flower pattern but satin finish, not highly polished. (As per photo below. This photo is from a singer Porsche. They call it nickel finish) firstly, does anyone know if it’s possible with these wheels and secondly does anyone know of a person in melbourne who does this? I am restoring an old g series. It won’t be for racing Cheers. Sam
  10. Samp

    Yellow 74 targa

    Wow. Sounds like you have been busy doing all of this work as that sounds like a lot of work for 7k
  11. Samp

    Yellow 74 targa

    What did you do for $5k that made such a difference?
  12. Is anyone wanting to sell me a set of matching electric seats. I would prefer a set off a g series or 964. May also consider 993. also I want to fit retractable rear seatbelts in a 74 -911. Does anyone know if I need a new 964 parcel shelf to hide them? If anyone has one of those hanging around and they fit I Will also be interested.
  13. Does anyone have any late model g series electric seats they want to sell? If so please upload photos and let me know what you are asking. I don’t want to pay more than $1000

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